I need to sleep, any suggestions?

I’ve tried insight timer, sometimes the bedtime stories work for me, or i listen to waves or rain
Sometimes I’d listen to “Afford Anything” on spotify, set the timer for 30mins.

I’ve been popping melatonin 5mg and benadryl 25mg, sometimes I add a magnesium pill or valerian

I have my lavender oil rollon thing, ipapahid sa noo

I have eyemasks, dim lighting, a cool room, and I’ve booted out my snoring husband so I’m all alone.

And yet it’s so difficult to get to sleep.

I wake up at 8am.


Get off Peyups! :rotfl:

I have no suggestion, sorry. Yan rin problema ko. :headscratch:


Damay damay na kaya nga may Peyups. :rotflmao:

OnT, Melatonin nga raw but seeing it doesn’t work for you, perhaps it’s time to seek professional help na. Let me know also kasi same challenge din for me. :embarasslaff:


I accidentally discovered na dizzytab is effective for me for long and deep sleep. Bumibili kami ng marami sa pinas para we have stock. pero hindi sya for everyday use. Umiinom lang ako pag gusto ko ng mahabang tulog at talagang pahinga ( with dizzytab mga 10-12hours tulog ko).

Melatonin works for me. And for me the best sleep aid siya kasi in the form of a supplement. But you have to put your phone away before you sleep hehe.

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Ako, madalas kaya di makatulog, madami iniisip. So I try to write them down. And it helps.

May sleep app din ako before na may rain sounds. Nakakakalma sya for me.

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Alak. Haha char.

I have no trouble sleeping but my sleeping schedule has been forked up during quarantine. If I fall asleep before 8pm, I’ll be up around 2am. I’ve been trying to correct it with whisky. Kaso napapadpad ako sa Peyups. Particularly dun sa ghost stories thread. :embarasslaff:

(Sorry I’m unhelpful. Binuksan ko talaga yung thread to find help din hahaha.)


I had a highball last week with yamazaki 12, it didn’t help. Kept me awake pa nga eh.

My thoughts race at night - how I hate my boss, that I want to escape my job, but I have an SGD 384k mortgage, how long will it take to pay that off? I’ll bring out my phone and compute compute - what if I lose my job next year (with redundancy package vs without if my boss really wants to fork me over). How much does Muji pay - I can spend my day fixing stock at Muji? It goes on and on but it’s mostly about my unhappiness at work.

(Not going to apologize for this suggestion.)

I abused diazepam (Valium) before, though it did work for me for some time. I have had several prescribed anxiolytics and sleeping aids, but like V’s, I end up abusing them.

Some say that acupuncture is horseshit. I have tried it, and it did work for me. The therapist stuck a needle into a groove on my upper ear. In 15 mins, I was able to sleep.

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I used to use melatonin before, nung night shift pa ako. What I discovered was that meron lang syang window when you’ll feel sleepy. When you miss that, wala na, it’s like you didn’t take anything at all.

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@LaEmanciputa hmmm, acupuncture is something I haven’t tried before. I think I’ll try that once the lockdown is lifted. Thanks!

Nun first few weeks ng ecq ang hirap makatulog but surprisingly, maayos tulog ko ngayon, mga 3 weeks na. Nakapatay lahat ilaw. Kailangan bitawan ang telepono. Exercising during the day helps. Kasi nagagamit energy. So night time, pagod at antok na ako. Never tried sleeping pills pero may time na gusto ko subukan kasi di talaga ako nakakatulog.

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I take sleeping pills then bam, tulog agad.

Try yoga nidra/guided relaxation. May mga free audio on the interwebz. You can look up iRest by Richard Miller.

You can also look into the tips sa mga sleep-related episodes of the Savvy Psychologist podcast. The host is a sleep specialist.

I’ve had trouble sleeping earlier in the ecq but I’ve seen improvements in the past week when I cut down my fb usage (and peyups was really instrumental in making that possible hehe).


Lol, peyups has replaced pokemon go and a bit of netflix in my life. I think I need to really limit my screen time. I’m addicted to my screens. So on the ipad I’d be watching netflix, sabay on the phone I’d be playing pokemon go, endlessly browsing facebook or instagram, recently I’ve been on peyups. Minsan 3 screens pa.

@selenakyle thanks for the reco on the psychologist thing, I’ll check it out

Regarding incessant thoughts, some ideas from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle might help. If you have an NLB membership, you may access it in ebook or audiobook format through the Overdrive app. Nakatulong sa akin ito para medyo kumalma. Iniisip ko rin madalas pag gabi yung bayarin sa housing loan, tapos kino-compute ko din kung kaya ko ba mag advance payment para matapos na.


@davemacho, I’ve been trying to read that book since July last year, but the first few dozen pages prove to be so…gravid, for me. Instead of calming me, I tend to even get launched into an endless rumination. Maybe if I had a bit more patience and get through the book, I’d hopefully derive the peace that you speak of.

OnT: How’s your caffeine intake, @UniquelyMe? Is it of such volume/timing that could be affecting your sleep?


@davemacho yes, I have an nlb account and overdrive on my phone, I’ll check it out!
Re mortgage, I’m going to refinance mine. Will not pay it off early. 5 yr fixed home loan rate is at 1.8% lang.

@LaEmanciputa 2 shots of espresso at 9 to 10ish in the morning, that’s it. No green tea.

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My colleagues swear by the Calm app. Mayroon ding sample sa Youtube.

There are times that I am asleep even before my head hits the pillow. Mayroon namang times na kahit anong gawin ko, gising pa rin ang diwa ko kahit pagod na pagod na ang katawan ko.

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Some of the things that work some of the time:
-Sleepy shower gel from Lush
-Twilight body spray from Lush
-No screen time at least an hour before bed

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