That One Beauty/Skin Care Product You Can't Live Without

Mawala na lahat… maiwan n lahat when travelling wag lang ito (assuming merong sabon shampoo toothpaste at deodorant)

Beauty - eye liner
Skin care - moisturizer with SPF

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Beauty: Mac lipstick, the shade called Persistence. (Runner up yung pangkilay na K-Palette pen/powder duo.)
Skin Care: Day moisturizer na may at least SPF 50.

Hair conditioner

Moisturizer with SPF

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

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Facial Wash
Liquid Soap
Feminine Wash

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Cosrx aha/bha skin returning emulsion + anything with spf I can layer

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Cetaphil - been using this for 14 years already. Hiyang sakin.

Missha BB cream


face wash.
kahit yan lang :wink:

Johnson’s baby powder

  1. Lotion! I have 10 different kinds of lotion at home. :hahaha:

  2. Feminine wash

  3. Shampoo and conditioner (buhaghag ang buhok ko)

Face mist. I have several bottles in diff sizes para sa iba’t ibang sizes ng bag. I spray whenever. Lalo na ngayon, ang init init. I can do without make up. Minsan ito na din ang nagact as moisturizer ko.

Vit C and Collagen. Isama ko na dito. Collagen because, 40s :hihi:


The rest can have alternatives, but these two items are non-negotiable. Can’t live without:
Cosrx Snail Essence
Vagisil Pink Feminine Wash (HG)

Parang super popular ang feminine hygiene products talaga and it made me think because the last few years (and after I switched Gynecologists for the reason that I moved), I have been less and less enamored with feminine hygiene products. My current gyn recommended against scented or antibac wipes or even daily wearing of liners. She also aid that we could do without feminine washes because the vagina is a “self-cleaning oven”. Mas nakaka harm pa daw rather than help ang ibang products.

I’ve read some articles saying that the fem hygiene industry is basically a scam, (it’s a brilliant marketing strategy though) because we don’t need special products to “clean” our lady parts, a plain unscented and hypoallergenic body wash would suffice for cleaning the outer parts and douching is an absolute no-no. :shrug:


^true that. Stopped using that over 10 years ago.

Rosehip oil + vit C.


Other than soap, shampoo and conditioner: celeteque moisturizer. Super cheap but very light for my combination skin. I’ve been using other moisturizers too but I just alternate them with this. Five years ko na yatang staple ito.

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sabon and sunblock.