Friendship Break-up

Hindi masyadong pinag-uusapan. Kapag nawalan ka ng kaibigan minsan ang hirap din magkwento sa iba. Hindi siya level ng jowa. So parang nakakahiya i-share sa iba yung grief losing a close friend. So kung may experience ka na ganito, feel free to share. Anong nangyari? Paano mo tinanggap? Paano ka nag move on at move forward? What is your take away from the experience? What advice can you give to those who lost a dear friend?


Not about myself but shucks, naalala ko yung kay Chico and Delamar. I felt the pain of both sides listening to the podcast. Friendship “breakups” can be reaaalllly painful


Hindi ko to alam ha. Care to share the podcast?

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Saklap. I listened to the podcast and feeling ko give up na sila sa isa’t isa. Sana maging ok rin sila in the future.

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This is the episode na nag-guest si Chico.

The episode after is Del “unpacking” the previous one.


Oo, lalo na kung alam mo naman na may nagawa kang mali, kaso wala nang pagkakataong itama, dahil…hindi na lang kayo nag-usap.

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Hindi ata ako ready pakinggan 'to. Pero salamat!

@LaEmanciputa hindi ko alam ang sasabihin dito. :sad:

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Everything in the song, “For Good”, from Wicked.

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Edit: Binura ko yung isang story, I realized it still stings so di ko muna i-share.

Broke up with my oldest childhood friend. We knew each other since we were in kindergarten. Our mothers were good friends kaya parang kapatid ko na talaga, away bati growing up. Went to same elementary school and all. We became closer in HS and I consider him as my confidant, comic relief, therapist, gaming buddy. We went separate ways college but still hanged out when we get a chance. Before I knew it, had to go pack up and immigrate to US and we both promised to keep in touch. We did for a few years until he entered a serious relationship and then ghosted me. He reached out not too long ago and explained his then girlfriend (now wife) wasn’t a big fan of our friendship continuing on. Felt sad about it, but I respected and understood where he was coming from. Gradually just drifted apart and that’s the end of it.


Ang hirap naman niyan. Parang no choice na lang kundi tanggapin na ganun naging desisyon niya. I hope your friend is happy with their relationship. Nagbabago talaga mga priorities ng mga tao overtime.

Regarding your edit, I understand. May mga bagay na matatagalan pero kailangan daanan.

My HS buddy din ako na pagdating namin ng college, we started drifting apart. Nagkaroon ng ibang sets of friends tapos halos di na kami nakakapagkamustahan. Friends pa din kami but not as closed as before.


This struck me. I wish I know and I understand why. But I’m leaving it all up to the Universe. We have been through a lot and we have years of friendship as foundation. I know we will get through this. Whatever this is.


Ohmigod, yes! Nakinig din ako sa ep na ‘yun. Sobrang excited ko pa naman na guest nila si Chico tapos ako ‘yung na-tense nu’ng “uminit” na ang usapan. Tapos ‘yung next ep nila, when Delamar talked about it, parang ang sad lang pero ganu’n talaga, I guess.

OnT: The only friendship break-ups I’ve ever had were friendships that got broken because naging mag-jowa kami and then nag-break. :grimacing:

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I recently had a big, violent falling out with 2 of my best friends on the eve of my birthday. Haven’t spoken to them since, and I probably won’t in a very long time. :disappointed:

Eons ago I trusted a high school barkada who was a bank manager with a huge sum of cash. She borrowed it and promised to return it to my account. She didn’t. So our friendship ended with my trust completely broken. Even when she returned the money, I cut off ties with her.

This is exactly that I thought when I read the thread title.
My major one is with a friend simula high school. I didnt tell anyone when it happened except my sister (kasi kilala niya yung friend ko) and at that time I needed someone who would just be on my side, and she was. It took me like 4 years before I told the whole story to someone i trusted and someone na I know won’t judge. And another 4 years before I was able to tell the story without being defensive and without peppering it with self justifications. It was a moment of growth for me. And although we started talking again 2013, it wasn’t the same at all.

Last year, after much thought and self-reflection, I sent her a Facebook message… and said I’m sorry for the part that I had in our falling out. I wanted to let her know I never meant to hurt her but that Im sorry and I hoped she forgave me. She said she was crying while she was reading my message kasi nanghihinayang sya dahil after that happened, we were never the same anymore. Too many years have passed and we have both moved on and we’re basically different people now. Kaya hanggang “happy birthday” and merry christmas nalang sa messenger now.

I had another friend as well, not as close, there was no actual quarrel or fight, but we stopped talking and she did not invite me to her wedding to our common friend. She moved out of the country and like back in 2014, she added me on insta. We just started liking each other’s posts so parang walang nangyari, but definitely not the same friendship anymore.

Meron ding isa pa’ng “friend” with whom I had a falling out na I didn’t really grieve at all :rotflmao: I still stand by my initial assessment that she was this two-faced, insincere, delusional phony. sorry not sorry :smash:

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I am not sure if this falls under this thread. I have a cousin who is also my childhood best friend. We all have that favorite cousin or a sibling we were close with. We grew up together and we share many fond memories. We went to different grade and high schools but still we were close with each other. Then I studied in Manila and had to leave our province. Our lives drifted apart since then. I want to bridge our relationship again but idk how. We’re just living different lives now.


Pinakinggan ko yung 2 podcast. Hindi ako nakatulog ng maayos. Sobrang intense and raw ng emotion kahit boses lang ang pinapakinggan. Well, we all have our differences, coping means, and experience of the situation. I just hope they will move from hurt to acceptance and to love again. Even if they are apart and not the same anymore. We are all changing and our relationships will evolve.

@walrus I’m sorry about what happened.

@MNiK mahirap talaga pag nasira na ang trust.

@abbymaria sabi nga nila, people will have different impact in our lives. May iba, bahala ka sa buhay mo, pake ko. :rotflmao:

@perlita cousins are the first friends we have. I can relate, I grew up with some of my cousins. Tapos kapag reunion, hindi na tulad ng dati kasi kanya-kanya na ng buhay. Pero natutuwa pa din ako na kahit papaano nakakapagkamustahan kami. :smile:


breakup wala siguro, pero yung mga namamatay ng natural death, marami. tapos totoo yung may mga bigla na lang magri-reach out sa yo, networking/insurance pala :biglaugh:

^Wala pa akong kaibigan na namatay. I hope wala pa muna. :worried:

Ay, totoo yang mga insurance. Okay lang sa akin. Yung networking ang medyo di ko trip.

Goals ko yan. Balikan ang friendship with cousins.

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