What webcomics do you follow?

I mainly follow Questionable Content now. (It’s SFW :wink: )

I also used to follow (or read these sporadically)

Some NSFW webcomics :laugh:

Scandinavia and The World! I like Sister Japan, Sister Sweden, and bro & sister Finland the best. :smiley:


Oh… that’s one I haven’t seen in a while :smiley:


May illustrated guide to law pala na webcomic :shock:

I’ve been reading oglaf for some time now, too.

Shifted to webtoons published with the Tapas app. I recommend the following:

  1. Red Cage (Korean series)
  2. Kid Being Kids ('Pinas series - I guess gawa ng taga-unibersidad 'to?)
  3. Dead Flowers (Korean series)
  4. Looking for Clotho (Chinese series)

For kaligayahan lang:

  1. Deep Dark Fears
  2. FANGS
  3. SMBC
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Sa Webtoon app, ito mga binabasa ko.

  1. Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe
    Modern take ng Greek Mythology, centering on Hades and Persephone. Ending na 1st season niya and the author will be on hiatus until August. Super love this series, it will be made into a series by Jim Henson group.

  2. Tower of God by SIU
    Recently made into an anime series.

  3. Not Even Bones by R. Schaeffer/Alai Cinereo
    Based on a book of the same title.

  4. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh/ SilvesterVitale
    Based also on another book, a retelling of the One Thousand and One Nights.

  5. Punderworld by sigeel
    Another take on Hades and Persephone, di halata favorite ko no?

  6. Eleceed by Jeho Son/ZHENA
    Story of a kid who got into the world of the Awakened when he helped out a powerful Awakened who was turned into a fat orange tabby cat.

Marami pa, pero eto yung talagang sinusundan ko religiously.

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I’ve been following the anime :smiley: Do you subscribe to a particular webtoon service?

Webtoon ads have been following me around recently but the ones I’ve clicked turn out to be NSFW adult webtoons :joy:

Maganda ba yung anime? I downloaded yung Webtoon app so dun na ako nagbabasa sa Android phone ko, mahirap na masita pag nagtratrabaho. :embarasslaff: In fair naman, magaganda nakukuha kong suggestions basing on the genre na usually type ko. :aprub:

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Yup. It’s great :smiley:

Oh, Naver pala owner ng Webtoon :open_mouth:

Hopefully, Tower of God will make lots of money and result on more webtoon based anime :grin: