The World of the Married (Viu)

It’s 3:00a.m., and I can’t sleep.

More like, I can’t stop watching this K-Drama that’s apparently chasing Crash Landing On You in Korea. The World of the Married takes over the time slot of JTBC hit Itaewon Class. with new episodes airing every Friday and Saturday at 10:50p.m.

I had made a pact with a friend of mine to binge-watch this together for ECQ, and while it took a while to find Viu (the only legal way to stream this series - episodes are available immediately after they air in Korea), it’s worth it. On Viu, the title translates to A World of Married Couple.

The World of the Married is a tale of a marriage that is not what it seems. Park Hae-Joon plays Lee Tae-Oh, a struggling film producer and director married to Ji Sun-Woo ( Kim Hee-Ae). On the surface, they have a good marriage. As a celebrated family doctor, Sun-Woo provides for their upper-middle class existence, while Tae-Oh is a passionate husband and doting father to their teenage son.

Unknown to Sun-Woo, Tae-Oh has been hiding things from her, including some big ones that will pull the rug from under her feet.

Episodes are 1:30 long, as is standard for K-Dramas. Also as usual, the cinematography is drop-dead gorgeous, and the dialogue is sharp. It doesn’t take long to launch into the tension (as opposed to say, Crash Landing on You), and the pacing and score are closer to Golden Age TV. This is most likely because The World of the Married appears to be an episode-for-episode adaptation of the BBC’s Doctor Foster (2015), which aired for two seasons (eight episodes).

Some of the themes are more suited for more mature audiences.

What do you think of The World of the Married?

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Planning to watch this but I’ll wait til all or almost all episodes are out para hindi bitin.


I’m on episode 6. Feeling ko parang tapos na yung series nun kaso may pahabol. :biglaugh: Di ko muna papanoorin yung episode 7 (hangga’t kaya kong tiisin :rotfl: ) kasi parang bagong chapter na sya so aantayin ko din munang matapos.

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May chapter 8 na on Viu. Just finished 4. I’ll probably get to finish 6 this evening.

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Nakakaintriga na talaga ito, pero yeah mahirap mabitin. :hahaha:

Getting close to the end; 10/16 episodes done. It’s interesting how they diverge from the source material based on Korean sensibilities.

A dear friend, whose opinion I respect, told me to watch this. Even sent me the viu link .

So far, i’ve seen 2 episodes. Ang haba, pero mabilis ang kwento. Ganda ng scoring. Curious to watch the next episodes pero not rushing into it. Baka mabitin.

I’m hooked