Those Weird, Funny Moments Only Married Couples Can Relate To

Or couples who live together, not necessarily “married”.
Mine: when you start copying each other’s verbal mannerisms and speech quirks.


When your spouse knows the next annoying thing you will do or say, even before you say/do it. Cracks us up every time :laugh:


I married an Austrian and now uses “kemefruit”, “charot” “huh?” and “ay naku” in our convo. I think it is cute. Baklang bakla na ang asawa ko.:rofl:


When my wifey knows just how to make me laugh my heart out even when I just told her I’m really sleepy. Right @KniM ? :hug: :heartpump: :hugging:

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the best time to laugh so you can sleep better and happier :blush:

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When you create your own language na kayo lang nakakaintindi. Like saying “I love you” in public without sounding so mushy.

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We have our own language when we talk about our son.

You have a code word for sexy time, and you know exactly when the other is feeling frisky :twak: :lol:


You complete each other’s sentences. Minsan wala na salitaan. Alam na agad ibig sabihin.

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  • When you think you know everything about your wife, and then she finds something to surprise you with.
  • When it’s the third time she’s told you the same story to a different set of friends, and you’re trying not to roll your eyes.
  • When you know she’s doing the same thing when you tell your part of the story.
  • When you have that shared experience from twenty five years ago that turns into a running gag.
  • When you buy flowers because you fucked up.

Wife after her guitar lessons: “Kapal na ng kalyo ko sa daliri, wala na ko maramdaman pag nangungulangot.” :rofl:

Yung “ambush hugs” like when you pass each other in the hallway, in the middle of busy days kahit both stuck at home… then on to our separate ways na… I’m usually the one who does the ambushing though :embarasslaff:

also because our desks are in the same room naman so it feels like we spend our days together pero wala namang usap (matindi ang powers of concentration niya), kaya nakakamiss pa rin, so I get his attention everytime I see something funny or interesting online gawa ng aking pag pu procrastinate… If we were coworkers, I’d probably one of those people he would complain about. The distractors. :smash:

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He tracks my period so he can be careful whem I’m PMSing. :rofl: He also buys thing I like in case of emergency… :laugh: