The lesser of two evils: Trump vs. Duts

Sayang talaga. Andaming viable candidates to begin with. It didn’t have to be Sanders or even Warren.

No way in hell Biden will beat Trump in November.

The Trump hate (and Duterte hate) looks strong in this forum. But Trump actually did very well for the US economy. Also, it’s only Trump who actually did something about China’s abuses (mainly on manipulating their currency) and predatory trade practices (e.g. dumping).

And considering the alternative, I would pick Trump over criminal Hillary 100x over.

I dunno, the rise of neo-Nazi groups and the kids in cages at ICE facilities look pretty bad. If Hillary is a criminal, then Trump is too and much worse. And we haven’t even gotten to the part where he uses his position to promote his properties. He was also impeached but Republicans blocked witnesses which paved the way for his acquittal so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To be fair, the Philippines is one of the deadliest places for journalists in Southeast Asia(and the world) so you’ll have to forgive them for being *ahem* more restrained when it comes to criticizing Duterte.

Really? What crime did Trump commit before and after he got elected?

How many immigrants did Obummer kick out of the USA? How many drone strikes? Hillary will be even worse than Obummer.

The PH is one of the deadliest places for journalists in the time of GMA and Noynoy. The Mamasapano Massacre alone killed like 40 journalists, hence the label.

But guess what, Duterte’s 1st executive order was to create a task force to safeguard journalists/the media.

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Here’s some numbers for all Trump and Duterte haters to chew on. All of these you can google to verify:

Obama deported 3,000,000 + immigrants in his 1st 3 years in office. The most in the history of the US of A.
Obama authorized 500+ drone strikes killing ~4,000 people including 300+ civilians.
Obama dropped 26,000+ bombs dropped in 2016 alone.

Mamasapano Massacre killed 38 journalists and media workers. No justice in all 6 years of Noynoy.
In Noynoy’s term, we had 36 journalists and media workers killed

OT: Covid-19 handling…

Top 5 countries in terms of deaths all have 10,000 or more, with the USA having ~20,000 deaths to date.
The Philippines has < 250 deaths and we seem to be flattening the curve, kahit na sobrang daming pasaway.

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Blockquote I live in the US now, and I just realized that Maria Ressa would look like a normie critic compared to the criticisms Donald Trump get from the liberals. At least he doesn’t try to shut down any media entity. Hard as they may.

he just takes away their press passes

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Whataboutism pa more :sweat_smile:


“Dami mong alam! E di ikaw na magpresidente!”

Oops… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Another case in point why the U.S. (kahit madaming pasaway na tao, to be fair) is generally doing a “better” job compared to PDuts and his minions:

May program ba na ganito ang administrasyon? Eh inuuna pa nila ABS-CBN saka yung pagbabago ng pangalan ng NAIA as if walang COVID-19 raging through the populace. Saka nasaan na ang accounting ng billions of dollars in loans na supposedly for COVID-19 response?

Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” infused BILLIONS into government labs, university labs and private corporations like Moderna.

If we have billions of $$$ and a good number of scientists, then I’m sure we can do the same.

We still have 1.5k deaths in 109M pinoys, vs the USA with 138k deaths in 331M americans.