Investment Talk

What do you think is a good investment? Real estate? Business? Stocks? Forex? Insurance? Art? Jewelry? Luxury bags? If you’ve already invested on something, how was it, may returns na ba? When did you start investing? Kwento!


I invested in a house when I was 26. Matagal pa babayaran pero okay na rin at nakapagsimula na. The house costs double now after 7 years.

I also started investing on insurance, stocks, mutual funds and UITF when I was 25. Right now, di ko pa nararamdaman ang profit kasi kailangan pang bumawi from the big drop due to the virus. May profit yung fixed income pero nawipe out nung equity kaya wala rin. Pang retirement ko naman yung funds kaya okay lang.

Ang next kong tinitignan ay agriculture investments like FarmOn, still checking out the projects and returns.


I think one of the smarter things I did from back when maganda pa ang cash flow ko was to buy a share (as in isa lang) in a hospital near where we live.

Briefly, ang benefits of ownership is a 50% discount for me and the missus.
25% for my dependents.

And up to 45days room rate in the most basic private room.

Got it for 250k sometime 2012 yata.
Around 380k na yata ngayon.

Not that I’m planning to ever sell the share.

Kasi isang advantage na nakikita ko dito over your usual healthcare coverage is that hindi siya natatapos kahit over 65yo ka na.
Kasi nga at that point na likely kailangan yung ganung coverage, tapos dun pa nawawala with usual healthcare cards. So medyo taliwas sa logical objective.

Price varies with the size of the hospital you’re buying shares from syempre


wait ka muna sa FarmOn, kaka-revise pa lang ng business model nila. nakapag-invest ako nung parang Farmville pa lang sila, pero ngayon nagbago na sila e, nanonood muna ako ng mga reklamo sa comments section sa FB nila

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I’ve heard about that also - how did you do it? Did they offer shares?

Bought my share nung hindi pa operational yung hospital.
A doctor friend who invested as a medical shareholder told us about it.
Punta lang sa admin office.
Funny pa nga kasi when we inquired, we got fed the “get your share now kasi malapit na tum a as price” line.
So syempre mas nag-isip pa ako.
So after a month or so, yung php150k na presyo, 250k na :man_facepalming:

May available shares pa din AFAIK, pero bibilhin mo na from the original owner.

Transferrable. So pwede ipamana sa kids.


May bagong hospital sa amin siguro wala pa silang one year. Try ko nga magtanong pag tapos na ang ECQ. Thank you :slight_smile:

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+1 sa hospital shares. Kumuha rin ako dahil sa discount for parents. Would be useful for my mom since wala na siyang HMO. Also expecting to earn dividends since wala pa ibang tertiary private hospital sa province namin.

I got a condo for myself nung nasa Pinas pa ako since nasasayangan ako sa binabayad sa rent. Now that I’m overseas, yung rent from my tenant na ang source ng pambayad ko ng mortgage. Nag increase na rin yung market value ng unit by 75%. Targeting to get a few more units as source of income when I retire. Mas madali kasi mag manage ng condo since you only transact with the tenant once a year, then just deposit the PDCs monthly.

Other investments: stocks in PH and ETF overseas.

Recently nag-iinvest na rin ako sa seedin. It’s a crowdfunding company. Interests range from 12 to 16% per annum minus the fees. It’s much higher than my other investments. Kung hindi lang bumagsak ang market I would have transfered some of my stock funds to seedin.


Agree. Nag plan din ako dati mag invest sa FarmOn and DV Boer pero may mga issue nga na lumalabas, so sa iba na muna.

May officemate ako na bumili ng 3 studio sa BGC, tapos pina decorate nya sa ID, and then pina air BNB nya. All her units are self-liquidating na. Ang sikreto daw nya sa airbnb nya ay 1) professional photos ng unit 2) welcome kit ng Phil goodies like choc nut, etc.

Sabi ng teacher ko sa MBA dati, ang pitfall ng Pinoy usually ay 1) mahilig sa retail pag business ang gagawin (i.e., papatong lang sa price, pero wala naman masyado value creation) 2) bahay ang unang binibili (which brings down your earning asset, except if you earn rent income). Habang bata daw dapat make your money earn more money.

Investment ko? (Being the true-blue Pinoy) Anak ko :twothumbs: Joke.


Hallo! So I believe na one should try to diversify one’s interests to distribute risks. So I’d say try to ensure that you have at the very least 1) liquid assets (cash in bank, inside your shoes, in the underwear cabinet or wherever you fancy—interest on time deposits or even any kind of savings account here are soooo low: mga 0.01% tapos magbabayad ka pa ng fees so hindi worth it) to pull out whenever the need arises; 2) shares, ETFs, mutual funds, etc.; and 3) real property investments.

I started having a (mumunting) time deposit since I was 18. Tapos before going abroad to study, I sold my car and put all sales proceeds into mutual funds. After 2 years, okay naman ang tubo—higher than if I had just parked the money in a time deposit account!

For a while back, I was not allowed by my job to do stock trading (due to risks of insider trading). So walang investments, apart from paying into the special pension funds for lawyers (which, in turn, get invested into real property and a gamut of funds). Now, I am regularly investing into ETFs and stocks and shares Isa (Asia Pacific, Japan, and North America). Before the virus, okay naman ang development (yield of 4-7% per annum). Tapos the virus struck and… BOOM. Aray. Pero okay din naman na opportunity to invest more since the market is down, so yan muna iniisip ko. :biggrin:

Also, a businessman-friend also imparted the advice circa 2009 that one should never take out a loan to buy a house to live in. Take out a loan for something that would give you income (passive or otherwise). Then use part of the net income to buy a house. So, so far, sinusunod ko itong advice na to.


