The Meaning of Numbers and Colors in the Thread Lists

Hi. I’d like to understand more the meaning behind the numbers and colors that we see in the list of threads.

  1. If the font of the thread title is black and there is an encircled number at the right, does it mean I’ve read this thread and there are new replies here that I haven’t read (e.g. bag raid)? And the number indicate the number of new replies (in this case, 2)?

  2. If the font title is black and the number beside it is not encircled, does that mean I have never read this thread before (e.g. tattoos), and the number (50) is the total number of replies in it?

  3. If the font of the thread title is gray (e.g. pets), does it mean I’ve read this thread and the are no new replies and the number indicates total number of replies?

  4. What does it mean if the number is color brown (Muji, tattoos)? Orange (pets)? Gray (perfume, EDC, shopping list)? The colors seem to vary whether or not Ive read the thread.


  1. What about dark brown (b2b, inappropriate, ghosts)?

  2. What does it mean if the are two numbers , both encircled gray and in white font (g2g)?


  1. What does it mean if the are two numbers, both encircled gray, but one in gray font, one in white?


Hope an admin/mod can shed light on this. :cool: Thank you!

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Try natin i-tag si @itachi kasi busy daw si iskobot e


Salamat. Tagal ko nang palaisipan ito :hahaha:

@Hydro I have been summonedninja_turtle_jumping

Disclaimer: Haven’t checked the docs in a while so my answers will be from memory (and we know how reliable memories can be). Also, I am neither an admin nor a mod :laugh:

:tama: ata guess mo dito. Black means you’ve never visited it before or you have but there are new replies.

Numbers without circles are the total post counts for those topics.

Yup. As far as I know.

Different colors on the total counts indicate how “hot” a topic is. Discourse determines this by a combination of signals like how many likes there are, number of replies, etc (will post as soon as I remember or read the docs :laugh:)

If I recall correctly, one is for unread but old replies (already there when you last visited but didn’t read through them for some reason) and the other one is for unread new replies (made since you last visited a topic). You can hover your mouse over them to be sure. (pashare din which is which :laughing:). Though if I have to guess, left yung unread old posts, right yung unread new posts.

Pareho lang ata eto sa previous case. Please do hover your mouse over it and share your findings with us :smiley:


Thanks for the preliminary answers! Sige, antayin ko confirmation hehe. I’ll try to check the encircled numbers via laptop, sa ngayon kasi I only use my phone to access Peyups to minimize distractions :smile:

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Confirmed yung sa unread counts :smiley:


Paconfirm na lang kung same lang yung magkaiba color ng text in the circles. Though I’d wager na pareho nga lang sila.


Paano ang hierarchy?

Gray - cold
Light brown - warm
Brown - hot
Red - very hot?

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:hahaha: benta!

Thanks @itachi for looking into this :aprub:


I guess? Eto yung description niya (had to dig through the source code :laugh:)

So like to post ratio pala siya.


^ Interesting. Thanks for this!

Kuchiyose no jutsu

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Thanks for the explanation :aprub:

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For some reason di nag-a-update (o di regularly nag-a-update) yung encircled numbers on my end. Minsan kahit ilang ulit ko na nabuksan yung thread at nabasa yung replies na yun, it still shows up as unread when I view Latest/Categories.