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One of the best parts of the old was the articles and columns section. We still have copies and will be posting these classics here and maybe some unpublished works languishing in the article queue.

Campus Issues

Talk about what’s happening in your campus today! Want to discuss administrative policies? How about issues affecting student life? Speak up about matters concerning every Iskolar ng Bayan.


Thinking of taking this class? Should you finally make a shift to that course? Get some advice and share your own tips on how to handle academic life in the university.

Maroon Mania

Cheer on your favorite team or talk about the sports men and women you admire — or the cute players you have a crush on — in this forum dedicated to the support of our university’s finest athletes.

Tambay 101

Tambay is an integral part of UP life. Talk about your favorite place, event, or personality on campus, or just get into deep philosophical discussions about Buhay Peyups.

Life After UP

Come back home and reminisce about your days in college. Talk about opportunities after graduation. Share tips on how to find success out there in the real world.

Business & Finance

About the Business & Finance category

Current Events

Find the burning issues of the day and discuss them with your fellow Iskolar ng Bayan. No fake news here!


A virtual shoulder to cry on: sound off whether you’re happy, sad, or pissed over your lovelife or family, or just want to tell the world about your true feelings for your best friend.

TV & Movies

You might be itching to talk about the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the new series you’re binge-watching, or your favorite soap opera. Whatever it might be, make sure you don’t miss out on anything that happens on screen, whether it’s big or small.

Arts & Literature

Talk about the art and the artists that have shaped your life — be they scribbled in paper, etched in stone or painted on canvass, this is the forum for the masterpieces that help define the difference between vision and kitsch.


Whether you rock out to the Chainsmokers or you’re crazy about Taylor Swift, this forum is the place to discuss what’s playing on your Spotify account, your favorite radio station, and inside your heads.

Science, Computers & Technology

Enter the world of gadgets and gizmos, your favorite apps and tools, and all of the fun electronic stuff.

Games & Sports

Whether you are a basketball, wrestling, tennis, shotokan karate fanatic or a Pokemon, Magic, Pusoy Dos addict, this is the place to discuss the intricacies of that game or the teams and athletes of that sport.

Food & Travel

From the sands of Boracay to the breeze of Baguio, the tapsilog at Rodic’s to the cakes at Chocolate Kiss, simmer up or cool down as you talk about your favorite sites and bites.

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Don’t be a victim. Talk about the latest in shoes and apparel, as well as beauty tips to make your hair shine and your skin glow.

Health & Wellness

About the Health & Wellness category

World View

Pause and reflect on the meaning of life, the existence of god, or the number of angels that can sit on the tip of a pin. A melting pot of ideas where ideologies (conscious or otherwise) clash, and nothing is sacred.

Parenting 101

Raising a kid is both satisfying and scary. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual and most of the time, we don’t know what we’re doing. Let’s help each other out. Share the lessons parenting has taught you.

Site Feedback & Announcements

Visit this forum to view important messages about changes regarding the site or tell us how we can improve the site and how to serve you better.