First job and first paycheck?

I got my first job after 1 month of arriving sa Canada. My parents moved here so I had to go with them, and also walang job offer.

The job was equipment cleaner in a pharmaceutical company. So it’s basically, dishwasher but with production equipment. The only thing that’s technical and remotely related to my degree (Chem Engg) was preparing 70% isopropyl alcohol solution used for sanitizing equipment/product contact surfaces.

My first pay came after my 4th day on the job which amounted to around $350.


Editorial assistant - P3,500 treated myself to a personal panpizza for lunch then bought PX snacks and treats and groceries for my mom on the way home

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I had my first job in QC as a pre-employment examining physician in 2009. I got paid Php700/day. So the first week I got paid, I sent my paycheck to my parents who were already living in the U.S. that time. Even if they were still sending me monthly allowance then, it was just symbolic of “giving something back”, I guess. I told them to go and have a nice dinner. They really appreciated it.


I was a working student while in UP. Writer and Editorial Assistant. It was P2k per article, P8k monthly for the Editorial Assistant post. :nod:

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Writer/Researcher. 10k/month back in 2002. Gave it to my Mom

Janitor, working student kasi. 200pesos/day, free one meal (10-12hours). 1k per week. So, 4k per month. Then naging Assistant Cook.

1k pambayad sa apartment na pinaghahatian naming 5. 500-700pesos for water, electric, and internet bills. Meron pa akong 2.3k good for a month. Self support lang ako and lumayas ako sa amin. Kahit naman magstay ako sa amin those days, hirap pa rin talaga kami financially. :sweat_smile:

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Student Assistant ako sa UP for 2 summers. I earned around 3000 PhP. Tinago ko yun at ginawang baon nung pasukan na.

After maka-graduate, I worked in an insurance company (Underwriting Dept). 5500 PhP yung una kong sweldo na binigay ko sa nanay ko. :grin:


When I stopped in college for a while, nagBPO ako. ₱16k.
When I finished my undergrad, nag-bangko ako. ₱15k.

Youth Vice-Mayor sa town namin nung hs ako. 1,000 pesos for 1 week

Project Coordinator in a post-production house. 12K net/mo. Binili ko ng sapatos at maayos na mga damit. :slight_smile:

Eat Bulaga opened this OJT program for MassCom undergrads in 2008, from hundreds of dreamers, the finalists were interviewed by no less than Mr. T, I made it to the Final 10 :hahaha:

Part-timer PA for 8000 pesos net per month :jumpclap:

Then in 2009 intern at Citibank, if I remember it correctly, it was 20k for the 200 hours (?)

First full-time job in 2010 at a market research agency, 20k per month

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first job was as a part-time RA for one of my profs. this was before i graduated. 3.5k a month. after grad, pumasok sa gobyerno. SG11 na sumasahod ng P10,535 a month. isa ako sa may pinakamababang sweldo noon sa office namin pero ako may pinakamalaking take home pay :laugh: nakakapag-ambag pa ako nun sa bahay.

While still studying, I did an apprenticeship (parang super short practicum) at a small law firm in Makati. Election time nun. Nagvolunteer ako to do the provincial canvassing for a senatorial candidate-client sa isang lugat sa Mindanao dahil walang gustong pumuntang Mindanao noon. Excuse ko na din to visit my dad na kumetengkeng din sa elections doon. So hitting two birds with one stone kumbaga. 3 days “work” for PhP15,000.

Coordinator ng Community Outreach Department ng isang Catholic school, two months after graduation. I didn’t last two months kasi naheadhunt na din ako (buti na lang)

First paycheck was php 7,500

Sa gitna ng recession nung 2008, got my 1st job as assoc software engg for a jp company. Im worth 17k ish

Part-time sysadmin sa isang online tutorial company during my last semester in college (summer of 2009, bumagsak kasi ng ES 13 for the second time :joy:). Rate was 80 per hour if I’m not mistaken. Bought an LCD monitor and ate out with my siblings.

After grad, I got hired as a GIS Programmer on a short term project sa department. That paid 15k give or take if I recall correctly.

Student assistant sa Bio (UP Manila) nung student pa ako, Php2,500/month. Extra allowance ko siya.

Anu-ano criteria or qualifications ng isang GIS programmer? Ano pala mairerecommend mo sa nagpapractice ng GIS.

Reply na lang instead na imessage kita directly kasi baka magmukha akong desperate na creep. :sweat_smile:

Around 11K, call center agent back in 2003. Binigay ko kay nanay yung buong sahod ko sa cut off hehe. Naiyak nanay ko, totoo pala yung sa pldt commercial nun.

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I was an SA, 2500 php yata yung salary?