Tagalog Romance Novels

Pocketbooks kung tawagin. Mga babasahing kinakahiyang aminin. Na addict ako dito nung high school :embarasslaff: but you know what happens when you’ve read the better stuff, they spoil the inferior works for you which is a little sad, because I want to read everything!
I just want to see kung merong kapareho ko’ng baduy and if there are:

  1. What do you think about the quality of the writing and the impact on popular culture?
    –> I think they’re legit literary works, but the quality varies (in terms of technical aspects of writing)
  2. Who do you read?
    –> I only read Rose Tan books now :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. may maisasuggest ba kayong iba?
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Diba softcore porn yun? :laughing:

Ito yung Bud Brothers Series no? My friends swear by that though wala pa akong nababasa.

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I havent read anything na masasabing soft core although before when I was much younger my parents were so adamant in prohibiting me from reading them and yun nga daw reason, mostly sex scenes :hahaha:

Pero yung mga nabasa ko dati, especially yung super luma from My Special Valentine publication, they were like Filipino literature. As in proper Tagalog, no Taglish. May character development and everything. But I think they went bust around the late 90s for that reason–walang tyaga ang mga nagbabasa for long-winded descriptions. Which paved the way for 40-pager formulaic kilig stuff from PHR.

re: Rose Tan, she did write the Bud Brothers series although she has some better work in my opinion. She posted a lot of her work on Wattpad for free. It’s not groundbreaking literature, sure but her tales are so hilarious as in laugh out loud hilarious, Pugad Baboy type of funny. Something you won’t expect from a female ‘romance’ writer.

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