The lesser of two evils: Trump vs. Duts

If you were to choose who created a bigger mess handling COVID19, which President will it be?

Whenever I get disappointed with Duts and his midnight broadcasts, I switch to CNN and console myself that we have it better than the US. May mga somber/ sober moments din naman si Duts. (disclaimer: I do not like him too).

But seriously, si carrot top kasi napaka hambog and sexist. Duts is too but sometimes may mea culpa (which I find weird).

(ps - wag nyo po ako i bash. this is my first comment about Duts kasi I dont want to defend myself from his army in the online world. safe place lang Peyups for me :sweat_smile:)


It’s hard to pick :lol: like personally, I’m indirectly affected kay Trump due to where I am now and in terms of global influence, ang laki ng effect ni Trump. But at the same time my family in the Philippines are directly affected naman kay Duts.

Pareho din talaga kasi sila ng style. Both did not prioritize health care but if bigger mess ang usapan - it’s probably Trump just because he had more tools at his disposal.

Tsaka bad trip si Trump, trying to stop medical supplies to Canada.


Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m with duts on this one.

At least we’re able to flatten the curve somehow. The runaway increase in US cases is scary.

In addition, we only have 2 more years or duts. The US would still have 4 more years of The Donald.


I live in the US now, and I just realized that Maria Ressa would look like a normie critic compared to the criticisms Donald Trump get from the liberals. At least he doesn’t try to shut down any media entity. Hard as they may.

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Ang hirap mag decide sabi ng puso at utak ko it’s a TIE !

Ang hirap ha. Equal lang kasi they copy each other palagi. Haha!

Not a fan of either, but I’d say Trump is the lesser evil. Both have mishandled the crisis, but at least he listens to Dr. Fauci, who, unlike Duque, is competent. Walang palakasan sa testing. Walang bilyones na unaccounted for. Plus meron bipartisan stimulus package that while not enough, at least meron and most people will get. Hindi gaya sa Pilipinas na nag-aaway pa ngayon ang middle class at mahihirap dahil sa kakarampot na Php8k na hindi lahat mabibigyan.

I think it’s unfair to blame Trump for the increase in US cases — you might as well blame the leadership of Italy para sa fatalities nila. So many factors affect the increase in cases. I also trust the CDC’s data on cases — sa DOH ba, mapagkakatiwalaan? And given testing challenges sa Pilipinas, does anybody REALLY have the complete picture about how many people actually have COVID-19? Eh madaming namatay na’t lahat, hindi pa nakukuha yung test results eh. Sa US, governors also have a lot of power (just look at the governors of Texas and Florida na pasaway), so hindi mo rin masisisi lahat kay Trump.

Agree. At grabe ang criticism kay Trump ng liberals. He’s called so many names by the media that you never hear any PH media practitioner use for Duterte. In fact, reverse pa ang nangyayari, titirahin pa nila ng todo-todo kung sino yung gumgawa ng tama, like the VP and Vico Sotto.


Case in point. (points up)
At least the CDC doesn’t spew stuff like this.

Sa ngayon, I think mas malaki yung kapalpakan ni Trump, although mas may capability din sila as a country to correct it.

Collectively, yung US government gumagana pa yung mga agencies, hindi katulad sa atin na mas strong yung political influence ni Duts sa mga head ng agencies, policies nila, etc.

Personally, I like to laugh at Trump, and I can’t help but hate Duts because of his insistence on acting like a thug. :joy:


Do they have paid trolls in the US to help in the propaganda effort?

I don’t get the point of crearing a false sense of security. I mean, better tell the peole how things really are. I mean, even if it were true na konti lang case, it won’t mean na business as usual na tayo. So bakit magbolahan pa?


Nung iniisip ko ito, sino mas makulit: Si Trump na may Dr. Fauci, or si Duts na may Dr. Duque? Meaning in terms of support, Trump had better systems and people in place, but their deaths are really staggering (if NY were a country, it would rank second to the US)

For me disappointing si Trump kasi he even went against CDC recommendations (like going on TV and saying suggestion lang ang face mask) He made unfounded suggestions (using malaria drug). His travel ban on inward visitors from China proved to be ineffective kasi yung COVID sa NY ay mostly from Europe.

Ang problema kay Duts implementation / pag operationaloze. But I think he is less reckless (sans the shoot to kill which is more machismo than anything) than Trump. Tingin ko lang naman :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait. Di ba may Presidential election sa US this November?

