What's your favored genre?

At the moment, jazz (jazz piano in particular) and NUJazz.

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Rock - punk, prog, indie, mostly alternative
Sometimes Classical when in the mood

Twee pop.

Light lang. Minsan cheerful, minsan sad.

Rock! ::metal: :metal: :metal:


Pero ngayon puro Pop yung dumadaan sa akin. Meron pang mga imbentong non-genre na nakikisabay

Alternative rock, pop rock, soul

Rock, metal, neo-soul, soul-jazz, rnb-jazz, acid jazz, hip-hop

Brutal Death Metal, Slam, Technical Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal \m/

Right now, might be CHILL.

Pop, rnb and hiphop.

Currently binging on 80’s New Wave hits. But I love acoustic, jazz and R&B.

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Thrash Metal
New Wave

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R & B
New Wave

alt rock

Hip Hop by default
Instrumental Jazz kapag nagaaral or nagwowork