Travelling Hacks

For travellers, what do you usually pack in your suitcase or carry ons? Any rituals that you do? Things you want to share to fellow travellers?

In my case, when I travel long haul or for work, I always have a change of clothes (kahit top or underwear) and mini toiletries in my carry on. Just in case na (thankfully, it has not happened to me), di ko makuha agad ang luggage ko.

I make sure that I have USD100 or local currency equivalent to a meal or a taxi ride when I get to a new location or before I leave, for emergencies.

A colleague told me that when I check in my luggage, i-pray over mo daw para di mawala. It is working for me.


^ same sa change of clothes and toiletries sa hand carry.

Also, I always have sugarfree gum when flying. Helps with the ear popping. (My daughter has adopted the same - siya na ngayon nag a ask for gum pagka take off)

For my OOTDs - lol. Naka excel file siya haha! Segregated to: Tops / dresses / skirts / shoes / accessories / inner or thermal wear / outer wear

Para i know which ones to mix and match. Lalo if may luggage limit

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all the post 9/11 rules has nixed a lot of the things that use to be allowed on flights.

i remember trying to fit all that i needed in my cabin luggage, including my complete toiletries.
then hindi na pwede at kailangan under 100ml na

pwede pa dati ang knives basta under 4in yung blade. so allowed ang swiss army knives.
hell, i remember one time i forgot that for some reason the belt i was using was one of those belts from baguio with a knife ‘hidden’ in the buckle.
did NOT pose an issue at all. for all the legs of my trip then.
nowadays, you better ensure na kahit nail clippers or tweezers mo eh nasa check-in luggage. otherwise, confiscated, or if you’re lucky, baka pwede mo pang makuha sa other end of the flight.

We used to get travel insurance only if we fly for work, but lately we get na rin for personal travels. You pray that you won’t need it but you thank yourself you got one when you need it.

We’re light packers. I try to pack clothes that would take the least amount of space or weight. If local trip, we don’t check in our bags. Sayang oras pumila sa bag-drop/checkin or mag-intay sa baggage claim.

For international, we also have a change of undies and top, toothbrush and wipes. Lagi rin kaming may dalang extra luggage, ex. a medium one inside the large one or a large foldable duffle para may paglalagyan mga na-shopping hehe.

Syempre wifi is life, so either we get a router from Manila or doon na sa destination.

I have a small purse/crossbody bag that has our passports, wallet etc that I put it sa pouch ng plane seat. Pag tulog mga kasama ko and I need to go to the bathroom, I just bring it with me. (yes, takot ako manakawan sa plane hehe)

I have a printout of our passport details in my purse or a file in my phone, para if need mag fillup ng immigration cards, madali lang. May pen rin dapat na baon pang fill up.

I bring a lock & lock plastic container. Doon ko nilalagay mga gamot ng kids or any liquid na possibleng tumapon. The same container doubles as a tabo or ice bucket sa hotel when needed.

I also check the weather before leaving, if may rain in the forecast, we bring either travel umbrellas or rain jackets.

If pwede maglaba sa destination, we do, para bawas sa mga clothes na dadalhin.

We bring a set of silverware for our youngest if destination is a country of chopstick users. Mas madali na ilabas yung baon kesa humingi haha.

We bring ecobags, mas madali to store stuff kesa sa shopping bags. Pwede rin siya sa last minute shopping sa airport hehe.

We have water flasks din, handy pag sa plane, iparefill mo lang, no need to call the FA in case you get thirsty tapos walang service. Also useful when you tour your destination. Mabigat nga lang to lug around but at least you can purchase huge water bottles from the grocery, cheaper than buying the ones they sell sa tourist areas.

Kung kaya, we get local currency na sa Manila or sa airport of destination. Kahit konti lang, to last us a day or two, then hanap na lang ng murang exchange kiosk somewhere sa destination.

We check na rin sa Google maps yung area where we’ll be staying, para alam na namin saan makakabili ng groceries or nearest place to eat. Minsan planado na rin saan kami kakain pagkadating pa lang, para di na ubos oras maghanap, lalo pang hAngry na.

  • OC rin ako so may spreadsheet din ako ng mga dadalin :lol:

  • If you’re traveling to the US, importante yung TSA lock. Otherwise, aviation security staff will break open your lock kapag natiempo ka for random inspection.

  • Get the most recent contact information of the Philippine Embassy on the country where you’re traveling to para madali ma contact in case of emergency. Especially if walang stable wifi, so no need to google pa.

  • Bring a foldable bag para sa pasalubong or excess baggage. Mas convenient yung may zipper para pede i close at secure ilagay sa overhead bins, or pede rin check-in.

  • For readers, better gumamit ng eReader para hindi hassle sa katabi na bukas pa yung reading lights pag nag lights off na sa plane.


You can actually ask the ground staff if the luggage has been loaded. Show your part of the luggage tag before going through the gate so they can check in the system.
Delayed/lost luggage happens mostly on connecting flights involving different carriers. If you can, stick to just one carrier or their codeshare partner/s when the flight requires a layover.

