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Which smartphone OS do you prefer and why?

iOS has some rather great apps but the lack of customization options is a deal breaker for me. At least for now.

I’d like to believe that Android is much more complicated and ‘better written’ than iOS. But I am not buying a phone to have the most complicated or most brilliant set of rules/instructions/program whatsoever. I vote for iOS because it just works. It works for what I intend to use it for – texting, calling, taking a picture. While it’s true that iOS lack the crazy customization, tweaks, and some functionalities available in Android but, at the end of the day, I don’t get frustrated that the phone works super slow because of the OS.

To date, my 2014 iPhone 6 (which is updated to the latest iOS 12 version) still works better and faster than any Android phone made on the same year that I held my hands with, updated to the latest firmware or not.

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I think I also have a bias for Android because of its customization. But recently, my wife has shift to iOS and I really appreciate how it handles video editing. iOS apps are really more optimized. iOS is also idiot friendly. Not much learning curve required.

Pero kung cost-benefit ang paguusapan. Android talaga.

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ios only because nauna kong nasubukan tapos nakasanayan na.

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pang mayaman daw IOS :charing: so for the image, IOS ako :lol:

joke lang. i’m a creature of habit, and since i found one that works and reliably addresses my needs, stick to IOS ako. pag tumatanda ka na wala ka na patience mag kutingting :rotfl:

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Went for the whole iOS ecosystem… had enough of too many configurations across different platforms

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Android. I HATE the Apple ecosystem.

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I guess may smooth nga experience sa iOS but Android flagships are actually great (albeit a bit pricey but then so are iPhones).

I really like that they provide updates even to old phones though. Sa Android, only the flagships get regular updates and even then, mga two to three years lang. :frowning:

@arwen @Kuo_Chun @ashterr So inertia? :laugh: Can’t really blame you though, ang ganda nga ng Apple phones. Ang mahal nga lang nila and I was poor grad student when I started buying smartphones so I got Androids :laughing: Hanggang ngayon, hirap parin akong ijustify sa sarili ko na bumili ng iPhone. Though I might get the new SE once it becomes available here.

Yung built-in apps ba ito?

What do you hate about their ecosystem?

It’s probably really different depende sa personality. I usually don’t like super-packed gadgets - like I’d just have a good camera separate from a phone, and a different player (iPod) and reader (iPad). Mas OK lang for me na hiwalay. So mas madali na everything running on iOS.

If you factor in useful life, I think you’d find iPhones reasonably priced. Sa akin minimum 3 years ko nagagamit.

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Oo nga eh. Software updates pa :thinking: Medyo masakit lang yung upfront cost :laugh: (I’m also allergic to phone plans so I never considered that option) Pero andaming apps din ang iOS lang nagrerelease, or they release it there first. And the average quality of iOS apps seem to higher and they’re more polished :open_mouth:

It’s expensive, for one. iTunes is bloatware - I always have a hard time with it (I only have it because I have an old hand-me-down iPad I use as a e-comic book reader. It’s a very exclusive ecosystem, which, while I understand is marketing (pretty effective for most people at that) but it’s extremely prohibitive for me. I like being able to customize things. iPhones don’t even come with expandable memory - my only requirement for me to consider them.

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Definitely. Haha My first phone brand was Nokia, then switched to Blackberry when Nokia stopped making phones, then switched to Apple when Blackberry stopped making phones. I’ll probably switch from Apple if they ever stop making phones.

I’m not into customizing my gadgets either, so I don’t mind that iphones don’t let you do much. I do think samsung phones have better cameras than iphones though, which is a plus because I like taking photos when I travel and I’ve since given up lugging bulky DSLRs. But if that’s my criterion for switching phones then imo Hwawei phones may be better… but I’d never get Hwawei. Haha

My sister switched from android phones to iphones when she got a mac, because it’s easier to run everything on iOS, as @arwen mentioned.

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Ah, oo nga eh. Mas madali mag-iPhone kung nasa Apple ecosystem ka na din. Nakakasakal lang yung thought. :laugh: They do make nice machines though. At mukhang naayos na nila yung keyboard issues sa bagong MacBooks :smiley:

Privacy wise, maganda din policy ng Apple. I guess inertia lang din pumipigil sakin from switching TO iOS :laughing:

@iamstorm Ugh. iTunes. Though I’m not sure kung required parin siya ngayon. Maybe the iOS peeps here can answer that.

I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon :laugh:

My daughter does not understand why I still buy from iTunes kahit mas mura mag subscribe sa Spotify. Dinosaur kasi ako :lol:

for those who have used Xiaomi Mi, RealMe and Huawei, care to note what you like about these brands? Looking to buy a temporary phone below PhP10K because I can’t have my iPhone fixed, and been thinking about RealMe 5 pero out of stock sa Lazada :frowning:

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What’s to hate?
Other than price?

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It’s not just price, it’s more value for money. And like I said, it’s prohibitive. I like being able to customize stuff. I like being able to change my icons and my fonts. I like having expandable memory. I like that I can install APKs. I like not having to go through iTunes just to transfer files.

I’m not stupid. I see the pros of going iOS / Apple - just the availability of accessories, nakakainggit na. It’s just that what Apple’s offering right now isn’t enough incentive for me to switch. I enjoy my Android, even if it’s an ancient Huawei Mate 9.

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I think there’s a sensible and cost effective way to go iOS.
And there’s too much hype always on the latest models which i also avoid. And true that it’s not as customizable as Android, but there is enough in it nowadays unless you’re seeking transformer level customization.

iTunes is dead to me :stuck_out_tongue: haven’t needed it in 6 years except for when I transferred settings and data from an old phone to a newer model. Cloud drives like google & iCloud, make up for storage blues. Even on board storage at 512 or even 256 G. Is more than enough for a phone, beyond is kinda excessive (like in the newer models).

The plus for me is that I can seamlessly transition from phone to tablet to laptop or Apple TV with out much hassle like compatibility issues.

There’s a bit of a learning curve but not as steep as androids which when I tried to bring together applications and devices from different manufacture just really killed the fun by being too complicated.

I spend more time using my devices that trying to make them work together .

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@bungisngis can answer this better than me (I’m more of a Nokia/OnePlus/Moto guy) but it think it boils down to their price-performance ratio. Those brands offer good specs for very low prices. They do have to cut some corners to achieve this (using plastic instead of aluminum, older camera sensors, etc) but the overall package is usually great for the price.

Kung temporary phone lang, I say go ahead. You can’t go wrong with any of them :joy: Maganda naman budget offerings nila. I tend to avoid them as software and security updates are important for me and these phones don’t really get them. Some other options:

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I have to agree that iTunes sux. But nowadays, you really don’t have any use for it aside from being a music player. I mean, you can get your files easily across any device. I only have iTunes in my Windows laptop because I’m subscribed to Apple Music. Music na lang din talaga. For syncing? Backups? nah. di ko na kinoconnect sa laptop ko yung iPhones and iPad ko.

Haha. It feels good to own your music files nga. But idk. Nagapi na ng subscription yung notion ng owning your music files. I only pay P69 for Apple Music :slight_smile:

You can do this na even without going through iTunes. You just need to have your settings backed up sa iCloud. Or itatabi mo lang yung old gadget sa newer one pagbukas mo. haha.

For me, storage ang pinaka negative sakin sa Apple eco system. Sobrang damot sa storage. HAHAHA. Hanggang iCloud ang damot.

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