Do you use a fitness tracker?

I used to have a Fitbit Charge HR. Bought it on sale sa Digital Walker. I really liked that I could log my sleep, food, and calorie consumption all on the same app. Challenging your friends to fitness showdowns is awesome too.

Unfortunately, ang bilis niyang masira (less than six months). Nagpepeel agad yung band niya. Which was very annoying pero mabilis din silang magsend ng replacement so I stuck with it. Had it replaced around three times before they changed their return policy. When my last one fell apart, I switched to Xioami. Just couldn’t justify spending $129 + markup on a band that may break down easily. Not when a $30 alternative exists.

It’s not perfect. The Mi fitness app is shittier and doesn’t let you log food (though I’ve since stopped logging food so it works for me). The social features are meh too. Still, can’t beat the price performance ratio (I know, I’m cheap :joy:).

I have the Samsung Galaxy watch, yung rose gold. Wala naman talagang plano bumili kase I am not into fitness, chubiness lang talaga goal ko :smash: but I got a new Philam insurance then my friend/agent told me he would enroll me to Philam Vitality and it so happen na may “wellness allowance” that I can reimburse sa office. Most officemates use it to pay for gym memberships. So ayun, matapos ko mabilhan ng running shoes buong pamilya ko wala na ako magamitan ng credits decided to get the watch :lol: haba kwento no.

I really like that I can monitor my steps and my sleep. Bonus na din yung I can read my messages and see my calendar without opening my phone esp during meetings or when in a public place.

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Currently using Garmin forerunner. Ok na ako dito. Kasi maliit lang kamay ko saka pasok sa budget.

Dumaan ako sa fitbit ionic saka surge.
Tapos yung oinaka una ko yung soleus.

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I’m using Fitbit Charge 2. It’s been with me since March 2017 and still works perfect. I wear it almost everyday except when I know I’ll be soaking wet, as it’s not waterproof.

Drawback lang, all my watches are left unused at lahat sila deds na battery. Gusto ko na silang ipamigay.

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Ang saya naman ng may “wellness allowance”. Musta pala battery life?

Oh, sporty. Heh. Ano nangyari sa mga luma mong trackers? Died of natural causes?

Oh, never mo kinailangan ipareplace?

I have one - I bought it to encourage myself to be more active and healthier. I bought Christmas 2018 - laki ng bonus namin nun :pleased: and I also hit my target weight after 2 months pa lang - sulit ang investment.

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Oo, hindi pa sya nasira. Yung bracelet lang nya while under warranty tapos pinalitan din agad ni fitbit. :slight_smile:

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@itachi 48hrs more or less need na charge. Ok din sya pag traveling pala, once may wifi sa airport auto update na time :smile:

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Wait, you didn’t tell us which one you got :laughing:

Buti naman. Yung sakin nireplace din nila the first few times. Pero nung nasira ulit, they wanted me to ship the broken Fitbit to the Netherlands. Mga 3k din yun :scream: Was able to find a replacement band sa Lazada so na-DIY naman :hammer_and_wrench:

Oh, puwede na rin. Parang yung mga first generation smartwatches kasi ay halos isang araw lang :laughing: Did it reduce your phone screen time? I’ve heard na some people swear na they spent less time on their phones once may smartwatch na sila. Heh.

Tried fuel band 4(years) Fitbit (2) now the fitness apps on Apple Watch…
The apps were great kaya lang maalagain yung mga device… mala tamagotchi… laging gutom sa kuryente… :exploding_head:


Diba medyo okay naman battery life ng Fitbits? Pero oo nga. Yung mga gadgets ngayon, parang pets na talaga. Kelangan icharge all the time. Tapos kung naka-on ang bluetooth mo lagi, damay din yung smartphone mo :laughing:

Yeah, yung Charge 2 after 4-5 days bago ko sya icharge. :slight_smile:

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Ammm. No :smash: if anything nakaka agit minsan when I’m driving tapos may flashing na message :rotfl:

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I got myself a Fitbit versa two years ago as a gift to myself. Happy pa naman ako so far although diko namamaximize yung features nya

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Did you customize your watch face at least? :joy:

May Spotify integration yan diba? :open_mouth:

You do you. As long as you’re happy. :blush:

My Mi band just reminds me every day that I’m not getting enough sleep. :sob:

^^hahahaha yes. Then went back to the simplest face haha

Diko alam features na iba, because…Lola na walang pasensya hahaha

Yung soleus binigay ko sa kaibigan ko. Yun yung time na bumili na ako ng fitbit. Now, yung surge nawala ko. Tapos yung ionic bigla nalang nag loloko yung screen. So far happy naman ako sa forerunner. :slight_smile:

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I have a 2 year old garmin vivosmart hr+. Resilient little bugger.

Also perfect for someone like me who has a modest watch collection. No problems wearing both.


Oh sorry di ko nga nabanggit, :embarasslaff: I have the 4th gen Apple Watch pala - have to charge it every night nga lang.

For someone who plays video games, extra motivation yung mga daily / weekly / monthly tasks. May awards and achievements to unlock.

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Garmin Vivosmart HR+ since 2016. accurate yung heart rate kasi nung nag-treadmill test ako sa hospital, match sila. accurate din yung stride tracking pwede mo i-customize. battery life, tumatagal sya ng 1 week pag di mo masyado gamit bluetooth.

kaso, binili ko sya para sa GPS, yun pa yung unang nasira. Garmin customer service is one of the worst

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