Usaping Legal Rights ng LGBT couples

Inspired by this news article - Late UP prof’s same-sex partner says hospital, funeral services staff refused to recognize him as family

Ano nga ba pwede natin gawin to protect our partners? Sa medical concerns, sa insurance, sa properties, etc.

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This story breaks my heart many times over.

May workshops ang UP College of Law, on protecting LGBTQ families, in the absence of marriage equality laws. I got to attend the first one in Nov last year, and the one held in February this year. Sobra siyang informative. We were guided on how to make important documents like living and holographic wills.

It’s also important to mainstream SOGIESC. I’m involved in community-based comprehensive sexuality education, and SOGIESC is a topic that we put a lot of work on. Hindi maaasahang magka-mass support ang policy advocacy kung walang conscientization on SOGIESC sa mga community.


Nabasa ko rin ang article na ‘yan. Heartbreaking. :sob:

Hay, ano nga ba p’wedeng gawin while hindi legal ang SSM dito sa Pilipinas? :cry:

And, I agree, ang laki ng maitutulong kung people are informed and educated about SOGIESC at na-mainstream na siya. I think that’s a good place to start. Educating people.

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Sa hospital, laging rule ay immediate family member - parents, children of legal age. Siblings, I have to check, to decide especially if unconcious yung patient.

Akala ko legal issue before, but baka hospital policy?! Kasi in private hospitals, they ask who will take care of the bill :sad:

We also have advance directives - do not intubate (put in a tube and connect to respirator to breathe), do not attempt cardiac resuscitation and usually the family members are the only people who can sign in behalf of the patient.

Paano nga ba for LGBTQI couples?

One small step is to be more assertive with the language that we use around the campaign. If we call it “same sex marriage”, parang “mabango” pang pakinggan ang “anti same-sex marriage”. When we say that we demand for marriage equality, it puts the antagonists in a less-than-flattering light because they are anti-marriage equality.


Oh, you’re right. Thanks for that. :wink:

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Sobrang nakakalungkot ‘to. Kaya sana talaga makamit din natin ang equality na nararapat para satin.:disappointed:

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I used to toy around with the idea of a domestic partnership agreement, as in - a contractual same sex partnership. Don’t know if it will hold in court, though. No reason why it shouldn’t.

Sana maulit yung sa UP Law. Or sana may available reference online.

Kanina kachat ko yung friends ko na couple sa Australia. Declared sila doon as defacto partners. Hindi pa sila kasal. But they enjoy the benefits. Sarap ng ganon. We can just wish for now.

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May nag-o-organize (from same group behind the UP Law seminars on protecting LGBT families) ng Zoom learning session, happening sometime this week. In line with what happened to Al and Anril, focus is on drafting SPA for medical decisions. By invitation daw, para walang asungot na bigots. Hehe. If we are in common advocacy circles, you probably know of it. If not, let me know if you or your friends wish to join. :slight_smile: