What companies are you boycotting and why?

Been trying to vote with my wallet with varying levels of success.

  • Currently trying to boycott SM (and failing, they’re so ubiquitous :sob:) because of their treatment of their workers
  • Jollibee for the same reasons as SM. It’s been years since I’ve had a Chicken Joy. :sob:
  • NutriAsia for the violent dispersal of worker strikes and bad treatment of workers. Really struggling with this but succeeding so far.
  • Sunnies for the Marcos connection.
  • Coffee Project and other All Day companies because Villar.
  • Gong Cha and Coco because of their One China :cn: policy
  • Shakeys (from 2016-2018) because of one bad order too many (always late, delivered to the wrong address, didn’t honor a valid Super Card, etc). Forgave them already. Service seems to be better now. Also, I missed their mojos. :joy:

Will add more as soon as I remember them. What I’ve learned from all this is that boycotting companies, especially the really big ones, is really hard. NutriAsia for example, is everywhere. The consolidation of companies severely limits choice as well. In some sectors, I’m not sure you can even vote with your wallet anymore.


If it’s not done at scale that can really cripple operations, boycotts don’t work anymore…if you really want to disrupt an enterprise hit them where it hurts…pull out funding, erode shareholder trust, get regulators to find irregularities and compliance issues and have them withdraw licenses to operate…


@itachi SM paid its employees their full salaries during this ecq without charging it to the employees’ leave credits. Gave financial assistance to agency personnel and guards. :shrug:

Regent - miski sobrang fave ko ang cheese rings, due to the ciolent dispersion of their workers on strike.

Same with Nutriasia


Hmm. I know may mga ibang practices din SM, but during this crisis, its actions were actually better than most:

SM gave P5K to its department store sales staff (employed by the sellers, not by SM).

SM was also the first mall operator to give a nationwide rent reprieve, even if there was no lockdown within the malls’ area. Other operators depende sa ECQ. At may ibang mall operators na naniningil pa rin ng rent

edit: am not connected with SM


^since nag takeover yung second generation na mga Sy they’ve learned to embrace CSR more and are actually aligning business models with the UN SDGs so it’s a work in progress but definitely going in the right trajectory of business sustainability…

I used to have a natural bias against companies that were painted as villains by rallyists and street activists but I’ve learned to be more discerning over the years and actually look at the overall impact of a company on society and the environment rather than just focusing on labor case violations which is the favorite issue of progressive groups…


Which milk tea brands are supportive of HK protesters then? Recommendations are most welcome. :slight_smile:


  • NutriAsia (condiments, even the Locally drinks)
  • All Day, Coffee Project, and the Villars’ malls.
  • For a time, Jollibee, because of how they treated Bunny Cadag.
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Also the agency personnel like maintenance and security guards. :slight_smile: tig 5K din.


Yan din sabi ko dito sa bahay. Bawal kasi dito magpadeliver ng JFC food. Pero pag wala si Iska, nagchi chicken joy pa rin. Hehe

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Viron Transit

Namimili ng pasahero lalo na kapag peak season.

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Jollibee, hindi dahil sa labor issues, pero dahil sa punyetang pag-phase out nila ng Champ leche sila :rofl:


@ninibeLLes @arwen @slaine Oh, that’s good to know. Started boycotting them way before the quarantine naman. Buti they’re doing right by their tenants and workers. Guess it’s time to update my list.

I can’t find the list anymore but here’s a list of brands that support China
source: https://twitter.com/theottyhk/status/1168963588679184385?s=20

Best to go with local brands, I guess? (assuming they don’t support the Marcoses )

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It’s a bit complicated when a company you’re boycotting does something responsible. Gaya nung nabanggit nyo sa SM. Di ko alam na considerate enough sila for this ECQ para gawin yan.

Sakin kasi specific ang pag-boycott sa SM Hyper/Supermarket. Hindi sila nagrerecycle nung mga box sa mga grocery. Di gaya ng Robinsons na nagba-box. Praktikalan lang – recycling ng mga gamit na mga box tapos bawas na rin sa paggamit ng mga paper bag (na nalulusaw din naman pag yung mga basang pinamili ang laman).

Yung Nutri-Asia struggle yan. Ang sarap kasi ng juice nila huhuhu. Tsaka Mang Tomas. Huhuhuhu. :bawling:

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Weirdo talaga ang food group BUT they do use the boxes for your purchases. May isa na nga lang na designated boxing area. :slight_smile:

Infairness kay SM, marami sila CSR projects saka yung foundation, dami scholars rin. :+1:

Nalungkot ako sa chatime at gong cha. Yan pa naman favourites ko :frowning:

These^ and for the same reasons. Almost a year na akong walang peach mango pie. :smash: Buti na lang pwede nang substitute sa chickenjoy ang mini stop or S&R fried chicken.

It’s hard to boycott because a lot of products are owned by conglomerates so you can pretty much connect them. I boycott Jollibee but haven’t actively boycotted Burger King, Chowking and Red Ribbon which are all owned by JFC. I try to limit going to SM but I like Uniqlo. :sigh:


SM and NutriAsia, for the same reasons mentioned.

Also Delimondo because Enrile-owned.

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Dennis Uy owns Conti’s :neutral_face:

Good bye Mango Bravo. It was nice knowing you.


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Aside from the ones cited above:

Wendy’s (huhu! Good bye BMM, Frosty at Iced Tea)

Parang pacman kasiitong si Dennis Uy. Kainis.

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Bye Mango Bravo. :sad: googles who owns purple oven

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