Though sadly, mukhang matatalo pa rin ni Trump si Biden.


Ang laking bagay na andami nang iniisip ang mga tao, tapos continued misinformation pa rin ang trolls. Dito there’s still the alt-right media/commentators, but their audience is limited. Di gaya ng DDS na talagang lahat ng groups iinfiltrate nila.

And really, yung billions in “emergency funds” and OP funds that has yet to be accounted for. For me, that’s one of the biggest factors kung bakit I’d say that by a clear (but not significant) margin, Duterte is worse.

Yung deaths sa NYC, again, parang unfair sisihin si Trump kasi una, it’s the governor that calls the shots. Hindi sya gaya ni Duts na top down leadership. Meron kahit papaanong delegation of responsibilities (and accountability) sa system of government dito. Just watch the Last Week Tonight episode on COVID-19 and you’ll see how much power governors have. Eh samantalang si Duts, ipinapatawag na ng alipores nya sa NBI si Vico Sotto just for the tricycle issue. Tapos andyan pa yung issue ng sudden retraction in Ethel Booba sa Twitter account nya. The only petty person in the US government is Trump, but sa Pilipinas, buong gobyerno, petty. Ibang level na pati ngipin ni Chel Diokno, laman ng late night address ni Duts.

Also, madami talagang factors kung bakit maraming cases and deaths sa NY. Cuomo is doing the best he can, it’s just that so many things are out of the hands of both the state and federal government. Para mo na rin sinabi nga na kasing-inutil ni Trump yung gobyerno ng Italy simply because of the number of Covid fatalities.

The CDC recommendations on masks is exactly that: a recommendation. AFAIK, walang recommendation ang CDC for mandatory mask-wearing. Although some states and cities (like LA and San Diego, CA) have went ahead and made it mandatory.

Yep, looks like it. Although historically, I think it’s a fairly rare occurrence for an incumbent US president seeking re-election to lose. But I think factoring in Trump’s performance sa COVID and Biden’s very vocal criticism of that handling, Biden has a bigger chance now given that he’s more centrist and has a potentially bigger appeal than Sanders. Depende na lang sa Democrats (who do need to get their act together) kung magkakaisa sila to support Biden and encourage their voting base to actually go out and vote.

It’s a recommendation from the CDC. Why would they make a recommendation that’s not even helpful? Even if it’s not guaranteed, any chance that it can protect, why would he (Trump) not support it? At this stage, any chance that something would work, I would not even counter it. Yan yung mga simpleng dahilan why I think the US was better equipped but failed far worse in the COVID situation.

He did not say that he was against it, I believe he said that he personally would not wear it. And technically, a suggestion IS a recommendation. Yung problem sa sinasabi nya sa masks was when he said a “scarf would be better.” And at least Trump is talking about face masks, not Joe Biden’s teeth.

In a way, the governors/ mayors here also screw things up. Kanya knayang version ng implementation eh. May ilang nag standout, pero I don’t know how long nila ma-maintain yung effort nila if this drags on beyond April 30.

As for the trolls, nangungutang na Pilipinas tpos may paid trolls pa. Talk about misplaced priorities. Of courae, wala naman aamin na pondo ng gobyerno yan.

But they are more accountable to the national government, gaya na lang nung pagpapatawag ng NBI kay Vico Sotto. Trump doesn’t have that kind of pull (or responsibility, I think) to do the same to state officials. Which I think also probably explains why he’s so “chill” about everything, kasi he can’t relate to what’s happening outside the White House. Classic narcissist behavior. But again, yung mga galamay ni Duts, instead of at least, for once, devoting the entirety of government funds and resources to COVID response, is still paying trolls and di natin alam kung magkano na yung naibubulsa ng mga crony nya.

Add ko pa yung travel ban on healthcare professionals, even those who already have contracts or are returning to work abroad. WTF is that all about?

If he were not President, then his statement probably would have no teeth.

Yes, pun intended :hihi:

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Na-rattle yung mama, I guess. Well, that’s what we get for askig a Mini to haul a fully loaded 40-ft container van. Sad to say, I think he’s out of his league sa sitwasyon na 'to.

That’s why I said the US would have 4 more years of Trump.

God the Democrats are really propping up Biden’s corpse against Trump. Not only does the man not know what he’s saying half the time, but he also has numerous sexual assault allegations that the GOP can and will definitely use against him.

And the DNC thinks he can beat Trump? God help us.