Tattoos/Body Ink

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Tatoos or body ink.

Do you have any? How many? Where do you have them and what are they? What do they mean to you? Or are you still just planning to get inked? Do you have a design in mind? Answer any or all of these questions. Let’s talk about tattoos here.

I’ll start. I have two tattoos. I have an equal sign = with the statement, Love is Love. written underneath it on my right upper arm, and I have a tribal labrys (double-headed axe) on my back. The equal sign and the statement are self-explanatory. The labrys is a feminist/lesbian symbol.



My first tattoo is a Mandala on my right ankle— I got it when I was so down, to remind me to bring back the balance in my life.

Second tattoo is a crown below my left shoulder— a couple tattoo— we broke up though. If you gonna ask if i have any regrets of having it. The answer is no.

Third tattoo is a tree of life in my left ankle— represents positivity— the top portion blue- represents the sky; mid portion is yellow/orange- represents the sun; underneath it is green- represents the forest/ mountain; the trunk is pink- my favorite color- represents me; the roots is blue- represents the ocean :slight_smile:

I have plans of having 5 or more tattoos. :slight_smile:


Meron ako sa kaliwang balikat, the insane Hidetora Ichimonji together with the title of the film, 乱, going down to form a half sleeve. On the inside, a black sketch of Kikuchiyo from Seven Samurai. No meaning, I just like the characters.

Next time I’ll have something done with meaning na, my family. Already have the design. Kating-kati na ako.


First and only tattoo for now. Got it after a traumatic breakup. How cliche di ba haha

Faith, hope and love - para mainspire na magpatuloy sa buhay.

Gusto ko pa more tattoo pero wala pa specific na design. Gusto ko may moon and may pride symbol. :rainbow_flag:



I got my first ink for my birthday. That time, i wanted it to identify me. So I researched a bit on pinoy tribal symbology and the Baybayin. I designed it as a sleeve band - with repetitive symbols/icons per line, and the last line my name spelled in Baybayin.

2nd - almost a decade since my 1st. We drove past a tat artist’s studio after having brunch at a new resto. We looked at each other, read each other’s mind, and were inside the studio the next minute. I have been suffering from depression for years - overthinking, trying to find answers, etc and at that time, i did not want to think anymore. I wanted another tat and I dint want it to mean anything Besides, tats don’t need to mean anything. And so, i asked for solid arm bands.

3rd - has not yet been burned into my flesh. I had something in mind but the coronavirus happened.

Future inks probably would be a coloured tat, one with really great detail, something musical/piano-themed. Most of them if not all will not need to have “meaning” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have five. Wala naman significant meaning pero may common theme silang lima.


I have 2. Sa likod. One is Baybayin for Philippines, the other one is the stars and sun of the flag. Tinamad na ako mag-isip for a third tattoo.



I’ve never entertained the idea of having a tattoo.
Iniisip ko kasi pano itsura nun pag nangulubot na balat ko :hahaha:
But my wifey @KniM want us to have it, so go go go :heartpump:


Promise it will be a minimalist type you won’t even notice :rofl::joy:


I trust you @KniM I’m sure it will be fine :hhww:

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Very nice! :ok_hand:t4: @vaninay

@MNiK matagal pa bago mangyari yun. And by that time, least of your worries mo na ang kulubot skin. So go go go! @KniM :wink:


I agree. It’s my vanity that gets in the way of this having a tattoo plan :hahaha:
If I see the design that I feel comfortable with, then it’s like jumping out of a plane to do sky diving
YOLO right?
And I shouldn’t be worried because knowing @KniM, she’ll wipe away my fear :hhww:


Counted ba ang micro-bladed brows? :rotfl:

Would love to have a simple one lang, something like this:




Ayan nga mga sample ng minimalist tattoo :heart_eyes:


Currently I have 3 tats (2 on my left arm and one on my right). I got my first tattoo in Buscalan from the great Mambabatok Whang-Od and her niece. It was UP in Baybayin followed by Whang-Od’s signature. :slight_smile:

Second one I got in Baguio… a meaningful set of Roman numerals.

Third one I got when I was in Boracay and it’s a set of meaningful Arabic numberals.

I am planning to get 2 more in the future. Just waiting for the right moment. :slight_smile:


My friends and I were supposed to go to Buscalan last March. E, nag-ECQ. :sad:

Awww… sayang naman. Try nyo pa rin pag normal na ulit ang lahat. Promise, ibang experience sya. :slight_smile:

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Sana nga matuloy pa rin kami kapag ok na ang lahat.

Dream tat ko talaga ang kay Apo Whang Od.

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Sobrang pinag-iisipan ko kung gusto ko ba o dahil lang sa mga pangyayari. Bilang permanent siya at wala ata akong pampalaser pag naisip kong ayaw ko na. But I already have a design. As in kung talagang gusto ko na, yun ang ipapalagay ko.


I’ve been thinking the same before I got my first tattoo. Kaya lahat ng nilalagay ko pinagiisipan ko talaga mabuti.

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