We're back!

Hello! Welcome to Peyups.com, we hope you are all well and safe.

If you were a member of Peyups.com in the past, please join us in resurrecting the Peyups community spirit of mutual respect and healthy discussions. The posting guidelines of the old community still apply.

If you are new, please lurk around a bit and get to feel the vibe of the community. Smart discussions are encouraged, please conduct yourself as if you are talking to each other in person. You can do test posting at the Testing Area. New users are first awarded “Newbie” status and can be promoted to the next level by spending time in the forums. (See Membership Levels)

Please note, the Discourse forum we’re using has the following as default:

  1. User profile is public. You can disable or hide your profile details in your profile. Go to your profile pic at the top right corner, click your nick, go to Interface and check Hide my public profile and presence features. If you hide your profile details though, other users will not be able to send you personal messages.

  2. Personal messages are not private. It can be accessed by the Admins (Mimi, Karl and Markku) and future Moderators. Unfortunately, we cannot turn it off as it’s a feature of the forum.


Awesome! Also, glad you picked Discourse :grin:

Didn’t get to be active sa old peyups but looking forward to contributing to this one. May archive ba ng old posts from the old peyups platform?


This is happiness! Saya na Peyups is back! :heart_eyes:


Yay! It’s back! Namiss ko ang Peyups! At lalo ang emoji na to -> :unibersidad:


Happy that Peyups is back! :ok_hand:


The database is still intact but we haven’t figured out the best way to extract the data :smiley:


its good to be back !! :wave:


Oh, nice. At least it’s there. Standard forum software naman yung dati no (or at least not custom made)? Sana may importer to Discourse :crossed_fingers: Worst case, kelangan magsulat ng scripts to transform the schema to conform with Discourse.

At kung magsucceed diyan, the next problem is to link the old users to their accounts but I think that’s a good problem to have :laughing:

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