Friends with Exes

Did you cut tie with your Exes? Or still friends with them? Some are my friends in FB but there are some na hinde kami friends. Sometimes I check their fb to see how they are doing. Uy, 3 na pala anak ni … Just curious.


Being friends with exes always creates complications especially if one or both is in a new relationship.

As I always tell my exes, “hindi tayo magkaibigan, mag ex lang tayo” :sweat_smile:


We’re civil. No need to be friendly.

1st ex fiance: friends pa rin. He used to be my bestfriend.
Lumaki sa akin ang mga pamangkin so intertwined pa rin ang families. I attend family gatherings when invited and if free ang sched ko.

2nd ef: di kami naguusap coz really, he’s an ass. But like 1st ex fiance’s family, intertwined pa rin. Saka sila ang immediate extended family ng daughter ko sa paternal side

3rd ef: still figuring it our dahil kakabreak pa lang. Friends for sure but i feel it’s not helping with moving on. Hindi ko muna siya kinakausap pa

All of them are still friends. Yung isa lang wala ako balita since we broke up in 2007 kasi wala sya socmed at diko na alam email nya.

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I’m still friends with them. More like civil pero not like my Best Friend kind of friend. Pero, before we reached that civil friends stage, I had to cut communication with most of them muna. Kelangan move on na ako or else baka may paasa factor from both parties. So, meron akong ex na friends sa Facebook. Meron din yun nasa IG and nasa Italy naman so kebs. Neutral na ako sa kanila now. It’s nice to be in touch at wala ng bitterness. :wink:


I am good friends with one of my exes. We kept our break up private nun. Nalaman lang ng mga taong break na kami after four years kasi lagi pa kaming magkasama (walang benefits to ha). :hahaha:

Ex-w: Friends pa rin. I mean, twenty years, two children. Co-parenting as best we can.

Ex 2: Stopped talking to her when I realized I was just getting used again.


Ex 1 - good friends kasi almost same time kami na bagong salta in a new country at first friend ko when I started living abroad din naman. Since we both got married and he moved to another country, we barely talk to each other na.

I have a couple na friends ko pa sa FB. Also with their own families na. We’re all civil.

I only have 1 I blocked.

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I’m friends with them naman. Pero hindi ‘yung tipong “I hang out with them” friends. Pero may isa na hi-hello lang kami when we see each other.

First bf, no contact but friends ko sa fb buong angkan nya :smash: love na love kase nila ako and we even became good friends after the breakup but thr wifey is super selos kahit years after the breakup. So para walang issue di ko na din kinakausap. :smile:

Others are lost in space.

My kiddo’s dad naman very much connected online. Best place we’ve ever been to be honest. Though I keep away from his fam and wife.

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If you started off as friends/ bestfriends, it can’t be helped pero depende rin sa current SO ninyo kung papayag :rotfl:


This is also how I go about breakups. Unfriend muna/block. Then unblock. Then stalk nang kaunti. Then kapag wala nang “ouchies” when I see them in their new lives/with new partners, puwede nang mag-reachout ulit.

But overall, I admit, I’m bad with post-breakup. Talagang cut off kung cut off. Sure, I know it might be immature, pero part siya ng moving on process ko e. But this time, with the most recent ex, I intend to be more gracious. Friends pa rin kami sa FB, pero I plan to thin out our communication eventually. Or I might end up unfriending them. Vv recent pa e. Let’s see.


Or depende sa current SO nila :lol:


That’s probably the single most determining factor. LEL

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I don’t think it’s immature. Kanya-kanya tayong ways of moving forward eh. If this works for you, eh di it is what works. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hindi ako naniniwala sa mga “shoulds” ng society. I think I may have struggled in the past pero ngayon as much as I can I live with no pretentions. Kapag galit ako, galit ako. Hindi ko itatago yan. And if kelangan lumayo muna ako to process my feelings, then that’s what I’ll do until I can make sense of it.

Kwento ko lang… so may na-meet ako sa Madrid. We kinda chatted for a while even after ko umuwi ng Pinas. This was 2015 to 2016. Then a few months back, I saw him with a profile pic na he got married na pala. Sabi ko sa friend ko, I had to unfollow the guy on FB (I did not unfriend) kasi kako maiinggit lang ako kapag nakita ko yun photos. :rotfl:

Funny lang na up to now he’s stalking me on IG stories and even followed me sa Twitter. Welcome and Mabuhay to exes and breakups in the 21st century. :rotfl:

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I cut ties, always, with just one exception - I married her.

Why do people have to create rules for this though? Shouldn’t this just happen naturally?

I have not heard of a “good breakup”, but some break ups are not as bad as others. So most, naturally will mean you’re no longer going to be friends with your exes, while some, will probably end up being a civil with each other, friendly, or even real friends. There’s no right or wrong here, correct?


May nabasa ako dati. Pag friends pa rin kayo ng ex mo, it’s either

  • you still love them
  • you never really loved them


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Agree ako sa 2nd bullet :lol: