The Good Place

I saw a “On Death & Dying” thread sa World View category, and I was about to talk about how The Good Place approached the topic, kaya lang baka spoilers or whatever haha so I figured I should talk about the TV show somewhere else lol.

Anyway! Who’s your favorite? Mine is Judge Gen. :biglaugh:


i won’t ever claim to have gotten all of the ethical concepts they touched on.
but i did enjoy going through all the episodes available on netflix

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Jason Mendoza! :joy:

Janet. Not a girl :smile:

I started watching kasi I’ve liked Kristen Bell since her Veronica Mars days. Pleasantly surprised at how great the series turned out to be.

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Eleanor pa din. Parang ako lang siya. :biggrin:

The dot in the i of Jeremy Bearimy :laugh:

+1 for Jason Mendoza