Should I get braces during the pandemic?

tldr I have a chipped molar and my dentist recommended that I have a root canal and then braces. I just wanted a tooth extraction because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of returning to the dentist/ortho during the pandemic. Should I listen to her? :laugh:

So I have a chipped molar due to bad bite and (maybe bad hygiene :embarasslaff:) and it’s starting to hurt :sob: Went to the dentist and she recommended a root canal tapos pa-braces ko na daw to fix my bite. I just wanted to have it extracted and she said it’s possible but that it will cost me more in the long run when I finally do get braces.

The thing, ayoko sana magpabraces pa since that would entail multiple visits to the dentist in the following months. Also, I don’t think I want to deal with the pain during the pandemic.

Also, I think the rates they’re offering are rather expensive?

Root canal option

Procedure Price
Root canal 20,000
Ortho 125,000
Crown 20,000

Extraction option

Procedure Price
Extraction 2,000
Ortho 125,000
Crown 60,000

These are for metal braces by the way. Cost aside, is it worth the risk to get braces during this pandemic?

I personally don’t want to but I’m interested on what you think (especially people who already have braces or got them during this pandemic :sweat_smile:). Thanks!

I do think I should get braces eventually to fix my bite and not ruin my other teeth. I’m just not sure I should get them now. Having my molar extracted now might cost me more in the long run but I can deal with that (I think).


Bakal girl here for about two years na, and na-adjust na yung sa akin about twice since GCQ was imposed in Manila. I still have a few more years to go (since am not really that young–fine, fine oldie na ako. :embarasslaff: – my dentist said that it would take much more time between adjustments kasi di na ganun kabilis yung galaw ng teeth ko, and it needs to stabilize muna before next adjustments. that is a comfort for me, kasi at least I need not see my dentist often. at dahil masakit kapag bagong adjust ang braces. :hahaha:)

These days, mas naging norm na to have dentists to save your teeth (compared to before that bunot talaga ang solusyon sa lahat–inabot ko yung time na yun) so mas recommended ang root canal, but it is a bit tedious compared to a simple extraction. Kung tama ang alala ko sa root canal, there’s post procedure care pa.

As for braces, I guess your dentist feels that your bite may be affecting things, that is why she recommended that. Pero kung oks ka pa naman sa bite mo, I guess you can do away with it.

Bottom line, its really up to you and your comfort level, as well as your priorities. Offhand though, yung cracked molar muna ang iresolve mo. I had that same problem before and man, it does HURT.


Your bite can be corrected later on. If you get COVID-19, you’ll be spending much more $$$ than those procedures combined.

Stay away from clinics. Go there only unless it’s absolutely neccessary.

Both braces and root canal entail several visits to the clinic… delikado


I am in a similar predicament. Fractured incisor that needs a root canal then subsequent bracing to correct bite. This was recommended when I had prophylaxis last July. PPE and all due to the pandemic. Guess what, iniingatan ko na lang yung weak tooth kasi ayoko bumalik sa clinic until the pandemic is over. So far ok pa naman ako dealing with the sensitive tooth.


Pansin ko nga na lahat sila gustong iparoot canal na ngipin ko tapos braces after :laughing:

It actually stopped hurting but I do need to get this removed na. At least yung regular extraction, hindi ko naman na kelangan bumalik. I’ll most probably spend more on the crown and bridge later but that’s the least of my worries right now.

Are you me? :joy: Yung prophylaxis lang din napagawa ko last time since I wanted time to decide. Cost me 3000. 1500 dun ay sa disinfection fee :scream: I’ll most probably visit the dentist again next week for the extraction. I just want to not worry about it. Fixing my bite can wait until next year (assuming we get a handle on this pandemic :crossed_fingers:t4:)