My ECQ Grocery Discovery

Bilang grocery lang ang R&R ko ngayong ECQ, andami kong na d discover na masarap na food na hindi ko napapansin nuon:

Corned beef caldereta by Delimondo (lasang home made caldereta)
Payless pancit canton (does not give me hyperacidity like Lucky Me)
Clara Olè cheesy pesto (masarap with Century Tuna)

Share nyo naman discoveries nyo please :winking:


Ok rin yung Clara Ole na salsa.

Natry ko yung Prem as substitute for Spam, pero mas gusto ko pa rin ang Spam hehe


By accident, nadiscover ko na yung Wal-Mart carries Argentina corned beef na pala. Nakabili ako ng 1 can but the next week, up until now, out-of-stock na sila.

Yung Delimondo di pa nakakarating dito - but kanina while browsing online may nakita akong Purefoods chunky corned beef - medyo mahal nga lang.


Agree ako sa Delimondo corned beef caldereta! Kanin, please! :smiley:

Recommend ko rin eto:

Clara Olè jalapeño cheese dip
Hansel Premium white cheese biscuits
Magnolia taro-white cheese ice cream
salted egg potato chips of Lays Thailand (sa Puregold Ayala Marikina ko lang ito nakikita so far)

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Speaking of S&R - masarap yung Ranch House brand nila ng corned beef. Both the regular and the chili-garlic variant.

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Yung CDO Almusal Espesyal Beef Tapa masarap pala :aprub:

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Ang laki din ng price difference vs spam. Another alternative is Tulip jamonilla.

Nathaniel’s frozen siomai
Fisherfarms frozen relyeno
Fisherfarms shrimp poppers
Ongpauco’s heat&serve frozen crispy pata :joy:


Meron ba sa inyo nakakita ng Elar’s Corned Lechon by any chance?

San po nakakabili ng fisherfarms?

Fishermall QC supermarket ko sya nabibili.


Bonus Mushroom Fishballs. Payless Extra Big Pancit Canton. 700 Php hand-carry luggage. Kirkland laundry detergent.

Ano ba yang Delimondo na yan? :headscratch:

ECQ grocery discoveries:
Oysters (buy a dozen, may kasama pang kutsilyong pambukas)
Brown basmati rice
Reduced salt soy sauce (ngayon ko lang napansin meron palang ganyan lol)

Five ECQ Grocery Finds

  1. Aguila Sausages. I used to swear by the sausages from S&R and the Euro-Swiss guys. These sausages from Aguila, a relative newcomer, are the real deal. I’d passed them by several times before but lockdown forced my hand. Am I glad I did. Their sausages are on point, and their frozen corned beef (not as good as Delimondo) does have an 80’s feel.

  2. King Sue Corned Beef. Okay, Delimondo’s expensive, okay. Even the frozen corned beef from Aguila isn’t cheap. King Sue. makers of ham, have frozen corned beef sold in 250g packs. Single serving, easily extendible. It’s got a flavor more reminiscent of Carne Norte than proper corned beef, but for its price and shelf life inside the freezer, it’s a good deal. Check out their English Pork Sausage too.

  3. Marby Whole Wheat Bread. They ran out of Gardenia. Color me impressed. Not bad for mass-produced bread. Good flavor, toasts quite well.

  4. Sure Buy Extra Large Eggs, Double yolk, if you’re lucky. Most pass over this in the egg section because they’re only sold in packs of 10. They aren’t as rich as more artisanal eggs (the yolks are more sunshine than red orange), but the consistency makes up for it.

  5. Food Service Grade Chicken Cubes. The ones at Pure Gold have so much more than the large boxes you find elsewhere. Since these are a great way to pack more flavor in your cooking, these go pretty quickly in my kitchen.


@Gesundheit - Delimondo is the Enrile clan’s killer food app. Their Ranch Style Corned Beef carries a punch way above its weight. You know it’s good when it has zero marketing except by word of mouth. Good stuff.


Virginia’s Luncheon Meat 'yung bago naming hinoard. :charing:

Tsaka, masarap din na yoghurt drink ang MilkMan at may strawberry flavor pa. Haha. Halatang Landers bumibili? E sa may delivery rin sila eh. Haha.

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Indomie and Lucky Me Pancit Canton
Instant Champorado at Arroz Caldo
Century Tuna
Purefoods Corned Beef

Nasa Austria ako so finding those is hard. Lol


fuwa fuwa japanese bread


Ay, oo nga, Fuwa Fuwa! Caramel and milk!

Okay din yung soft bread ng Sari Roti. :headbang:


Yan sikreto ni Enrile for immortality. :laughing:
Sa Sarang Mart marami madidiscover.


@arwen meron ako nakita sa landers online nyan

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