Common phrases used at your workplace

Let’s have fun with this. Share some of the most overused slangs, comments, words, phrases you and your co-workers say at your job.

Yeah, negative.
Another day in paradise.
Is it a full moon today/tonight?
Yay for mandatory fun.

Pag nasa video conference:

Can you hear me?
Sorry I was on mute.

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When we are in a meeting that’s already running behind and when the speaker/team lead tries to close with “Any other comments or questions?” someone from the back starts “Yeah just to piggyback and what so and so say…” I swear I’m going to give you a death stare. You had your chance Joe Schmoe, sit your a** down and take it offline.

Pardon my aggressive rant, my shift just ended and I’m ready for my weekend and wine :lol:

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Yung “How’s it going?”, laging greeting sa dati kong office. Nung una kala ko kelangan ko ikwento buhay ko, yun pala parang hello lang siya talaga :hihi:

Ngayon for some reason lagi ko naririnig yung “dribble mo muna”.

One term I dislike though is “‘new normal” :pukeface:


I like calling ‘corporate speak’ garbage language because of this :rotflmao: :

Eto yung garbage language that make me feel like cutting off my ears (or cutting off their tongues :tongue:) :

Moving forward
Let’s park it for now
Customer experience
Positive language
Change champion - What even?!
Happy Monday, team! - :hush: Hush, child. Just say ‘hello’.


Ah, ayaw ko rin yung nag-a-address ng “team”. Usually ang kneejerk thought ko diyan ay “no, we’re not” :lol:


Spitballing (first of all, yuck)
Quick question (na fvckin nobela pala sa haba)
Quick meeting (4 hours)
Going into the weeds (yep)
(Common among younger ones) Yeah, I’m down.

At marami pang what I call “americanisms” and I usually call them out kasi andaming di nakaka relate, I.e. francophones


“Proceduralize” - is this even a word?

Not really limited sa workplace ko pero it’s where I first heard it: “could of” and “should of” - and to think it’s coming from people who have English as their first language

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^naririnig ko din yan dito sa American colleagues. Saka “want” instead of “won’t”. Sounds like na lang ang labanan haha

OnT: Let’s play it by ear. :roll_eyes:

Hehe yung mga jargons sa field natin Ate @quarantined

A few, off the top of my head:

  • will revert to you by OOB/COB
  • total ask (financial requirement)
  • new way of working
  • tour de table
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“business development”

You might scratch your head and think, okay. That’s normal. But think: everyone speaks and writes emails in Aleman. Except for instances where a non-German speaking client is around, German is the official language of the firm’s offices in Alemania. Tapos biglang: AlemanAlemanAleman-business development-AlemanAlemanAleman-call-AlemanAlemanAleman. DeNglish ika nga.

E may equivalent German words naman for these pero ewan ko ba, itong English translations na ito ang ginagamit lagi. They make things sound more important?


Mga 10yrs ago sa work ko they kept using “synergy”. Para akong sinisipa sa ipin pag naririnig ko.

Now naman TLDR.

I use “Let’s play it by ear” a lot - :lol:

Code Brown
Frequent Flyers
Happy Juice
Low hanging fruit

:tama: Dagdag ko pa ang:

Emergency-development nexus :twak:

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Not really common… peculiar ang “pre-pone” vs postpone

At first I didn’t believe people use the term until I received an email about pre-poning a meeting

+1 sa COB tapos nagkakalituhan pa sa COB vs EOD :laugh:

Dagdag ko lang ang Ok, can!

MGH - May go home
Sometimes for the patient but most of the time what you wish for you.

Usually Code White for unstable vital sign (breathing, blood pressure)
Code Blue for those who are unresponsive, needs intubation (putting a tube inside mouth attached to a mechanical breathing chamber) or cardiac arrest needing CPR

You tell the other person what happened, from the start. Can mean a few minutes, can be for hours

Yang “yes, can”, hindi ba yan common sa Singapore?

On-topic: learning agility, high visibility, ayoko rin naririnig. Saka low-hanging fruit at win-win.


Haha natawa ako dyan sa “just to piggyback on what so and so said” kasi lagi ko naririnig yan sa mga meetings.

One of my supervising attorneys dati during conf calls would always say “no need to apologize” pag may nag aapologize, it got to where I would be able to predict when she would say it (she was very very nice)

When I was in the call center circuit sa Pinas eto ang hottest phrases in email threads/presentations: “at the end of the day”, “deliverables”, “quota na ako”, KISS, “success rate” to name a few.

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“QQ” ( quick question na hindi naman quick.)
“Just to add” ( sa epal mong officemate na daig pa kay jollibee mag bida bida)