What video games are you looking forward to this year? (2020 edition)

For video games that will come out this year. Platform doesn’t matter (PC, console, mobile, etc)

Mine are Tunic and Silksong :smiley:

Tunic looks like a Zelda clone but with a fox for a main character :fox_face: It’ll come out on the Xbox and PC.

Silksong is the sequel to Hollow Knight. It’s a metroidvania about bugs and a forgotten ancient kingdom :smiley: It’s coming out on PC and Switch (don’t know about the other consoles)

FFVII Remake! It’s already out, but I don’t have my copy yet due to ECQ.

Silksong as well.

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Oh, physical binili mo? Wala pa bang deliveries ang Data Blitz? :joy:

Meron na! Waiting for my copy (3-4 days daw)

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For Switch lahat:
Physical ng Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, and yung physical ng Kentucky Road Zero.
Also, Jump Force.

Dati, One Piece, pero kakalabas lang, so I’ll probably get it.

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Hindi naman sila delayed? Andami kasing games na delayed because of the COVID situation :frowning: Yung sa case naman ng Silksong, dagdag mo pa yung bushfire early in the year since based sila sa Australia :scream_cat:

Sa US naman ako based so it’s easier to get a hold of games. I’m not sure about KRZ, kasi limited edition physical sya and kahapon lang natapos pre-orders. Sabi nung mga physical collectors it’ll take several months pa before I get the game. Yung Hellblade, I think upcoming pa lang yung physical, so no actual release date yet AFAIK. One Piece meron sa Gamestop, if I order it less than a week delivered na.

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Damn. That’s nice. Nung nag-order ako ng collector’s edition version ng Hollow Knight, the shipping fees are a pain :joy: Ang tagal din dumating. Ang saya lang na you can avail of Fangamer’s free shipping. Kainggit. Haha.

Team physical ka pala :laughing:

I have a few e-games, pero I love the feel of physical, lalo na the Switch is pretty much my first console (and I’m close to 40, hahaha). Pero hindi naman ako naghahabol talaga ng physical, especially now since I have a couple still in my backlog. My only regret was missing the My Friend Pedro CE with the banana plushie. I only got the Best Buy store release with the stickers.

CEs and LRs always take a long time before you get it. I got Divinity 2 from LRG, I think a little bit more than 3 months bago ko sya nakuha. Yung shipping and customs fees, reklamo rin yan ng maraming non-US physical collectors, since most of limited run producers are in the US.

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Apir! :raised_hands: It’s my first console too :laugh: PC master race ako dati.

Mas lacking mga deals for physical games dito though :frowning: Kaya eShop lang ako mostly for now. I mostly track them sa Dekudeals. Daming sales sa Gamestop at Target. Ugh.

Oo nga eh. Shit pa ang customs dito. :smash: At ang tagal dumating unless you pay extra :cry:

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Yeah, yan din sabi nung cousin-in-law ko na andyan. Puro e-games din sya kasi madaming deals.

The best physical deal I got was yung Starfox with the toy. $5 only. Hindi ko pa nga nalalaro, kinuha ko lang for the toy (na hindi ko magagamit kasi Lite lang ako, hahaha).

Pero I just buy stuff I want, sale or no sale. Kaya talagang limited lang library ko - probably less than 20 games. Yung mga nasa physical collectors group, nasa 200-300 games na ang meron sila.

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Awww… Wala nga pala Amiibo support ang Lite. That portability though :wow: Would get a Lite kung matino lang sana cloud saves at syncing ng Nintendo.

Have less than twenty games din. Mahal din kasi ng games nila. I do hope lumabas yung mga games this year. Though to be honest, enough pa yung backlog ko to last me the year :joy:

I don’t really understand yung mga collectors lang. I mean, I can at least respect it if they actually played the games haha. I mostly buy for the merch din. To date, yung Hollow Knight CE pa lang nabibilli ko. At yung Steelbook case ng Link’s Awakening :gem:

I think meron Amiibo support ang Lite. I just can’t use yung toy ng Starfox mismo for playing kasi ikakabit mo doon yung joycons. But I think yung mga figs, you can still get the rewards and stuff.

I guess kanya-kanya lang trip yan. Some of them even go as far as collecting all console designs.

I have a steelbook din pala, for Smash Bros, but I got it 2nd hand sa eBay. I like the Lite kasi its easier to play portable, even inside the house. Mas comfortable din yung size. And marami sa family namin dito meron console, so when mag-group play, I just join in with them.

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