What is your love language

Is it acts of service? Gifts? Words of affirmation?
We need to communicate our love language, and listen to the love language of our partners as well.

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During my younger years I thought it was material things. But now in my 30s, I really feel loved through acts of service.

In the same way that I would love to do acts of service and give words of affirmation especially words full of gratitude.


Quality time
Acts of service
Words of affirmation

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Physical touch
Quality time

Acts of Service
Words of affirmation

Food, gifts, massage

Pagkain at Oras :heart:


Words of affirmation - I love expressing in words how much I like you
Quality time - ihahatid kita pauwi kahit anong oras pa yan at kahit saan pa yan para lang mas mahaba time natin together

Pero gusto ko din idagdag: Pagkain :lol:

  • Service. As much as I can. Making that person’s day better. “Hindi ako nagpalaki ng anak para maging driver,” my mom used to say. Sorry, Ma. Minahal ko na siya.
  • Time. I’ll cross oceans to see you, be with you. I don’t drive really slow; I just want to be with you longer. Well, maybe I drive slow these days, but still.
  • Words. I wrote about it, here, a long time ago. If I’m at a boring meeting, I’ll whip one out. Unfortunately, have not had one of those in a while - the meeting and a willing recipient.
  • Food. I’ll make you breakfast in the morning. Sunny sides with sauteed tomatoes and toast, check. Ramsay scrambled eggs, check. Fried rice and tocino, check. Steak dinner, check. All made with luuurve.

For me, words of affirmation. I don’t hesitate expressing myself how much I love or miss the person. Kaya siguro masakit if i dont receive one back. :sad:


These are things you do. But what kind of love language works best for you?

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Haaaay, there’s something about hatid sundo that really hits the spot :two_hearts:

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Pwede namang imaginative pa ang recepient for now. With this ECQ I bet you can pour different letters on a paper and create something beautiful

Physical touch! I love being touched - wholesomely and otherwise.

And…gifts. Specially if not at all expensive, but shows a profound attention to the things that I take delight in. For example, one of the most unforgettable gifts I have received was a 32g flash drive with all the songs that were playing when this guy and I partied the night away (he broke my heart with reckless precision, but that’s a story for another day). Another was a PhP20 ukay dress, because the guy thought I would look lovely in it.


Those I mentioned are actually what I love receiving. How I usually show love is through quality time and gifts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What kind of love language works for me? I guess you can classify food as a form of service, because making food is a positive act. I mean, if I had to choose just one… words are cheap and all that.

Not to say I don’t express it in words, or that the path to my heart isn’t paved with it. Once, on a trip, I wrote my significant other every single day for two weeks. I made best friends with the hotel concierge. This was back in the day before everyone had e-mail. Then, I fell in love with someone just because of the letters we exchanged.

Pretty used to not receiving anything in return these days. One day, maybe. Not holding my breath.

The thought did cross my mind, to once again physically write letters that will never be sent to people who will never write back, but I know they’re a bad idea for my sanity. Been there, done that? I don’t want to go to that mental state again.

Not really up to writing to imaginary people, or the person who may one day come into my life (at this point, that person may never come).

Same. I love receiving words of affirmation more than anything else. If through texts, ni-ultimo choice of emojis nagmamatter sakin. Haha kaya mejo masakit kapag parang hindi napapantayan yung expression ko.


Gifts talaga ako. Kahit di nila na appreciate but I like giving people gifts and surprises.

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Ganon pa din eh

Words of affirmation - hindi ako magsasawa marinig gano mo ko kamahal at gano mo ko namimiss :inlove:
Quality time - pag magkasama tayo, wag ka magtext ng iba lalo na kung kumakain tayo or nagkukuwentuhan

Tapos yung ginagawa ko naman towards my loved one is kung ano love language nya. Example, sa kanya is Acts of Service. I prepare her coffee in the morning. I wash the dishes pag nandon ako sa bahay nya kase hate na hate nya chore yun. I check/help her with her ColFin. Yung mga little tasks na hindi na nya magawa kase either wala sya time or ayaw nya gawin.

Nung nag uumpisa pa lang kami mag date, sya nag initiate na discuss namin love languages namin. Para alam namin how to get each other :winking:


Acts of service saka words hihi

Pretty much the same for me. :aprub:

Same love language din ang ang nagwo-work for me. :inlove:

Pinagluluto ko
Pinanggigigilan (kurot sa pisngi, kinikiliti or pinipisil) :hahaha:
Binibigyan ng oras


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