That one film that changed your life forever

Mine is Portrait of a Lady on Fire. It’s been 4 months na since I first saw this film and I still can’t move on. I could talk for hours about this movie… for every line, every scene is essential. How it tackles equality, solidarity, and intimacy in a very exquisite way just blows my mind every time I watch it. I thought no one could create a perfect film… but then there is the great Céline Sciamma.


Under The Tuscan Sun

at kahit ilang beses ko panoorin ganun pa rin effect saken inspiring much


The Lord of Rings Trilogy (Extended Cut)

  • made me appreciate film making in general

Pulp Fiction

  • made me appreciate the power of narrative style and dialogues

Cloud Atlas

  • this is just awesome from start to finish

Dead poets society. Ang abata pa ni ethan hawke dito. saka gattaca :slight_smile:


Netflix’ The Platform

Social strata + inequality+ gender issues + gluttony atbp

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Napanood ko nung mga panahong on the rocks yung seven-year relationship ko. broke up with the person the following month. kaya sobrang affected ako sa movie.


Paborito ko rin to! Would you do it though? Kung pwede talaga makalimot ng ganun?

Haven’t seen this one yet pero nasa listahan ko na.:blush:

that time? yes :smiley: pero ngayon, hindi na.

Ako never siguro. Kahit gano kasakit, gusto ko maalala lahat haha! Para di na maulit. Charot.

Men In Black - from that day on, I swore I will never be a third wheel :embarasslaff:


hulaan nyo


Hahahahahaha!!! Mano, ninong.

Madami, hindi kaya one lang and due to various reasons (doesn’t necessarily follow that they’re technically good). :embarasslaff:

Good Will Hunting
Chungking Express
Lost in Translation
Before Sunrise
Waking Life
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
One Day
Warm Bodies


The Godfather

Hindi naman one yan eh. :rofl:

Pero mahirap nga naman i-limit. Yung eternal sunshine tumatak sa akin yan noon.

Pero ang choice ko:
With Honors.

Gustong-gusto ko lang yung character ni Joe Pesci dun, saka ayos talaga sya na actor.


OMG pareho tayo, kaya din yan memorable sa akin dahil dun sa 7-year relationship ko noon.

Ang hirap ng one lang eh. I’ve lived and died in this life so many times. And when you love films as much as a drama princess like me does, it can’t be helped. :embarasslaff:

Pero matindi nga iyang Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Painful to watch even now. :lol:


Hahahaha! Sorry na po. For me kasi medyo clear at napaka recent nung napanood ko yung fave film of all time ko… kaya one tuloy nalagay.:joy: But it can be more than one of course… the more the happier.:blush:

True… napaka eternal talaga ng film na yun. Lang kupas.:blush: