When/Where It All Began - Start of your Love Story with SO

1990s. We were classmates since Prep school. On our Grade 6 graduation, he gave me a love letter written with pencil. I kept that letter until we reconnected twenty plus years later. We went to the same HS but different sections. After grad, He migrated to USA. I stayed and lived my life. 2009 - we met again and then our love story continued. Pinaghiwalay, pinagtagpo, noon. Magkasama, mag-asawa na ngayon… may Forever! Ahahay!


I was in a medical mission with a former classmate in med school. I was single that time, and she asked me if I’m interested in meeting one of her co-workers (a physical therapist like her). She gave me his name, but didn’t think much about it. About a week later, this guy added me on Facebook. I normally don’t add strangers on social media but the name registered, so I became “friends” with him. He didn’t even message me. I found out he’s also a fitness trainer, and coincidentally one of my friends is looking for a yoga instructor, so I messaged him. He replied, and we started chatting. One day, he asked me on a date. Funny thing is, I told my friend (our matchmaker) that I didn’t feel any “spark”. :lol: But compared to my past relationships, I felt that this one is different. It just came “easy” like, it flowed naturally. There were no obstacles. It was just the right time for both of us, we were both ready. He pursued me, and did not have any problems in showing his love and sincerity. He introduced me to his brother on our second date (after we went to church). We continued going out, and eventually I fell in love with him too.

We became bf-gf after a month. He brought me to his hometown to meet his family. We got married (civil) on our one year anniversary. We had our church wedding the year after, and now happily married for 8 years with two kids. :heart:


Love,love,love! Sabi nga ni Tetay

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Was getting over with two things:

  1. Death of an ex
  2. Leaving an abusive relationship

I was just traveling a lot (work and personal), enjoying my single life again, and trolling through dating apps out of curiosity…then I met him. Wasn’t expecting this to be ending in marriage but here we are.


Yes! It happens when we least expect it to happen.

I got into a car accident and broke my arm. Office brought me to the hospital where he worked for my operation. He became my attending physio. Then I had to go home to recuperate, we didn’t see each other for almost 5 months and he called me everyday. Another 5 months later, we got married. And the rest is history. :bowing_woman:


Pinag-blind date kami ng mutual friend. We got married I think 3 years after we met. Thanks @mimi and @karl for our wedding pics :heart_eyes:


Kung may success story ang dating apps, kasama na ako sa percentage na yun. We met via Tinder and we started going out as friends. I was in a bad place at that time and she made me realize my self-worth and my values. Ang ganda ng effect namin sa isa’t isa. Bonus na rin na taga UP rin and same kami ng wavelength.

I went to Sydney for work and when I was there we missed each other and we realized we both wanted something more. When I came home… the rest is history. We’re turning 3 years this 2020. :heart_eyes:


ganito yung gusto kong love story hehe <3