I have a cross body bag that has passports, printout copies of tickets, hotel reservations, etc, wallet, basic tissue and wipe. I make sure I exchange around US$200 cash.

My hand carry has most of my gadgets plus a change of clothes and a small toiletry bag. I also pack a portable bidet (size of a medium water bottle) as well as flipflops. I’m on of those people who change right into flipflops when I’m in the plane. I also pack a folding bag for shopping (as well as a set of different size ziplock bags just in case). I also pack my water tumbler. Easier to refil in the airport and in-flight. I usually have two kinds of hand carry bags - a backpack if I have a check in bag, and a smaller suitcase if I’m just traveling with a hand-carry bag.

For check-in bag, depending on the destination, I usually use packing cubes lalo na pag work trips and I need to pack work clothes. Pag may dala akong winter clothes (especially when we travel to hubby’s hometown), I vacuum pack them. I also pack a folding tabo sa check-in bag namin.

For meds, especially pag syrup ng anak ko, a Lock N Lock na container will do or just a ziplock bag. So far wala pa kaming experience na natapon gamot nya.

Other things - I always have travel size items handy like detergent, a small bottle of dishwashing liquid, some dryer sheets, small bottle of Febreeze and clothing stain wipes aside from your usual toiletries. These saves us luggage space and also nagagamit sa mga little accidental spills sa damit and sa hotel pag kailangan maglaba or what. Nagbabaon din kami ng utensils, especially for our son.

We always get travel insurance ever since we had our son, not just because kailangan siya as part of your visa requirements when you travel.


Agree sa wireless router. Useful sya when you need to look for things. Pati na din sa travel insurance. Just in case.

Lagi akong may extra shirt/top or underwear when I travel, just in case something happens and you get stuck in there.

If travelling ako as a tourist, take advantage of tourist perks or benefits, like yung Seoul Pass (libreng entrances sa mga palasyo, or libreng suot ng hanbok). Speaking of hanboks, you can enter some palaces for free kapag naka-hanbok ka.

Note that you may not be able to visit everything, so prioritization and time management is key.

Research din sa mga pupuntahan. I have a travel buddy who is assiduously reading up on everything, kahit yung mga restaurants or mga pupunta.

Since madalas na red eye ang mga nakukuha kong flights, having eye masks and a pillow which you can hook to your bag or carry on is useful.

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Travel hacks with kids, Europe edition

  1. We don’t bother bringing strollers or car seats - hassle lang kasi lalo na if we plan on using public transportation and on cobblestoned paths and narrow streets.
  2. No luggages to check in. Puro backpack lang.
  3. We try to choose accommodations/AirBnB na may washer/dryer. My kids have motion sickness so just in case :nauseated_face:
  4. Packing cubes = game changer!
  5. I try to research Travel Apps of destination country so I can download ahead and save time para so it’s easier to purchase tickets.
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Always bring a foldable child stroller.

Pag may napagod na anak, tulog sa stroller. Pag maraming napamili, isabit sa stroller. Pag magpapapic - instant tripod.


Light packer ako nung di pa mommy. 4 days kasya sa backpack. Pero relatively better packer pa rin ako ng most friends ko.

For me:

  • 1 small bag/pouch/envelope should have all your papers/passport preferably something that can be sealed and waterproof
  • 1 pouch with my flight essentials - lip balm, white flower (my kiddo sometimes feel sick), power banks, cables, earphones, hair clips, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and band aid. This bag I keep in my seat’s front pockets so I don’t need to get my carry on everytime from the storage.
  • carry on should have a change of clothes, towelette, lightweight blanket/sarong, lightweight jacket (fave ko uniqlo airism) and an empty refillable bottle.
  • I plan my/our clothes based on activities pero more or less good for the no of days we’re traveling, if more than 4 to 5 days max na yung 5 shirts, 3 pants, 2 shorts/skirts and same no of undies/socks, then I wash. Pantulog/pajamas pala we wear twice so mga 2 pairs dala ko madalas. So normally, my clothes + my kiddo’s clothes 1 medium luggage kasama na ibang kaartehan ko like hair dryer (if di ako sure na meron sa hotel) and slippers.

For my kiddo:

  • she has her own backpack with her own pouch, snacks, change of clothes and jacket.
  • her pouch has her chewable meds - bonamine, antihistamines and paracetamol (nagpapabili ako or pag nasa US ako I buy boxes) saves me the headache of packing bottles of meds na ginawa ko when she was younger
  • she also has her art kit - just a small plastic envelope with pens, paper, notebook, origami sheets, crayons etc.
  • contact ID - i don’t put her name or my name but i type something like “hi, i am from the Philippines and I am travelling with my mom and here’s her number” and/or “hi i am visiting my grand aunt who lives here in New York and you can call her at this number -” then sa bottom may note lang ako na dimadagdag - “in case of emergency my birthdate is xx, my blood type is xx and i have no known allergies”. I print a new one every time we travel, i put it in an ID case and she wears it under her jacket or keeps it in her bag.

Yan na muna :smile:


i find buying local sim cards cheaper than portable wifi routers

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I get local SIM cards also.

Always check the electric outlets or better get one of those portable ones for all countries.

Back up your photos daily - lesson learned after I lost my Morocco photos due to broken SD card.

I also bring a complete outfit in my carry-on luggage just in case.

Put photocopies of IDs, passports inside checked in luggage.

Bring money belt bags that you can hide inside your clothes.

Have photocopies of impt documents proving citizenship in case you lose your passport. Make sure you know where Philippine embassies are in the countries you are visiting.

Have a buddy, look out for each other’s bags especially in places where pickpockets are notorius aka Europe

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  • yung suot na damit for flights walang zipper, hindi de butones, di kailangan ng belt, slip on shoes o basta hindi nakasintas. Kung malamig, i bring jumper. Sinusuot ko lang jacket pagnakalabas na ng immigration.

  • extra socks for longhaul flights.

  • detergent and fabcon. I dont want to bring home used undies/socks. Laba every after use.

  • ziplocks are the bomb. I dont use kikay kits anymore. Lahat naka ziplock lang. Mas madali makita lahat. Even lose change, sa ziplock ko nilalagay. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • digital copies of travel docs on my phone, print outs for carry on and check in.

  • take a photo of your checked in luggage. Nakabukas at nakalock.

  • google translate app. Hindi exact translation but you atleast have an idea. Handy esp. sa menu na walang pic. Or when grocery shopping.

EDIT: dont forget to bring facial mask! Esp for long haul flights, atleast sabay na beauty regimen at hindi maddry face mo :joy:


I once made the mistake of wearing a body shaper whilst flying. Ayun tumunog ang metal detector :embarasslaff: arte arte kasi haha i had to explain it’s the wires on my body shaper/corset. Buti babae saka pinay yung frisker :embarasslaff:

I get local sim cards, usually kasi mataas naman data cap, may mga free texts and call minutes pa. I just choose the best option sa airport.

May medyas ako palaging baon when flying haha! Lamigin kasi ang paa ko

  • I bring sleeping aids (my favorite is Valeriana)/melatonin supplements + VitC, so jetlag won’t be brutal.
  • When I want to minimize my toiletries, I take a 100 mL bottle of Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Castille Soap. Can use it for my hair, face, body. As shaving cream (it makes a rich lather). Toothpaste (the peppermint variant is most ideal). For washing dining utensils. For washing genitals (peppermint!). For washing clothes.
  • Big Boy condoms.

Skyscanner. Select weekdays and off-peak hours.

Read about budget airlines, their restrictions, and hidden charges.

Try this link: to see how much of the world have you visited.

Piso fare and budget flights from the Philippines tips to further stretch your travel money:

  • To save on accommodations and expensive transportation from the airport for at least one night, sleep in the airport when your arrive early in the morning. (Most piso fare flights are early morning flights) Tip is to find a spot in the departure area, which does not really open anyway until about 5-6 am in the morning for early flights.

  • Leave early at around 6 am since more transpo options will be available. Make your way to your accommodations. While most hotels/hostels have late check ins (1pm onwards), most of them allow you to store your luggage while you are away if you ask beforehand and some do it as a service.

  • You can use the extra time to travel! Dont worry if you are still sleepy from the early flight. I find it more efficient na pagod talaga sa first day para dirediretso tulog sa gabi.

  • +1 on the Castille Soap.

  • I usually stick to street food and eateries/small restos on the first few days, then the expensive restaurants in my last days. This helps if you are worried about leftover currency which is a real problem for nonconvertible currency in the PH (ex Vietnamese dong)

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  1. No valuables sa check in

  2. Change of clothes sa carry on in case mawala or madelay ang luggage

  3. Mini bag containing my passport phone and boarding passes so theyre easy to get to and I dont make the mistake of setting them down somewhere and walking off without them

  4. Neck pillow and sampayan ng paa essential sa carry on

  5. I always bring a small spray bottle of alcohol para spray han at wipe down ko lahat ng surfaces na hahawakan or didikitan ko

  6. For long haul flights i dress comfortably… as close to PJs and daster as I could get without actually wearing PJs and daster. Comfy slip ons or sneakers sa paa.

  7. Long haul flights: I always bring a mini version of all my night care stuff. I never wear make up on flights. I treat it as an extended night so after take off and seatbelt sign is off I go to the bathroom and put on all my night products sa mukha including hydrating mask para di masyado ma dry out sa flight. So pagdating ko sa destination di ako mukhang tuyot haha. Also i always brush my teeth after meals kasi kadiri ang mouth sa long haul flights talaga.

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back when there was a real risk of me getting stupid drunk while overseas and in a country where i couldn’t speak nor understand the local language, kasama na sa playbook yung kumuha ng calling card ng hotel para mas madaling ibigay na lang sa cab driver yun kapag uwian na.

not exactly environment friendly, but to work around the system that shuts all the power to your hotel room when you take the key card from the power slot, we’d just leave any card there to keep the AC running while we’re not in the room

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