Unpopular Opinions Thread

I dont think everything happens for a reason. You choose to supply the reason after the fact, helped on by “hindsight” as a way to make sense of something that does not and will never make sense. Probably to regain some sense of control over this random planet.


Accumulating wealth for self-preservation and for passing on to offsprings is a meaningless pursuit


Vico Sotto is overrated.

He’s a great mayor but I don’t think people should push him to the national level yet. I fear that placing anyone in the current meta of the national government — it will only ruin them in the long run.


OFWs are not heroes. They work for money just like any of us. No one ever says “oh let me work in another country to help the motherland.”


That our so-called front liners are really our last line of defense.

We the public are the front liners of our own lives, too bad we cannot protect ourselves so much that we need to put our last line of defenses for us.


It’s okay for our parents to rely on us for support, but it’s not okay for us to rely on our children.

There are fewer opportunities for our parents to invest back then, and most do not have the capability to build a sufficient retirement fund, unlike what’s available today.


I agree with this, @davemacho.

onT: @Shofixti, I know many OFWs and I say many of them tend to look down at people especially those who do not earn as much as they do. Yes, andun na tayo na nagsakripisyo kayo para sa pamilya ninyo pero hindi ang bayan ang pamilya ninyo. Na-highlight ang privilege nila dahil sa mga DDS.


I don’t think dahil sa DDS, parang mga 2011 palang may hype na on OFWs as the new heroes.

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@Sh1ttyb4b3 if you really want to go back in time, I’d say it started in mid-1990s when Flor Contemplacion was executed in Singapore. That event highlighted the plights of OFWs and their issues against the government.

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Well yeah, but during those times kasi hindi pa talaga na hyhype yung pagiging bayani. Pero yun yung naging simula.

Your motherland, like your religion, is an accident of your birth. You do not owe it undying loyalty and you’re free to leave if you don’t share its values anymore.


U.P. is overrated :rofl:


Paulo Coehlo is the worst bestselling famous writer. His work is like junk food to me. So much calories for zero nutrition.


walang kwentang basahin mga libro ni Mitch Albom


That charity is not a cure but a symptom of a societal ill. I’ve been entertaining this thought for a while now but when this COVID19 crisis hit, this became a hill I’m willing to die on.

Started with Jeff Bezos donating $10B to fight off climate change earlier this year. People trumpeted on his “virtuous” act, oblivious to the fact that Amazon is one heck of a tax evader, that $10B is less than a tenth of his $130B valuation. If he paid taxes properly there will be no need for his “charity” and he will be literally giving back more to society. His philantrophy is a PR stunt just so he could point at some “social responsibility” on his part for his critics and detractors.

COVID19, we got a lot of feel-good news items about people banding together to fight the crisis. We all know the insulting and exploitative calls to arms by own government but this was a thing the whole world over. In England, there was this news item about how a footballer raised fund for kids who would otherwise starve as they relied on free school meals. Filipinos are no strangers to hungry and malnourished children. Are you now telling me the country at the heart of The British Empire would have children starving if one of their private citizens did not step up?

And don’t get me started on the gall of some of our politicians to invoke that Bayanihan spirit. I have reasons to trust some of them more than others. I haven’t completely lost faith, I think some of them have good intentions, just honestly short of resources so they have to ask for contributions from private citizens. But even here, all this charity work is making up for the incompetence of the national government.

In my ideal world, charity and philanthropy will not exist, will not even be necessary, because there are strong social structures in place for everyone.


Except for EDSA 1, People Power is overrated. Especially EDSA 2. Nag-tanggal kayo ng Jueteng Lord, halimaw na plunderer naman ipinalit nyo.


Eto dito ko lang sasabihin (baka ma bash sa ibang socmed):

I do not find Vice Ganda funny :grimacing: I find him offensive at times.


Eh insult-based and panggagago based naman talaga yung jokes nya. Also, him nga ba, or her? Nag-express ba sya ng preference?

Ikr. That’s why I don’t understand his following and the equivalent pagtabo sa takilya. :no_mouth:

Tama, dapat she, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

Basketball courts are a waste of public funds

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