Favorite YouTubers

Putting the topic under TV & Movies, coz it’s still a visual medium… which channels would you recommend (YouTubers, Facebook, TikTokers)?

I love the following (mostly locals), even if I don’t get to watch their videos religiously anymore
-Wil Dasovich (OG!)
-David Guison (from blogger to vlogger)
-Baninay Bautista (I used to hate her on PBB, but she just grew on me)
-Lost LeBlanc (Canadian travel vlogger)
-recently, Ivana (she’s actually fun hahaha)

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Philip De Franco - pero I don’t watch him as often na rin
Smarter Everyday

Mga peyborit ko sa ngayon, light lang at nakakaaliw:

Judy Ann’s Kitchen
Ivana Alawi
Alex G

Anne Klutz make up tutorial :joy::joy::joy:


Di naman ako magaling or mahilig sumayaw pero aliw na aliw ako kina Ranz & Niana! :aprub:

Mimiyuuuh :heart:
Trick Ramos - travel kajologsan
bestdressed - fashion
Tina Yong - makeup


Mga mix, but here are the top 5 recently:

Alex G
Orsara Recipes - diyan ko nakukuha ang mga quarantine recipes ko
Daniel Dumbrill - fellow expat in my city na cool yung topics
小穎美食 - cause I need more recipes to cook

Yanis Marshall
Will Dasovich
Si Kulas (Becoming Filipino)
Bogart! (Paperbug TV)
Daniel Marsh

si panlasang pinoy - may silbi sa lipunan! :tama:


Alexandra Gater
Hermione Chantal
DIY Danie
LoneFox (Drew Scott)

:arrow_up:They do interior design inspo / home makeovers. I’m nesting I think that’s why I’m obsessed with them. :embarasslaff:

Avant Garde Vegan (Gaz Oakley) - Food / Recipes and he’s cute :sweat_smile:

Joe Santagato - he’s hilarious


Omo! Presello is another YouTube channel I love watching

WatchMojo.com and MsMojo. :hugs:


RGT85, SpawnWave, Arlo, Digital Foundry and BeatEmUps for Nintendo-related stuff
WearTesters, Seth Fowler, The Sole Brothers and Sean Go for sneaker reviews
Screen Junkies, CineFix for movie-related stuff
PewDiePie for meme :clap: review :clap:

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Simply Nailogical
Was following her for nail art pero comedy na yung channel niya. I still support her channel kasi she’s using her platform well. She has random sociological discussions on her channel too lol (she’s a crime statistics analyst in Canada).

Korean Englishman
(And the second channel, Jolly)
Best interviews for actors doing movie press tours. Highly entertaining presentation of Korean x British culture.

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Adam LZ - racing, kotse, atbp
TJ Hunt - kotse
Simply Rhaze - buhay Honeymooners sa Adelaide
Jessica Elle - buhay Momshie sa Florida
Sesame Street - favorite ni junakis kahit 6 months pa lang sya ngayon at nanood na

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Sa cooking videos I follow Maangchi and Yummy.ph too.

Gusto ko rin yung YouTube series like The Cut, Pagsubeks and Rec•create :grinning:

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Heart E.
Jamie Chua
Small Laude
BNT :joy:

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TikToker: Olly B.

Tawang-tawa ako sa Mom niya na si Mama Lulu! Effortlessly funny. :rotfl:

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Sali ko pala si David So!

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Emmymadeinjapan :heart_eyes:

Guilty pleasure lalo na ngayong naka-lockdown