Where do you buy Switch accessories and games during this pandemic?

I just scored a Switch V2 yesterday. Napasabuy na ako sa Facebook. Buti na lang hindi ako nascam :scream_cat: Paid SRP plus Lalamove delivery rates. Tinip ko na lang din si Kuya. Going forward baka sa kanya na ako magpabili. Wala na kasing stocks ang Switch sa online store ng Datablitz. Yung ibang stores naman, sobrang taas ng markup :cry:

Where do you get your Switch accessories and games?

Yung games can be downloaded di ba? I’m not a big switch player pero pag may empty sd card ka you can buy the games online. Di ko alam where to download the games from the unofficial sources. Baka somebody can share here kasi gusto ko ng animal crossing pero ang mahal. :joy:

Accessories sa lazada or shopee.

Anybody here have a solution for controller drift?

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Against the forum rules ata yan :laugh: Also, you’ll need to have one of the older Switches to take advantage of that. Newer models are already patched so you can’t play games from unofficial sources.

eShop lang din ako most of the time. Yung accessories lang talaga. Kelangan parin ipadeliver :laughing: May marerecommend ka bang Lazada or Shopee seller?

Super takot ko yan. Lalo na’t Lite ako, I’ll have to send the whole unit to Nintendo for repair kapag nagkataon.

If you have the console, just buy a new Joycon, then ipagawa mo yan. Drift seems to be the no. 1 issue of many Switch users, so kapag nagawa yang sira, at least meron kang extra kapag nagka-issue ulit.

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Mercifully, never had to deal with it. Hopefully never. Here’s a guide on how to fix it yourself

I’ve seen repair kits on Lazada and Shopee as well.

The SM Store delivers. :wink:

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We’ve had the drift for a few months now. It’s super frustrating, pero the kids seem ok with it. Ako yung hindi kasi when I try to play let’s go pikachu i can’t control my pokemon!!!
I think my husband’s tried a few things pero we’ll have to buy new joycons siguro.

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You’ll need 2 things: alcohol and Q-tips. thrice na nag-ganyan yung left joycon ko and it worked like a charm every time. para syang old mouse — yung may bola sa ilalim na di na gumagana pag naipon ang maraming lint.

OnT: di pa ako bumibili ng new games since DIII release. pero if i have to, download na lang from Nintendo Shop para less clutter.

Accessories: di pa rin ako bumibili ng accessories, pero malamang sa amazon ako bibili.

(malamang din na my answers won’t help @itachi)


No worries. Will definitely be useful for others. Also, I probably shouldn’t be buying more Switch accessories. Quota na for the month :biglaugh: