Share your Anti-Anxiety/Calming Methods

open-eyed meditation is helpful and can be done anywhere :slight_smile:

I also distract myself by listening to podcast about soothing anxiety such as this one. :slight_smile:

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Sa mga moments na ganito, gusto kong mapag-isa at ginagawa ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Breathing exercise
  2. Nagbabasa ako ng travel articles.
  3. Nanonood sa Youtube channel ng Info Overload. :hahaha:
  4. Nagbababad sa bath tub or shower. Ewan ko, gumagaan ang feeling ko after nyan.
  5. Nagmemessage sa mga kapatid at mga kaibigan.
  6. Kumakain ng salted peanuts. :hahaha:
  7. Natutulog

nakuha ko sa office email. sobrang helpful:

A Few Simple Mindfulness Exercises:

Come Back

When you catch yourself caught up in worries about the future or experiencing guilt and regret about the past, just notice it’s happening and say to yourself, “Come back.” Then, take a calming breath and focus on what you’re doing in the moment.

Three Senses

Another helpful mindfulness trick is to notice what you’re experiencing in the moment through three senses: sound, sight, and touch. Take a few slow breaths and ask yourself:

  • What are three things I can hear? (clock on the wall, car going by, music in the next room)
  • What are three things I can see? (this table, that sign, that person walking by)
  • What are three things I can feel? (the chair under me, the floor under my feet, my phone in my pocket)

Think of these answers to yourself slowly, one sense at a time.

By focusing on the present moment and banishing your anxious brain, you can keep your mind quiet and more productive – and your body will thank you.


take 10 deep breaths then lakad for 5 mins.
if hindi pa rin magsubside, i write out my thoughts either sa notes app or sa actual pocket journal.
if hindi pa rin and the space permits, i do a really quick inversion.


Uy @chinito I credit you for introducing me to yoga many many years ago (Ananda Marga at UP Vil). Grateful for that forever ha.

So, back to the topic at hand:

  1. Yoga breathing exercises.
  2. I also learned to ask, why am I reacting negatively? This will impact not only my mind or heart, but it will manifest in my body. How do I turn this around in a better way and maintain my balance?
  3. I get massages, I like tuina/acupressure massages. TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) has been helpful kasi in principle, the goal is to keep your body in a state of equilibrium. Yung item 2 sa list ko, pag stressed ako and I get the massage, alam ko na anong parts ng katawan ko ang sasakit pag namasahe, after that it feels better.
  4. I love walking the dog or going for a solo bike ride around my neighborhood to clear my head.
  5. I wash dishes and clean the house. Usually, the more stressed I am, the cleaner my place is.

Breathing deeply and consciously works for me.
I take myself out of the stressful situation and clear my head.
Positive thoughts and chanting “I got this” :headbang:


Listen to the Eraserheads. Loud. On my Bose QC. Para I shut out the world.

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Such a good thread. Thanks, guys for the tips- very helpful :relieved:


I have been experiencing anxiety attacks in the last three years. To get over these dark moments, I try to listen to inspirational songs (mostly Catholic/Christian and Mariah/Celine medley), do some physical exercises, eat and drink sweets and comfort food, and talk to myself that I can finish this journey no matter what.

I do not want to be happy because I know life’s a mess and that this happiness will end as soon as it has started. So I try as much as I can to be on the neutral side. Living in comfort but not too happy. Lower my expectations to bounce back conveniently. Gray is sometimes better than lightness especially when darkness is the other option.


i eat at my favorite place. ramen nagi, pepper lunch, recovery food. or nanonood ng movie.


Same as lahat ng nabanggit dito sa thread, also ngayon sa bahay dahil sa ECQ:

  • Light a candle
  • Pick a card from an oracle deck that calls to me and then reflect on it
  • Talk to friends

What’s an inversion?

I usually don’t tend to think anxious thoughts and try to keep my mindset on solutions instead of the situation that seems challenging, but sometimes I still need help with regaining my balance so my thoughts don’t spiral out of control.

The most effective way I’ve found is listening to Abraham Hicks talks on YouTube. They run the gamut of topics from relationships, money, and health to death, the afterlife and even extraterrestrial existence!

It really helps me regain clarity and a sense of safety.


Find an activity or hobby you can do over and over again at the same time each day example, having tea or writing in a journal.

Dun nag start pagkakape ko. Some people step out of work para magyosi pag overwhelming na, I go to Starbucks alone to just enjoy my cup. I figured onti lang choices ko pag GY na hinde weird kase I tried walking sa parking lot, napagalitan ako ng guards several times :rotfl:

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I go to the gym. But since closed ang AF, I go for a walk

I also drive around UP and take down Pokémon gyms. Very therapeutic for me

any position where the heart is higher than the head e.g. downward dog, headstand and handstand poses

Breathing exercises

Pag inabutan ako ng anxiety attack sa MRT I do alternate nostril breathing

Paano to? Tinatakpan yung isang butas?

yep, cover one nostril with thumb, other nostril with ring finger.

inhale left, exhale right, inhale right, exhale left repeat