Children’s Books

So growing up, I mostly read encyclopedias and a bit of fairy tales and bible stories. My parents, now that I think of it, focused on academics.

Now that I have a child of my own I have started discovering a whole new world of books for children, and I love to read with my son. Sometimes I even read them before I read with him. I found a new appreciation for them. One of our favourite authors is Robert Munsch, he’s very prolific and has tons of books (Paper Bag Princess, I Love You Forever). The language is easy for kids to understand and the humor is something kids can easily relate to.

There’s also Eric Carle (Brown Bear, Hungry Caterpillar) and Ruth Spiro (Baby Loves Science series).

Any other recommendations?


si Pat the Bunny! Paborito yan ni daughter :slight_smile:

Paborito ko noon yung A Wrinkle in Time.:blush:

Dr. Seuss!!

I find The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein as my go to. It’s simply illustrated for my preschoolers to follow, yet complex and poetic to read it over and over again as they grow older.

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Yung anak namin bonding sila sa books ni Mo Willems.

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The Missing Piece rin :blush:

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A Day in the Life of Marlom Bundo by Jill Twiss and Marlon Bundo :smiley: — an LGBT-inclusive book. My toddler likes the illustrations.

No Matter What by Debi Gliori (story of a parent and a child—gender neutral :slightly_smiling_face: )

A Treasury of Goodnight Stories by Marshall Cavendish (huge book! I read this when I was a kid and I managed to track down a copy for my little one at a second hand book store in the UK)

Der kleine Hävelmann/ Little Havelman my Theodor Strom (and other German books)

Grabe tong The Giving Tree ni Shel Silverstein. Daming hugot if you read it as an adult.


Tama :tama:
GOAT of all hugots

I literally cannot wait to get to this part! I already have a list of books I want to read to him (not least of all is The Little Prince and Harry Potter series) but it will be a while yet. Now sobrang dami na niyang natanggap na books as gifts so we are probably set for the next 3 years. But being only 12 months old his attention span is pretty short :hahaha: his favorite books for now are the touch and feel sort and baby’s first words.

I just can’t wait to relive the magic of my beloved books with my bebe :heart_eyes:

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Ay! Same age anak natin. :slight_smile: we read to her a lot.— since she was in my tummy. :grin:

OT: I got her a Dr Seuss collection. Pero now hindi ko na binabasa sa kanya kasi I prefer that she hears “real” words muna and not made-up ones.
Also for babies and toddlers: Counting with the Little Prince and Making Faces (has pictures of babies in them!).

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I’m intrigued - hiramin ko ‘to pag nagbukas na ulit yung library

Sama ko na rin ito - mukhang prolific din pala siya magsulat? Any titles that I should try out first Kuya @karl?

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I Broke My Trunk (Elephant and Piggie)


Stellaluna by Janell Canon :heartpump: :heartpump: :heartpump:

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Adarna Books, to give them a taste of stories we grew up on. I gifted my “Kiwinoy” inaanak some of these when they came home for a holiday.


Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney will always be my favorite… :wiggle: :winking:

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Aside from Eric Carle, my kids love Sandra Boynton’s books. We were able to collect almost all of her books from Booksale and Books for Less. :biggrin:

My 10-year-old started with those, then progressed to Amelia’s Notebooks (by Marissa Moss). The book series are written “diary-style” with lots of quirky, fun, and cute illustrations. Waaaay better than Dork Diaries, although she read those, too.

Currently his bedtime book. Regalo ng isang dating colleague nung buntis palang ako. Inspired the Teddy Bear Hunts here and around the world during this time of social distancing (yung paglagay ng stuffed toys sa bintana para pag nag-walking ang mga kids meron silang makikitang nakakatuwa)



Staple regalo ko dati sa mga bata ay yung Tito Dok books.

My daughter loves the dork diaries and wimpy kid. And manga. She has a monthly allowance for whatever she wants sa fully booked.