Mas malaki kita pag airbnb. If you rent it out ng 1.5k per night, abot ng 45k per month compared sa 20k to 25k for a long-term tenant. Medyo mas hassle lang yung trabaho - permit sa admin, cleaning, messaging kay tenant, etc. At kapag maraming days na vacant baka di umabot sa amount ng monthly loan payment. Tulad ngayon, walang tenant while ECQ is in effect.

If you compare real estate prices today with prices 5 yrs ago sobrang laki na difference. So kung naka long term lease lang, hindi na aabot yung rent for monthly payment ng loan. Kailangan na magdagdag.

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Same experience. Started paying when I was 27. Moved in when I was 29. 5years nalang matatapos na ako :jumpclap:

When I moved in may 2 school campus outside (Roosevelt College and ICCT) + a ministop. Now may McDo, Puregold, 3 star hotel/motel, Petron and Shell. Then within the same barangay may 3 new private hospitals and then an MRT purple line station. Twice na na re-appraise property ko and may change sa amilyar since I moved in 10yrs ago.

In other news, bagsak uitf and vul ko :smash: yun nalang nga alam ko e pero good time to top up now.

Insurance din ok, 4 out of 5 paid and waiting for maturity nalang. I honestly didn’t think I’d appreciate this when I was younger. Napressure lang ako :hahaha: pero nung naging mommy ako super na-appreciate ko na sila so kinuhanan ko agad si baby nun.

Jewelry next ko iniisip. Not as investment talaga but gusto ko may few select and timeless pieces na pwede ko ibigay sa daughter ko. Next nalang yung madaling isanla kase so easy money when times get rough.

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Inisip ko din mag invest sa art. Pero hanggang ngayon isip palang, not counting 1 piece na we received as a very generous wedding gift. Mukhang pwede naman as an investment strategy, although I personally wouldn’t put it on my top list. A relative inherited two art pieces and then binenta nya. Ayun, he was able to use the money as downpayment for a flat and to open a small business.

For my daughter naman, so far meron shang gold (gold coins na nareceive as her baptismal gifts, para may starting money sha kung mag cocollege na sha or for when (or if) she decides to start a family). So far, positive experiences with gold coins—the value of these ones that she has is now, on average, more than triple or quadruple than when they were purchased about 20-30 years ago. Iniisip ko pa ano pang pwede for her, pero I want her to be conscious of what money is/is for and how she goes about it.


Jewelry! :aprub: Yun 1 carat na VVS1 siguro 10 years ago wala pang 100K. Ngayon more than double na. Kaso yun jewelry di mo ma realize yung gain unless ibenta mo. Pero magandang excuse para bumili :joy:

:uhhuh: on artwork. sa dati kong work when I get a citation / award (usually may cash in $$), i buy a painting kesa personal na gamit. so far yung price per square inch nung nabili ko, nag appreciate naman to more than 75% na at medyo bata pa sila nyan :joy:

on renting a unit, balita ko madami daw renters ngayon na chinese, pero grabe daw ang wear and tear ng unit (na pwede mo naman i-price in)

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Naalala ko when I was in an art gallery at walang idea paano pumili ng painting. Ang advice nung owner is to select a promising young artist dahil mag aapreciate yung value ng painting later on pag mas nakilala na sya, so back then Manuel Baldemor yung ni recommend nya. Dun ko lang din nalaman na priced per square inch ang paintings. As in sinukat nya tapos may list siya ng price per square inch per artist.

Then may na mention siya na minsan daw may mga customers na kinukumusta yung health ng artists. Apparently pag pala namatay yung artist biglang tumataas yung price ng paintings, so kapag nabalitaan nila na medyo malapit na sa ganun dun sila bumibili. Medyo weird lang to ask that question. Naalala ko tuloy si Malang.


I am a huge fan of index funds. I follow a lot of John Bogle’s principles in investing: simple, automatic, low-cost, diversified. My stock portfolio is in TSP (Thrift Savings Plan, federal/military equivalent of 401K) and Vanguard where I hold Target Retirement funds and VTSAX (US Total Stock Market).

Started investing at age 23 with very minimal contributions then gradually increase with each pay raise.

My target asset allocation is 75% US stocks, 20% Int’l, 5% Bonds.


Wow, interesting yang gold coins ha, :heart_eyes: shiny things.

On properties, naalala ko lang yung showbiz interview ni Sharon nung nahospitalized mom nya dati and si KC daw nagbayad ng milyones na bill. She said nakatali sa investments money nya and the properties she owned aren’t easy to sell kase high value din. So I guess, keep in mind how you plan on using your investment - volatile, liquid etc. :thinking:

first on the list kasi kadalasan ang Gold kapag usapang Safe Haven Investment

  • Safe haven investments offer protection from market downswings.
  • Precious metals, currencies, stocks from particular sectors and more have been identified as safe havens in the past.
  • Safe havens in one period of market volatility may react differently in another, so there is no consistent safe haven other than portfolio diversity.
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Cost averaging (peso/dollar) on stocks - most effective to make inflation work for you but it takes discipline and patience especially during bear market (but the market always, always recovers)
MFs, UITFs, VUL Insurance to diversify portfolio
Gold (safe and stable)