The Birds and the Bees

My first born kind of already asked me the “how do you make a baby” question when he was 6 years old. I think I just gave him a sweeping answer na medyo technical like egg meeting sperm, but I doubt that he thought about it much after. I’m sure hindi naman niya naintindihan at that age, at for sure itatanong ulit nya in the future.

He is 7 now and tonight he asked me what a tampon is. I think malapit na yung birds and the bees talk that I’ve been dreading.

So tell me if you have done the talk with your kids. What did you say? Need some tips. :smile:


Never had a formal talk before she turned 7yo but I have explained to her that every kid is a product of the mommy and daddy. That half of the “features” will come from mommy and half from daddy. Didn’t use genes pa or what kase mga 3yo sya nun. So samples lang yung, “you have the same eyelashes as daddy cos look at mommy’s it’s not long like yours” or " you have the same dimples as mommy!".

Eventually, nanonood pala ng youtube videos about development ng babies in the womb so she knows na din about the egg and the sperm and I just make sure she doesn’t have questions.

Last year lang, when she turned 8yo, she asked me while having dinner with her lolo and lola – “Mommy, I have a question! Di ba babies come from mommy’s egg and daddy’s sperm. Paano nakakapasok yung egg and sperm sa tummy ng mommy?”

So that night, I explained the mechanics of sex to my 8yo in the simplest manner I could using the correct names/terms for the act and body parts.



Got this book -
What’s happening to me

May girl and boy version sya, very helpful. I talked to the kids after they read the book. My 7yo had very interesting questions, like how do girls have sex with another girl?

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