Your Top 5 Revenge Movies

  1. Django
  2. Memento
  3. The Revenant
  4. True Grit
  5. Oldboy

P.S. I hear John Wick is about revenge, but haven’t seen any of the movies.

i don’t have a specific ranking but these are the ones i liked so far:

park chan wook’s the vengeance trilogy -sympathy for mr vengeance, old boy and lady vengeance
count of monte cristo
the godfather 2
the man from nowhere
gone girl
kill bill
+1 sa django unchained

and yes to john wick franchise. they might release the 4th one around spring next year. excited nako.

High Plains Drifter


Count of Monte Cristo
The Godfather - not necessarily the point of the movie/s but when it happens, it’s epic!

  1. The Godfather
  2. Gone Girl
  3. Django Unchained
  4. Kill Bill
  5. V for Vendetta