Survivor: Winners At War (TV Show)

The latest season of Survivor. Tribes have already merged. Tyson won the challenge for the eliminated players and was able to return to the game. What I love about this season is the use of the fire token and the different advantages for the game aside from the Immunity idol.

Who’s your Final 2/3 and Sole Survivor bets?

Btw, new episode is out today.

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Now watching the new episode. :star_struck:

I was hoping for a Yul, Kim and Sophie final 3 kaso navote out na si Yul.

The latest episode was hilarious :sweat_smile:

With the remaining players, I’d say I’d go with Tony, Kim, and Denise for the final 3 since all my faves were slaughtered pre-merge :cry:

I’m hoping Natalie can come back, but I doubt they’d give the win to the first boot. :slightly_frowning_face:

Nanood si Adam ng Survivor South Africa: Philippines (Season 6). Sa 5th episode, may nakuhang immunity idol sa tribal council. Mukhang nag-aral talaga si Adam before the season. Here is the link to the YouTube video of the tribal council. Sa start lang siya.

What’s your take on EoE this season? For me, mas OK siya sa returning player season. I guess mas may investment ako kaysa nung S38 na di ko maalala at all si Chris Underwood.

On fire tokens: interesting dynamic! But grabe inflation ha!

Not okay with the recent boot. :bawling: I was actually rooting for him to go as far as Final 3. Pero sayang, he messed up big time this episode. Pero what if Idol talaga yung nasa podium ano? :wow:

Final 3 prediction:
Kim, Sophie, Denise

Winner prediction:

Is Tony playing the Sandra game of as long as it’s not me? Growth.

I haven’t seen Sophie’s season but I’m rooting for her. I also haven’t seen Nick’s but I’m not rooting for him.

Adam was a bit loud at TC. Maybe in hindsight, he’s thinking let the votes go his way to show his power move which failed.

I don’t like an old school to get in the end because I feel like the other old school players will be biased.

Rooting for a female to win: Denise or Sophie. Natalie has no chance but I wish she could at least get back to the game.

@ysabel I agree with you on EoE being good for a returning player season. I can’t imagine rooting for a first boot to return to the game the way I’m rooting for Natalie right now. :sweat_smile:

@Ulupong I definitely recommend seeing Nick’s season (David vs Goliath). It has one of the best cast in recent years, even with a seemingly absurd theme.

@blue_spirit It was worth a shot! :joy: Kudos to Adam for being sharp enough to notice that the podium piece looked like an idol. Too bad it wasn’t. Still, I admire him for playing his heart out.

Also, Kim now has the record for most female individual wins with five (four from One World and one from Winners at War). :partying_face:


Can I just say ang funny ni Jeff nung sinagot niya si Adam ng “Always.” :neutral_face:

Feeling niya Snape siya??

Tawang-tawa pa rin ako sa recent idol play. Juskopo Adam. HAHAHAHAHA

skl na hindi worth it yung 4 fire tokens para dun sa 50/50 advantage

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Episode 10!! Sana 2 hours nalang haha!

boring episode. pero kagulo yung tribal council! hahaha!

Halata sa mukha ni Jeff na naiinis siya sa mga bulungan hahaha!

Sayang yung hidden immunity idol ni Kim.

Although 5-2-2 ata yung vote kasi nagflip si Ate Michele. Kung nagamit ni Kim kay Tyson ng tama, revote. Tapos tanggal pa rin isa sa kanila. :sigh:

Medyo thankful ako na maraming nagamit na advantage. Maiiwasan ang advantage-ggedon kaya natanggal si Cirie.

Current advantages in play:

  • Sophie’s idol
  • Michele’s 50-50


  • Nat’s Idol
  • Rob’s Idol

Merge idol: currently missing!

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Ugh. This season has already become a disappointment. Sana si Michele ang manalo or whoever returns from the EoE.

Edit: Finale na pala next week. This is Tony’s game to lose.

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