Taliban takes over (again) Afghanistan


Good job, Joe!

Even if they stayed. Just like in Vietnam it would just be delaying the inevitable.

I don’t think anyone was advocating they stayed there forever… A withdrawal was always coming. But the way Smokin’ Joe did it, is just disastrous!

The ANA has always been considered unreliable, even in the time of the Soviets.




Nobody disagrees with Joe about withdrawing US forces. In fact, Trump already had a deal for a withdrawal for May 2021.

It is in the way Joe withdrew US forces that is the issue.

It is disastrous, it is shameful. And he blamed it again on Trump.

Wait, Biden lied? I thought only Trump lies :smiley:

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IMO, it’s U.S. hubris that basically caused the Afghan collapse. Incidentally, decades of overreach into Middle Eastern affairs is what makes America the favorite target of of Islamic terrorists.

The U.S. has a lot of internal problems that need solving first.

85 Billion USD in American equipment now in the Taliban’s hands

I think most right-wingers are blowing the looted material way out of proportion just to push an agenda. Yes they took hundreds of thousands of rifles and small arms, hundreds of humvees, a few dozen choppers, a squadron of Tucanos, and a handful of catapult-launched drones. Tactically significant, but compared to what the Mujahideen took from the Soviets and the Taliban later took from them (they got Scuds, MANPADS and jet fighters), it does not change the overall strategic and regional balance.

Pretty much. Ganyan naman (applies to both sides though) parati.

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Those manpads were used practically on the Russians only. You have no idea how crucial those small arms and NVGs in winning wars in that terrain are.

Of course, the Taliban can also sell those Blackhawks to Russia and China. The latter already have Blackhawk copies. They’d be salivating on having their hands on the real things.