The Office (TV series)

My wife and I have been binging this for the past few weeks and we love it! Galing lang ng buong cast, kahit bit player may personality pa din. Sino pang fan dito? :smiley:


This was a weird viewing experience for me. I’d count myself a fan, and yes magaling yung cast, pero I’m not completely sold on its “cringe” humor. I dunno how many episodes have you watched already but let’s just say I’d prefer it if Michael Scott was more like Homer Simpson. I prefer the episodes that aren’t so Michael-centric.

I know there’s a bunch of The Office-like series that came up after The Office. For me pinaka wholesome Parks and Recreation. If you count Brooklyn 99 as an Office-like I’d say it’s the funniest. Hearing good things about Superstore but I haven’t watched it yet.

Also, masabi lang, six weeks ago I thought I’m John Krasinski in The Office. But now I’m more like John Krasinski in A Quiet Place. :rofl: :bearded_person:t2:

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I’m a fan too, although I only lately discovered it (fall of 2019 was when I binged it), na gets ko na din ang mga memes ni Dwight :sweat_smile:

I tried the Brit version, but you might have to be British to enjoy that after having seen the American version haha

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Huge fan. Mostly of the earlier seasons. Jim’s pranks are the best. I also always enjoy their cold opens.


I’m on S07 haha. Michael just left. I do get what you mean about cringe humor and about 95% of that I think is because of Michael Scott. He is annoying. Nung umpisa din asar na asar kami sa kanya. I don’t remember what episode it was, pero napansin namin na kapag wala yung camera sa kanya (like hindi niya alam na nagfifilm pa yung crew), he acts different. And then we started noticing how misunderstood he was. His heart is always in the right place, pero masyado lang siyang eager at naive haha

Parks and Rec lang yung hindi ko pa napapanuod. Reco kasi ng ex ko kaya wala akong gana hahaha. B99 is pretty great and I am a HUGE fan, but I kind of like The Office more. You have to watch Superstore! It’s really great (although hindi siya Office-like)


Gets haha. Iba talaga Brit humor din eh. Tried the first ep pero parang wala akong gana to actuallywatch it. Hindi ako nahook agad, and sa panahon ngayon na ang dami kong pinapanuod parang wala na akong oras to watch something half-assed. :smiley:

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The best sa akin yung ginaya ni Jim si Dwight. SOBRANG GALING


Yeaaaaa lakas ng tawa ko dun :lol: Asian Jim was also funny. Tska yung time travelling faxes para kay Dwight :fax:

Nakaka-touch yung sa Art Gallery episode with Pam.

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Asian Jim :rotflmao:

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Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. :biglaugh:

Memorable lines for me:

Michael to Toby: “Why are you the way that you are?”

Ryan: “Do you have a question, Kelly?”
Kelly: “Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one,how dare you?!”

I stopped watching after Michael left :weep:


There’s a fan theory and even a youtube video that points to Toby as the real Scranton Strangler, anyone else thinking that too…? They did drop a lot of hints and worked it into some of Toby’s lines and later character development (e.g. stalker tendencies, social awkwardness, pent-up anger, etc…)

^i totally thought that!

Also i lowkey crushed on Ryan kahit jerk.omatic sya :joy:

Si Creed naman ang favorite ko I always crack up when i see his facial expressions in the sidelines not to mention his odd-ball, square peg in a round hole, “mis-hire/dunno what Im doing here, ” character

kind of like me in a way :lol:

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Kuya @slaine I think so too!!! Baka siya nga. Kaya siguro tumakbo pa-Costa Rica. Hahaha. Creepy pa the way he suddenly put his hand on Pam’s leg :rotflmao:

@abbymaria Oonga cute naman sya. He’s one of the writers dba hehe

I LOVED the bit before wedding at the end though. Jim’s “last prank” kay Dwight. D ko nalang iexplain masyado kasi baka sobrang spoiler na :embarasslaff:

Nakaka-touch yung sa Art Gallery episode with Pam.

Given that I don’t like Michael as a character, this was the moment I was like, “Wait. I’m supposed to dislike you. Why are you doing this??!?!??!?!?! :shock:

After that, I really wish Michael had more growth as a character.

The funniest thing about that is that he found a way to kind of make it a Michael thing again. Sinabi niya na “it’s a drawing of my building,” kaya niya daw binili. Such a Michael thing to say.

Medyo ganito yung feeling namin ni misis ngayon. Actually, kahapon at ngayon lang kami walang The Office viewing since we started. Feeling ko gusto ni misis ipark muna.

First time I’m hearing this! Parang pwede nga haha

Di ako nagsasawa dito.

Ang ganda.

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Yes, I actually Googled him :embarasslaff: I was rooting for him and Kelly to get it together but then Kelly was such a raving lunatic :rotflmao:

Ooh I forgot that there’s a thread about the show. I posted on the podcasts thread about Office Ladies with Jenna and Angela (Pam and Angela) who are best friends in real life. I’m enjoying it so far, and after every podcast I re-watch the featured episode to try and catch all the little things they talked about. It’s fun and nostalgic, and I appreciate the show even more now. I usually listen to them while doing chores in the evening after the little one has gone to sleep. It makes cleaning up and washing bottles a bit more bearable :yum:


^ love this too! waaay better than chili expert Kevin’s new podcast (An Oral History of The Office).

dunderhead since '05!
the fire drill episode is my all-time fave! sakit sa tyan at panga tawa levels pa din ako dito until now.:hahaha:

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