Ghosts of your ex

Sometimes, they pop up when you least expect them to.

Starting: yung ex ko (the one I complain about the most) loved her rice dry. I like mine a little more on the wet side. Until now, I cook my rice the way she wants it. Part of me expects her to drop by to eat my food again. Part of me still hears her shouting in my ear.


Awww. This is…sad. :huhuhu: :hug:

offT ako. Wala akong maidagdag. I just want to give many :hug: to @lastboyonearth



From The Script :

:microphone: There’ll be a smile on my face and the kettle on
And it will be just like you were never gone
There’ll be a light in the hall and the key under the mat
If you ever come back, if you ever come back now …


May ghost nasa FB. Ngiii :face_vomiting:

I blocked him off facebook more than a decade ago. But since I offered online consult during ECQ, disguised himself as a ‘patient’. I just figured. Answered his medical concern. Then blocked again. He created 3 more accounts, all are blocked.

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Hindi ko siya technically ex, kasi di naman namen na fomalize (?) or label kung ano kami, but the emotions were there (or at least I’d like to think that they were real)

He is everywhere. The clothes I wear that he said looked good on me. The coffee I drink that he taught me to appreciate. The playlist on Spotify… Telegram. Netflix. I could go on… Pero baka maging wall of text


Not for me pero share ko lang. Yung ex ng isang boylet dati sabi niya he saw his ex in me when we kissed (1 time lang yun!) and he can’t forget her because everything about him, naalala niya ex nya kasi they grew up together from high school to college ay mag bf /gf sila so he needs to find himself since he lost himself daw when they broke up. Kakaawa din kasi parang dependent sya sa girl , emotionally. Pero choice niya na di muna mag jowa ulit nun. Buti naman kasi I didn’t want to be a rebound.

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Wala siyang ghost kasi he never had online footprint maliban sa LinkedIn…ganyan yata siguro pag mga cheaters? :embarasslaff: hashtag im not bitter just facts :smash:

EDIT: I did take and save screenshots of the last 2 text messages he ever sent me on my old numbers…yung una he greeted me a happy birthday and he owed me dinner daw (after months of radio silence) and I replied: “Thanks but you don’t owe me anything at all.”

Yung last was after I got engaged he asked me if I was taking the Bar exam and di ko na nireplyan kasi mahal ang roaming text wala na ako sa Pinas :rofl: felt sooooo good. Who you sya sa akin ngayon hudas siya :lol:


Marami pa. Di ko pa naaalis mga pics sa fb, ig, etc. Pati sa pusa ko naaalala ko siya. Siya nag ampon sa favourite cat ko, so forever na siyang associated dun. Hay


ah memories and moments, the residue of lives intersecting.

andun yung triggered recollections when you hear a particular song permeating the airwaves when you were in each other’s lives.

or when you realize you’re wearing a particular article of clothing that you’ve associated an instance of him/her taking it off of you (or vice versa)

that thing you watched together and had a healthy (or heated) discussion about afterwards.

the perfume you started wearing because they liked the scent of it on you

and yes, yung naglipanang digital footprint of the time na kayo pa

does anyone here wonder though it you prompt the same reactions/recollections in their lives as well?


+1 sa lahat sa taas - mula sa pagkain, kanta, lugar, usapan, jokes, certain words… Napakaraming pagmumulto pag masiyadong matandain sa detalye ang punyemas na utak natin. :frustrated:


All the good restaus I know, kinainan namin ng ex ko. Kahit madaming pang pwede kainan sa metro, ang hirap maghanap ng makakainang subok ko na at okay para sa new dates.

Worse? I kept on ordering me and my ex’s fave meal together kahit may bago akong kadate pag sa usual restaus namin ko dinala yung date ko.


Technically hindi sya ex… Actually bestfriend… Kaso naging more than bestfriends… We didn’t end and maayos… Pero for me she’s the bestfriend pa rin na walang makapapantay… Di na daw nya ako bestfriend… Hindi na rin nag-usap…


Yung biglang nagpapakita sa Facebook. Ngeeeeeee


Kaka relate ako dito. Akala mo wala FB pero meron pala , personal blog daw not an actual page. May common friends kayo so for sure nakita na nya updates ko.

I still have the watch he gave me. It was a cute pink Swatch


Common friends, too. I miss them lots, but they’re her friends, and it’s an unspoken rule when you break up, yeah?

I got to talk to her, once, when I thought my anger died. Told her I still had her ghost around. She said, me too. Said that my ghost was still all over her life, as her current guy is in my old neighborhood. Didn’t prod after that. That being said, that feels like several lifetimes ago now.

I’m not the immediate ex anymore, and I know she’s with someone else, so I guess it’s that much easier for her to exorcise me. Then again, she denies ever being with me.

Her exes haunt her. She used to call me by the name of the immediate ex, too. Hope the new guy doesn’t notice.


I have a scar on my leg, burned by the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle. Me and this ex rode 120 kms for a beach holiday. He drove. I carried a 25-kg rucksack on my back.

The MacBook Air that I use. A gift.

Knowing that this place in Makati has Manila’s best falafel sandwich, because an ex said so.


All my exes are dead to me — except the one I married. My policy before was to just let myself lose it for 3 days (yung tipong hindi kumakain tapos halos magdamag humahagulgol na parang namatayan) yung ramdam na ramdam ko yung mga gusto’t ayaw nya, the things we did and bonded over. Then after that, tapos na. So wala na akong ghosts haunting me.


She popped in on me again, today.

Clicked on the I’m Drunk, I Love You link in YouTube. I thought I hadn’t seen it before, but as the words came out, they felt oddly familiar.

I’d seen it before; I’d only forgotten. I can swear I’d seen it online, somewhere. I’d just forgetten where, just like I’d forgotten the life I once had, with her.

I know she’s still there, in the small studio we used to share overlooking the beach. I can only hope my ghost lingers there as much as hers does here, even though we know we’re no longer those people.


I avoided eating at certain restaurants and going to certain places kasi alam kong andun sya. Minsan walang choice because I was craving cheese tarts. Yun na ata pinakamabilis kong punta sa isang mall.