Your favourite podcasts

Nag start ako makinig sa podcasts dahil sa hubby ko, who was into basketball-related ones - Bill Simmons (BS Report), Zach Lowe, The Starters.

Then Serial exploded and na-enjoy ko sya, parang may nagk-kwento lang sa akin.

I usually listen to an episode while getting ready for work in the morning. Ito na yung pumalit sa radio for me.

Current faves:
The Rewatchables
Book of Basketball 2.0
Passenger List
Fake Heiress (dito nag start yung true crime genre interest ko)
Slow Burn
Hit Parade - music history and trivia
WeCrashed - the WeWork scandal
Con Artists

Kayo, ano fave podcasts nyo?

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RX 93 dati. Para makarinig ng nag t tagalog.

Dax Shepard. Kasi brutal nya.

Tapos Ted Talks na maiikli lang.

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Simplify - short discussions about self-help books with the authors
Hilakbot - horror hehe
It’s an adult thing - about adulting

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ang nakatulong sa commute ko dati from qc to makati ay yung podcast ni conan o’brien hehe

My podcast player right now :joy:


Here are my favorites though.


Python and data science

Economics and business


Video Games

Mostly listen to them on the way to work then. Made the whole daily commute bearable. When I moved back to be closer to work, nabawasan time makinig since ang ikli na lang ng commute. :joy:

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Di talaga ako mahilig makinig ng podcasts, audiobooks lang.

Pero natuwa ako sa #TitaTibx the Podcast :heart:

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@itachi the Python and data science ones look (sound?) very interesting! I’ll give them a try. Parang must-know na talaga ang data science in these days whatever line of work you are in.

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If you like Apple tech news discussions, my favorite is Accidental Tech Podcast ( The hosts are Marco Arment (the original dev of Instapaper and Tumblr), Casey Liss (iOS dev), and John Siracusa (one of the veterans of the Mac community).

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Enjoy! The Learning Machine Learning episode of Partially Derivative is particularly good :smiley:

Discontinued na siya actually. The hosts moved on but it’s a really fun podcast. They start by discussing what they’ve been drinking and then drink that throughout the episode as they discuss data science news and principles. :wine_glass:

Oo nga eh. Wouldn’t hurt to learn a little bit of Python as well as a lot of data science and machine learning libraries are in Python. Mas madali din basahin code niya unlike say R. Though R is great as well and you couldn’t go wrong with picking either. Personal preference ko lang ang Python. :slight_smile:

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Titatibx the Podcast

mostly motivational and productivity podcasts saka ted radio during the morning drive to work. pang-set lang ng daily reminder to do the grind.

pag pauwi at sabaw sabaw na, cycling coffee break french, super soul conversations, at the eve’s drop.

nag-eexplore pa ako ng ibang topics esp for purposes of future-proofing myself

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Right now 3 lang yung naka-subscribe ako.

Invest Like The Best Podcast -> cheesy ng name pero na mana lang nya sa tatay nyang VC yung pangalan. Venture capital focused pero yung mga guests nya forward thinking VCs, Alex Danco, Josh Wolfe, Savneet Singh, etc. Ok yung interview nya kay Boyd Varty (South African tracker and guide). P.S. Boyd Varty is spending 40 days and nights alone in the African safari this quarantine and podcasting about it at Track Your Life podcast.

For future listening ko. Boyd Varty Podcast: (konti pa lang napapakinggan ko)

North Star Podcast -> Young guy interviewing the same twitter personalities as the podcast above.

My First Million Podcast

New podcast, most episodes are 2 guys brainstorming ideas.

Used to subscribe podcasts but just download new episodes that interests me.

Tropical MBA Podcast - Digital Nomad Lifestyle Podcast, met these guys in Manila and was part of their online community before. Even attended their conference in Bangkok.

Exponent - parang paulit-ulit na lang ang topic re: Aggregation Theory

James Altucher, Tim Ferriss, Venture Stories, Modern Wisdom andameng kong podcast kaya siguro nagcra-crash Overcast sa akin haha.

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Science VS sa spotify.

No Sleep- pangtulog talaga siya, pero good way to wind down after a long day.
Philosophize This!- Philo lectures! Topical and chronological siya, so if you want to learn from Pre-Socratic down to Postmodernism and Pluralism pwede mong gawin in any order you want
Catch and Kill - accompanying podcast ng Catch and Kill na libro ni Ronan Farrow about Harvey Weinstein. Better if nabasa mo na yung book but in my opinion gives a good overview of the book din itself plus the audio inserts na hindi mo naman makukuha sa libro.


These days listening to The Happiness Lab.


Anyone here tried listening to MKBHD’s podcast? Is it worth listening to?

Tungkol saan?

I think he’s referring to this

Haven’t listened to any episodes but he seems to be pretty famous.

Any scary podcasts you reco?

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Been listening to more podcasts and audiobooks recently. Nagbawas na ako mag FB dahil na stress ako magbasa ng comments. Nagbabasa na lang ako ng news sites.

Spotify podcasts:

  • The Morning Rush
  • Ted Talks Daily

Tapos for audiobooks I get it from Overdrive app tied to my public library account. Theraupeutic makinig ng audiobook because I’m forced to listen and wait for the reader, and not rush cramming a lot of info in my head.