Westworld (TV Series)

Late ko na nalaman na may season 3 na pala :smiley: Loving this season so far. Almost feels like a different show. While the first two seasons are more about the park and focuses on the hosts, this season shows us a dystopian future where everything is decided by big data and black box systems. :robot:


Season 1 was so compelling and fresh, messed me up for days. I think it’s one of the most brilliant contemporary TV series. Yes, may season 3 na. Para siyang extended Black Mirror show. Which I also love.

Just in! Season 4 confirmed!

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Nice :smiley: Waiting for the new episode :slight_smile:

Di ko pa napapanood, pero nakakita lang akong eps with Singapore locations - na maganda na, mas gumanda pa sa cinematography

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It’s not too late to start :smiley: Can’t believe na kami lang ni @finn ang nanonood dito. Or kulang lang sa marketing ang thread na ito? :laugh:

Season finale na pala bukas :shock:

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Oo nga eh. Why, world??? The show deserves more viewers. :embarasslaff:

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To be fair, maybe people don’t want the anxiety so they turn to more chill shows :laugh:

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It doesn’t look like anything to me. :winking:

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Di ko sya ma gets. Naka 3 episodes na ako, and I think I’ve watched each episode twice.

Season 2 was also difficult to follow (maybe I’m super bobo). I had to watch several episodes, and then re-watch them to make the connections.

I will go as far as saying this is the best TV show of all time.

And the data-driven dystopian future - alluded to naman yan even sa season 1 when they said it’s not the visits that make the park profitable, it’s the data they are able to mine.


Di na sya future, yung making money off data? That’s what’s happening now. In meetings with the tech giants, I’m floored when I realize how much data they have, how they can pinpoint specific audiences.


Woah, finally found someone else who watches the show other than @itachi. Haha!

I find it so compelling and stimulating that it doesn’t leave me for days after watching. Buti confirmed na may Season 4, and it has been reported that Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan committed a 6-season run. I think they lost some viewers during Season 2 (but I like what they did there). Season 3 has been intense so far although it feels like an S4 prelude. Napaka-intelligent and thought-provoking ng show na ito, I think I can converse in this lifetime by just quoting the lines. :lol: Speaking of quotes, what are your favorites? Can’t wait for the season finale. Enjoy!


It’s still this:
“I’ve told you, Bernard. Never place your trust in us. We’re only human. Inevitably, we will disappoint you.” - Anthony Hopkins as Robert Ford

I think the challenge for S2 was following S1 which was REALLY strong, given how much weight Anthony Hopkins’ performance gave to it. I think they really did a good job, but mahirap talaga sundan yung S1 eh. I haven’t honestly seen S3 yet since I prefer to wait until matapos lahat.

And yes, the writing is SUPERB. A lot of great lines, but they aren’t cheesy. It also communicates and helps pace the narrative well. Solid talaga yung pagkakasulat - dama mo yung enormity ng series saka yung mga pinaglalaban ng mga characters just through the writing.

It’s not the heaviest series. I tried Hunters and Mindhunters, yun ang mga mabibigat. Kahit maganda sila, I can’t bear to marathon them.


Haha, napanuod ko rin Mindhunters. I like the mindfuck genre. Try Dark (German series) sa Netflix, that one even had me doing a family chart.

Sure, there are times when I just want my romcoms and K-dramas, or similar with no mental processing involved. But those aren’t the ones that stay with you for a long time. Westworld is easily on my top five list of favorite TV series of all time (so far). Every time I think of it, may kasama pang soundtrack in my head. Kasi even the musical scoring is badass.

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@Whims and I are huge fans of the series.

I didn’t read any of the posts above :lol: Deliberate ang pag-avoid ng thread kasi talagang hinihintay namin season finale para makapag-binge watch ng Season 3 this weekend :smiley:


It’s here! :hyper:


“ You were both a bit late. So I went ahead and saved myself.”

Ugh. My day just started :laughing: Singit na lang sa lunch break. Or baka tonight.

On better days, yes. But we’re in a pandemic now. People’s tolerances are a bit lower :laugh: Also, Mindhunters is whack. Never saw the series but I’ve read the book (one of my older cousins left it lying around) and that thing gave me nightmares. I don’t think I’m gonna watch it ever :laughing: I can only imagine how gruesome it is.

Oh, Maeve. Ford’s favorite host. I like that quote too.

Grabe ang pag-multitask ko. Trading, Peyups, Westworld, and concall (mute mode lang :embarasslaff:).

I can do gory. I had a Takashi Miike phase, but you need to be in a certain mood for it.


Mindhunters is actually not that gruesome. Not even near Hannibal levels. What makes it heavy is that you have to digest all the sick mentalities that the serial killers have. Plus the subject matter, then you add in the challenges of that period in… Same with Hunters. Grabe si Al Pachino, and the cast is great too, but damang-dama ko yung fanaticism nung mga Neo Nazis. It just wore me out emotionally.

For me Westworld is easier to watch kasi more sci-fi / fantasy sya. It’s a little bit like a deeper version of Altered Carbon, with vastly superior writing.

Agree. Miike is great basta nasa mood ka. Hehe.

Maeve is awesome.


I just finished episode 6! Ayaw mag load ng episode 7, can’t wait! 8 episodes lang ba? I’m on team Maeve.

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