What is the forum policy on sharing copyrighted materials?

Are we goody good shoes or do we pay the iron price and sail the high seas? :pirate_flag: :laughing:

Can’t seem to find anything related to it sa Posting Guidelines. Closest I could find is this

REFRAIN FROM POSTING FULL TEXT OF ARTICLES. If you find an article that you’d like to share with others, just post a synopsis of the article then include a link to the article. Don’t forget to cite the source so as to minimize risk of copyright lawsuit.

And it’s mainly for articles. Does this mean posts with links to Sci-hub or LibGen are allowed?

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Policy since old Peyups is fair use.

Blurb then link to articles.

Embedding in posts is generally ok.

Uploading photos that you do not own the copyright or you do not have permission to repost is discouraged.

No posting of copyrighted material.

No piracy. No links to pirate sites. No posting on how to pirate copyrighted material.


Got it. Thanks for the clarification. Wasn’t there on the old peyups site :slight_smile:

Hanapin ko pa yung dating policy, nasa article submission form dati at yun di ko matandaan.

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Our Terms of Service from Peyups Version 4.0 courtesy of Wayback Machine :smiley: