Your Post-Covid Reality Wishlist

Some are calling this time of self-quarantine The Great Pause. I’m realizing that so much of what we thought was essential to life really isn’t. And that what’s truly important are the most basic things such as clean water, clean air, healthy soil to grow nutrient-dense food, basic necessities, access to healthcare, access to information, and connection to community.

I don’t want things to return to the old normal when this is all done. I want a new normal. A better normal that’s sustainable for everyone: humans, as well as the diverse and yet intricately interdependent ecosystems we all live in.

So many are focused on what we’ve lost during this Great Pause, and yet a part of me is grateful for what it is also showing us. A lot of human activity is unsustainable for the planet and our ultimate survival as a species. And yet, with the little time that we’ve stopped, we’re seeing a rejuvenation of the environment that is very encouraging.

I don’t want to lose any of the gains that this lockdown has given us. I want to keep seeing the mountains in the distance because the air is clean. I want to see us humans living as part of the natural world instead of apart from it and not being constantly aware of the balance we must maintain with our environment.

So here’s my preliminary wishlist for the reality that will be once we come out of quarantine:

  1. Employers giving incentives to work from home in order to not only reduce operational costs but also alleviate traffic.

  2. Zero carbon emission engines and machines. I don’t think it’s possible for us humans to stop using engines and machines, but we can definitely figure out a way to keep our air clean.

  3. Urban permaculture food forests and household food gardens, including container gardens, rooftop fruit and vegetable gardens, medicinal herb gardens all over the place!!! No one has to go hungry.

  4. Community-led composting and planting workshops to teach everyone how to turn their kitchen scraps and green waste into rich, food-producing soil. And then how to start and maintain food gardens. Self-sufficiency and food security are beautiful things.

  5. Easier transition to solar energy. Lessen our dependence on fossil fuel. We have an abundance of sun. Let’s find more and more ways to harness it!

  6. Switch to plant-derived and biodegradable plastics. Everything should be able to go back to the earth.

  7. A reassessment of our educational goals as a global society. What sort of information do we need to learn in order to live sustainably on this planet? What core areas of competency do we need in order to support the inherent interdependency of our natural world?

Now is the time to reimagine the world we live in. I’m already a mother, and I want to leave a beautiful world to my kids. I want to teach them how to be good Earthlings that know how to find equilibrium with their ecosystem. I want them to be able to see the web of life and realize that they can never be apart from it.

I want to hear from you what your wishes are for the better world we’ll be fashioning together. It’s time to dream big and create a beautiful new reality.


Nice wishlist :aprub:

Simple muna sa akin - a world where nobody worries where to get food for their family

Nakakalungkot makita yung mga taong nakapila sa palawan express at yung mga jeepney drivers na humihingi ng tulong


Wish ko sana matupad ang wish mo… :wave:

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My wish is that we learn to value life, the people that matter like family and friends, more quality time and lots of self care.
I wish that the Federal Government learns from this pandemic so that if it happens again, we are truly prepared to handle it. Stocking on PPE’s is a MUST.
Providing FREE therapies for those traumatized like health care workers and those who lost family members to the COVID.


Healthcare reforms / healthcare for all

Better pay for health workers

Better transportation system


Major healthcare reform, push for universal healthcare
Better living wages
Restructuring pay for workers, especially the essential workers NOW
Better public transport system worldwide
Restructuring global supply chains - countries should be able to provide itself with most of its basic needs and not be too import-dependent
Reworking of diplomatic relationships for all countries

Major lifestyle changes - we can’t be all business as usual, WFH, home school, social dsitancing, etc may be the new normal

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Sana may trabaho pa ako :shrug:

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IF you’re working for a company that’s not operating now because it’s in a non-essential industry better start looking for long term prospects here:


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Share ko lang itong napanood kong video. Sana nga we learn from all that has happened and come out better.