Resigning in style

For the peeps who have had several jobs after college, what was your most memorable resignation?

Ako, presented a 20-page operations analysis attached to my resignation letter. (And the boss actually thanked me for it :biglaugh: )

Then as farewell pakain for the officemates,
I bought this cake–


The best pa rin yung resignation letter ni Pol Medina.

Sorry I dishonored you.
I resign.



Resignation letter May kasamang procedure manual kasi apparently, wala pa ganun at ako una gumawa ng ganun para sa position na yun. Tuwang tuwa yung boss kasi meron na sila guide para sa susunod na mag take over.


Pinag-isipan at iniyakan ko (ng konti) yung goodbye email ko — very personal ang dating. After a year, may nagresign din na dati kong teammate na taga-ibang bansa. Naforward lang sakin yung goodbye email niya.

Aba kinopya yung akin! :roll_eyes:


HAHA WINNER! Kala niya template :biglaugh:

May nagsabi sa akin nun na make your resignation formal and generic and then just explain in person the details of your why. I typically follow this.

I also try to leave with very little fanfare, kahit na masama loob ko (which was not often the case). Kasi you’ll never know when you’ll need your ex.


Thirteen years ako sa ABS kaya ang hirap sa akin na mag resign noon. Especially since my last show was Ang Probinsyano. And then in 2018, nag leave ako ng three weeks to travel. And in Amsterdam, while listening to Van Gogh’s letters to his brother, naiyak na lang ako and doon ako finally nag decide na magri resign na ako pagbalik ko ng Manila.

I gave a book from Van Gogh Museum to our big boss as a pasalubong, and then I tendered my resignation.


I talk to my boss personally or at the end of a video call (US boss) before submitting the formal resignation email/letter. (walang gulatan). Resigning from my first job is the most difficult because that’s when I made new friends outside UP, pero after nun nasanay na. :lol:

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I gave this Kermit plushie to the hubby for his birthday and then he brought it to his office. His boss loved Kermit as well. When the hubby resigned a month later (they disagreed on a project’s direction), his resignation letter was short and to the point.

Boss wanted Kermit to stay so hubby had to write another resignation for Kermit. (No way I was letting him leave that toy at their office.) That was a longer one full of drama. The boss laughed so hard he didn’t have the heart to give the hubby a hard time anymore. IMG_0685


Na-curios naman ako sa content ng letters ni Van Gogh. :thinking:Mahanap nga. Ha ha!

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Agree. You don’t have to hash everything out in writing. As they say, everything you say (especially if documented) can be used against you.

A previous professor-lawyer once told me not to use the words thank you in a resignation letter as this is can be construed as waiving whatever rights you have in the event of a dispute.


:surprised: No thank you’s? Puwede bang meron pero may caveat?

I think resignations also depend on the kind of company/institution you’re resigning from. There are times you really should say good riddance and times you want the bridge to still be there.

There was just that one time I had to put all my discontent in writing (but I did it in a professional manner) because I want the institution I was leaving to be better because I really cared. :embarasslaff:

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I think what my prof-lawyer was trying to say is, as you said, if you want to put your discontent in writing, it’s better to do so than say thank you without caveats, especially if there are unresolved issues at the time of leaving. Not a lawyer though so I cannot provide legal context for this.

Indeed it’s best to leave bridges unburnt but sometimes no matter how much we care for the institution we can’t help it if they want to burn themselves to the ground.


Haha pinakinggan ko actually yung audio kaya mas dramatic. Haha pero parang ang gist noon — make sure to spend your time sa things that really matter. Or something to that effect haha basta nagpa realize sa akin — mas important time for self and time with family than work/career kaya nagresign ako agad haha


I agree on having the right priorities. Hanapin ko rin audio; para sulit sa drama. Ha ha! I just didn’t expect na may ganitong aspect pala ang buhay ni Van Gogh. Masaya akong malaman yun. Lagi kasing naha-highlight either ang giftedness niya or ang mental illness niya. :sweat_smile: Maraming salamat ulit for sharing! And congrats on making the right decision! :star:

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I remembered receiving a nobela type na resignation letter, yung tipong may drama pa. A few months after, I received a resignation letter tapos sabi ko, parang nabasa ko na ito. I remembered that person and looked at her 201 file ayun na nga, same words! Magkaibigan kasi sila. Then after a few weeks. Anoyher one na kapareho din. Biniro ko nga yung pinakahuli, parang familiar yung letter mo sabi ko. Nagpasahan ng template. Amfffff :angry:


Transfer from one government agency to another. Gumawa ng ingay ang paglipat ko–but the Usec there hosted a farewell merienda for me, nakakatouch nang bongga. I have a lot of good memories from there.


the “thank you” was actually used against me in my labor case. whether you’re in good terms or not, it’s safe to say in the official resignation letter na “I am resigning. Please consider this as the start of my 30 day notice, unless otherwise directed”.

after ng bitter episode ko sa employer, I have always thought that how happy you may be in your current work, do not forget that everything is just a business relationship. they pay you for your service and nothing else. all the other things are just part and parcel of the deal. i’ve learned it the hard way but i do not regret that i stand up for my rights even if it costs me money to defend my case all the way to the supreme court.


I loved the team I was leaving then so I thought the generic farewell email wouldn’t suffice. The night before my last day, I searched for relatively new tunes, checked for music sheets, and recorded an MP3 playing this piece on my piano - Arcade Fire’s “Photograph”, from the film “Her”. Then, I included that audio file in my farewell letter.

I got several “awesome/best/coole resignation letter!” and “Dint know you play piano!?” responses, etc. It made goodbye a bit sweeter :kissing_heart:

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I think I remember this. Sa akin, I told my boss/headmaster I will not renew my contract because I got accepted at another school in another city and will start right after the end of the contract.

I fulfilled my part of the contract and the company was nice enough to send me off with a good recommendation document and transfer document (for work permit renewal under a new company). No hard feelings and I’m still in touch and friends with my former colleagues.