Which vaccine did you get?

I’m assuming walang anti-vaxxer dito :laugh: I got the best one :laughing:

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Wife and I got Pfizer, my parents got AZ, my mother in law got J&J, our helper got Sinovac

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Got Sinopharm. Probably need a booster now.

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After more then 6 months on Sinopharm, i got AZ.

Still holding out for a Moderna booster :crossed_fingers:

Here in Bulacan they now let you choose which one you want (Sinovac, Pfizer, Astrazeneca or Moderna). Lots of vaccines available and they allow walk-ins too (as long as you’re a resident).

Got Pfizer again as booster though. So yeah my arm is sore again.

Sinovac - Sinovac - Pfizer.

Booster nakuha nung week before Christmas, surprisingly walk-in lang sa Marikina nun, I was done in about 15 minutes yata.

Pfizer then Moderna booster

Best pairing infernes

Pfizer: No side effects except sore arm
Moderna: After 12 hours, temp increase to mild fever, headache

Glad I had it week of Xmas, since cases started to rise a week after



Buti na lang may slots pa for walk-in.