Zoom (video conference) activities/games

Since we are all on lockdown, let’s find ways to entertain ourselves.Maitawid lang!! What activities or games have you tried or want to try for e-numans or family vid cons?

Have tried:

  1. Charades
  2. Pictionary using zoom’s whiteboard

Want to try:

  1. Fibbage on steam
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We did charades and Jologs Quiz Bee on Zoom!


E-numan pa lang nagawa namin wahaha! :lol:

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Kami rin. :drinking:

How do you play games on zoom?

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We usually play games on some website and just use Zoom for the commentary aka trash talk. :joy:

@ashterr Found this guide on how to play online board games with your friends :smiley: Might be what you’re looking for.

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We did a bunch of Jacktv games (Drawful, Murder Trivia, You Don’t Know Jack) and pwede rin Tabletop Simulator (infinite types of table top games to choose from), streamed on Discord, para walang 40-minute limit. :grinning:

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@ashterr Eto pa pala


It’s free and has lots of board games. Just played love letter earlier today :smiley:



We talk about the stock market on Zoom :lol:

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uy thanks! will check these out for my next zoom e-numan haha

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avid fan din ako ng Zoom. a bit concerned lang sa security breaches na nabalita lately, but even those don’t discourage me from using it

wala kasing papantay sa features and pagiging user friendly ng Zoom. sorry na lang sila

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Naglaro kami ng Bring Me last week. Okay naman although kailangan ng extra bantay at kailangan nila magsalita para sila ang mauna.

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