Travel: Japan!

Isa sa mga paboritong puntahan ng mga Pinoy! Share naman kayo diyan ng travel adventures niyo sa Japan! Saan pinaka-okay mag-shopping? Food trip? Tourist spots? Cheap accommodations? Anong season pinaka-okay pumunta? Kung may sample itinerary kayo, share niyo na rin! Doumo arigatou!

By the way, may balita na ba kung hanggang kelan yung temporary suspension of Visas? :sad:


Pinaka-ok magshopping sa Tokyo pero pinaka-ok magfood trip sa Osaka. All seasons are great, especially if you like food, since some food are more accessible during certain seasons. For example, we were there last winter and donki had chestnuts and baked sweet potatoes which they don’t have during other seasons. I wanted to go during the summer for all the cold desserts, but that’s not going to happen with the pandemic.

Try and get CREMIA (you can check google maps, it’s practically everywhere and available even during winter haha). It’s the best soft-serve ice cream ever!! I have it almost every day when I’m in Japan, and I don’t even like soft-serve ice cream.

If you love ramen, visit Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum in Yokohama. You can do a day trip from Tokyo. It’s a museum with several great ramen places. The last time I was there I had this glorious fish ramen served by a restaurant based in New York. Life-changing. But it’s not there anymore yata since they change the concessionaires after a period. It’s a great way to get to know different kinds of ramen.


I studied in :japan: for a year (one of my best years so far!) and used the time to also explore the country as much as my curriculum allowed! Here are some tips na maybe beyond the usual Tokyo scenes or Kyoto 3-day itinerary:

Fukuoka: spring or autumn or even in winter
– have Hakata ramen (it is the birthplace of Hakata (tonkotsu) ramen or motsu nabe (ofal stew)
– go to Dazaifu (historic town with temples 30 mins from Fukuoka; temple ; Kyushu National Museum is also there and it’s worth a visit!)
– eat oden (different types of goodies in a dashi broth) at a yatai (quasi turo-turo tents which pop up in the evening around the city)
– there’s this green tea onsen near chikuzen maebaru which is a must-visit in my opinion but I forget the name! :sad:

Hokkaido! (ski in winter; drive around in summer)
– Sapporo, Otaru, Hakodate, Noboribetsu, or drive up to Furano and visit Biei, visit Daisetzusan, and just for the heck of it drive up to the northernmost point of Japan: Wakkanai—nothing much to see there but one can see Russia and also learn about the sad story of Sakhalin
– definitely eat sushi in Sapporo

Go on a road trip around Kyushu
– Yakushima is beautiful. You can spend 5 days biking around the island and hugging old trees, if you fancy that
– visit the hells (onsen) in Beppu; drop by Yufuin which is nearby
– go to the Takachiho Gorge and rent a small boat; eat soumen (flowing noodles — they serve it by dropping the noodles in halved bamboo poles with water flowing through the poles. So you "catch"or scoop out the flowing noodles with your chopsticks)

Yan muna for now. :laugh:


Miss ko na yung umaibo sa Donki. Meron naman dito sa Little Tokyo pero konti lang ang flavors.

Once palang ako nakapunta sa Japan and puro pagkain lang inatupag namin dun. Isa sa highlights yung Toei Museum tour na may live action Bioman :star_struck:


Para maiba naman sa cherry blossom viewing, you can try snowboarding/skiing during winter. May mga night bus going to ski resorts located north of Tokyo. Sobra na enjoy ko mag snowboard habang may snowfall.

Pinaka memorable sa akin yung Shirakawa-go (google for images) kasi naumay ako na puro temples pinupuntahan. :lol: Sobrang linis na pati kanal may kois. Best to go there during autumn or winter. Central Japan ito so malayo sa Tokyo. Itinerary would be Nagoya > Takayama > Shirakawa-go > Kanazawa.

Kung mas trip mo yung traditional Japanese culture I suggest the Osaka- Kyoto tour. Best during cherry blossoms season. Mas enjoy mag tour sa tea house village pag maraming nakikitang naka kimono. Though mas crowded during this time. Visit during autumn for less crowd.

Best time to visit: any time except summer (June to August), sobrang init.

You can get a sample itinerary for a specific area and travel duration.


I rave about Japan and all things Japanese.
Went for a vacation back in 2018 with my wife and we just love it.
We can’t wait to go back.
Stayed in Tokyo but will travel back to see Kyoto and Osaka.


SKL na I’ve been to Shirakawa-go and it’s surreal in winter time. Google nyo, every year, during winter (around Feb), there’s a winter light up. You have to reserve in advance to join the light up. It’s so pretty.


This site has helped me through many years of living in Japan as a student. Very useful for attending conferences and sight-seeing. Just type in the station you are departing from, what time you want to leave, and then the station you want to get off. Also shows prices, alternatives, time of arrival and transfers.


I would recommend Nikko and Ibaraki in Kanto area and Hiroshima in the west during November. Best autumn foliage in my opinion.

Of course, the Dogo Onsen in Ehime. A bit out of the way but it’s worth seeing if you’re already around Hiroshima. It would take about 2 hrs by boat from Hiroshima.


Favorite places were Shirakawa-go, Miyajima, and Kyoto.
If you go pag winter, you should see Shirakawa-go and Winter Illuminations (eg. Nabana no Sato).

Hope to go back next fall…


I think the best time to visit Japan would be spring (March-April-May). Still cold but not so much, cherry blossoms (ironic but they are actually most beautiful when they are falling down, carried by the wind) and the shops hold sales to take advantage of the new fiscal year and make way for new inventory. Worst time is summer (June-July-August), so hot and dry to rainy and humid. Its also the time for travel for Japanese so accomodations and tickets are expensive and full.


Japan bans visitors from 111 countries, regions, including Philippines.