Shifting/Transferring and Other Detours in UP Life

Sorry na agad for starting this :sweat_smile: Feeling ko medyo quota na ko sa r/peyups lol, but I just want to let my dilemmas/internal monologue out :3. So here goes… not really sure what to do next sem if ever I won’t be accepted to the programs I want to apply in UPM. Should I just stay in UPD and apply for an extension for VSO… or just shift into another (eng’g) program I might not like? Almost all courses in CS won’t accept shiftees this coming AY and I have nowhere to go. I’m also contemplating to transfer to UPLB but it’s so far away from home. I just don’t know what to do next with my life right now lol (and requirements for my other subjects to pass the course don’t help either :upside_down_face:)

So, may kwentong shift/transfer at detours sa UP life ba kayo?

(paki-delete/lipat na lang po ito if this goes against the community rules or it shouldn’t be here :slightly_smiling_face:)


I don’t know the complete story (why you chose the course, why you’re shifting, which year you’re in, how long VSO is allowed, what you really like doing, where you think your strengths lie, which program you plan shifting to, etc.), but I get you’re not happy (not willing, not able?) with your current course (is it in CS? Or Engg?)… I hope you’re headed to somewhere closer to whatever you like (and where you might perform better), otherwise it might just become an unending cycle.

Mine is a bit of a “success story,” because I’ve heard of some horror stories (of staying in the univ much longer, shifting later in the course, having to shift again, discontinue, etc.). Hope it helps inspire, enlighten, or motivate you.

I was from Chem Engg in UPD, but I shifted after my 1st year. I wasn’t used to failure until that year of emotional and mental torture (simply put, I wasn’t good enough for that course). I just took it because I wanted to carry on my brother’s unfulfilled dream (it was his course in UPLB before some unfortunate event happened). I was good enough to make it to Engg, but getting out was of course a tougher mission. Anyway, I decided to make the move and shift to something I was not really sure I’d like, but I knew was closer to what I’m more interested in, and I might excel better (i.e., media, with some math) - hence, Communication Research in CMC. But yeah, definitely wasn’t that easy. I was not allowed to shift right away. There was 1 sem when I was in limbo. They used to mock me “BS Nuclear Mechanics (NM)” which really meant Non-Major (not belonging to any college… just up there floating in the air). The condition: If after a year I had not successfully found myself a new course, I would be kicked out of the university. Imagine that feeling of uncertainty. Add to that, of course, the “price” of a delayed graduation, the risk of losing my scholarship, and family members who’d rather make me choose something more practical (a degree in CMC wasn’t seen to be “practical” back then, perhaps still true for some up to now).

Fast forward, yeah I got in to CMC, I made it to where I am in my career, made great friends and family, found my love - all because of that shift. And I wouldn’t have it any other way - it’s one of the most humbling and life-changing experiences of my life. I knew I was being prepared for something better. Cheesy, but everything really for a greater reason.

End of nobela :embarasslaff:

Hope you share more as long as you’re comfy, it might help ease out all the dilemma, and so that we can give more practical advices. Wishing you the best of luck!


Thank you!! This lifts me up :grinning:

I’m a freshie from Eng’g (ECE)! I chose the course out of my fading love for math (lol sorry) as I was an olympiad contestant before (and ECE would fit perfectly since it would have the most maths in eng’g, if my research was correct :sweat_smile:, I didn’t chose BS Math since it is more on the proving side rather than computations)

However, came my Grade 12 days in SHS, little did I know that I would like the subjects I’m terrified to study (Chem and Bio). I do not really have a formal introduction to these subjects before since K-12 messed up the JHS curriculum (it was a “spiral” curriculum where you’ll get a little bit of “everything” in science each year) or it was just me focusing on Math all along (I’m very bittersweet about this haha). I really fell in love with Chem and Bio during the 2nd sem of our senior year — we had an integrated Biochemistry class (lol imagine the torture but it was really fun!). And that’s how I knew how ruined my UPCAT applications that time (I placed UPD (ECE) as my first choice and UPM (Biochem) as my 2nd choice campus). I had an opportunity to take Biochem in UST though, but we do not have the financial capabilities.


So back to my current situation lol: I’m in VSO and it would end by this coming 2nd sem (it’s either I would shift out already but it is more unlikely since CS (Chem/Bio) doesn’t usually open for shifting during 2nd sem or I go back to EEE). Being a non-major is a choice but not really an option since I think it would go against my DOST scholarship — which actually leads to my current dilemma (i.e. Should I just shift out to another eng’g program (since I think my GWA and MSWA is pretty good but not that enough to be accepted to UPM-Biochem) that I might not like? Or should I just stay in UPD for one more year — extend VSO and take prereq subjects if ever that I would not be accepted to UPM (not mentioning that I would be a T1 in priority)?


wala akong kwentong shift or transfer, but i’d like to offer some thoughts.

I would apply for a VSO extension if possible, instead of shifting to another Eng’g course you don’t like. Actually, don’t even consider the latter as an option. It sounds like you’re trying to swim when you’re a bird.

College might be a little considerate to give you an extension this time because of the pandemic.

Honestly, this is not a bad option. Being away from home will teach you a lot of things in life.

when is 2nd sem ending? kasi during our time, 2nd sem ends March, so that means you will still have some time to figure this out if you mean March 2021. Hopefully, open na rin ang CS for shiftees that time.

in 2000, your DOST scholarship will be frozen when you become a Non-Major, assuming you were able to fulfill the grade requirements and minimum number of units. Check your DOST contract for the clause, for this might have changed over time. It might also be good to reach out to DOST org or DOST core group to ask for your case, baka may na-handle na silang same case as yours before.

Same answer ko – I would apply for a VSO extension if possible, and yes, take prereq subjects while waiting for CS to accept shiftees.

Is staying in ECE not an option, considering that at some point, before learning about biochem, you liked ECE as an application of Math?


Ohh I see, the good thing is you’re acting on it early on :aprub: Assuming you’ve made up your mind of moving out, I trust that’s a good decision. Yeah, I see different scenarios really, depending on your level of openness to change and risk appetite. I see you’re passionate with the CS courses, but not an option for 2nd sem. So if you’re really into it, it’s best to hold out and seek extension same as @ilyntech’s suggestion, basically trust the process leading to getting to that CS course. But if you’re full of anxiety and worries right now, I was thinking of shifting to another Engg course (non-quota Engg for easier processing while still being in Engg so not a lot of adjustment needed, or Chem Engg since it will almost have the same Chem electives as a Chem major) as a band-aid solution while awaiting the CS opening, but I also hear the point above, so this depends on your current state of feels really.

Re transferring to another school, true that it will teach you a lot about life, my only worry is having to manage several changes at one go - then again, you know yourself better, so have a think. I’m a fan of taking one hurdle at a time especially if my emotions are not in the best condition.


This is a bright idea! and you got my point – focus on where you want to be, and act like you were already on it.

you’re right, moving away from home requires a lot of strength to carry on. so cross that out as an option for now. :smiley:


Yung question ko is ano yung VSO? Haha sorry naman. :embarasslaff:

OnT: Tama yung mga sinabi nila sa taas - madami ka options pero sometimes yung options na yon ang nakakapagpaparalyze sa atin, kaya din siguro nalilito ka.

Bakit daw di nag-aaccept ang CS ng transferees for AY 2020-2021?


VSO - Voluntary Shifting Out

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Ohhh may ganon pala. Kala ko mag-aapply ka lang sa new course kahit di ka pa nagpapaalam sa old course. Ano difference non sa non-major?

Mej OnT: yung top 5 sa Bar, classmate ko sa BAA way way back. Then natanggal sya sa program because life happened (feeling ko di nya sineryoso nung time na yun kasi org is life sya haha) so na-force sya to shift to BA. Pero ngayon bar topnotcher na. Sa batch nga namin sa BAA isa lang nag-top sa boards then dun sa mga nagpursue ng law, walang nagtop sa bar. So sa akin super inspiring si ate hehe.


My first course was BS Math, kasi I wanted to be a pilot and chase the dream all my Titos did not finish (my grandfather was an Air Force pilot)

Nung nag non-Euclidean geometry ako, dun ko na realize, Math is not for me :sweat_smile: So I shifted to BA because it was sa safe choice. I had other choices din pero I felt BA was relatively “safe” for someone who did not know what she wanted. I went on for 4 years without a hint of what I would do, though I felt I knew what my strengths were. Simply put, I knew what I did not like, but I did not know what I like. Magulo ba? :hihi:

Graduating, I settled for Finance, since that was my strength. I had other interests, but I felt I had to get a job quickly. Luckily I chanced on a field that really clicked for me: Treasury

Am I happy? Yes. Do I want other things that would make me happier? Yes. But I guess I’ve accrepted the idea that I will not be able to get it all in one go. And I think medyo established naman ako sa field ko, madami akong wisyong natutustusan, so I’ve grown to love it.


I don’t know what VSO means. But here’s my shifting story:

Started out as Social Work. I don’t know what went over me to choose it as my personality and academics is totally opposite of what it entails. I guess back then there was a myth that its better to choose an unpopular and non-quota course to get into UP easily. I wanted to take ComSci, but later found out it was hard to shift in and equally harder to finish. On my second year, I finished all my GEs since I was avoiding taking major subjects. I then decided to shift out. Would you believe my priority courses were in the tri-colleges (CS, CSSP, & CAL)? Why? Well back then there was no online enlistment, everyone had to walk to each college and physically sign up. I saw that unless you were a freshman or graduating, the tri-colleges had priority during this time so I thought thats where I want to be. Barring that I also sent an application to the School of Economics (I got an acceptance note, but did not push through). In my freshman summer year I took a NatSci 2 course and the geology part was handled by Jun Obille and I was hooked with his stories of the great outdoors and I thought thats what I wanted. So I got hold of a Geology curriculum, told my old college I was shifting out, got their permission and began taking subjects for the Geology course. It was a gamble, if I did not get accepted, I was delayed by 2 years and my entire life would be miserable. Luckily though, I got accepted. The next 4 years was hard and I also nearly got booted out but that story is for another post. Hirap mag-type sa tablet eh.


If UP would push online classes this AY (which I hope not, but with the current BOR decisions it it not so far away from reality), 2nd sem would end in May (1st sem is from aug/sept - dec and 2nd sem would be jan - may). However, what I mean by “it would end this coming 2nd sem” is that it will end by the start of 2nd sem haha, from which I will likely request for the extension of VSO. Then, yeah hopefully CS would accept shiftees by that time.

I’ll consult this to DOST core group! :slightly_smiling_face:

We had an introductory course in EEE last sem where you will get to know what do engineers (EE, ECE, CoE) in EEE really do. I liked the computations part of EE and ECE and ended up cursing what CoEs do :lol:. I also do not liked our labs there and how programming was applied to the field (I think I would be more interested if it is more inclined to health/sciences like bioinformatics).

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DOST let us shift to another course iff we are not in our 3rd year yet and only once, so I’m really weighing my options right now haha.

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Walang official memo kung bakit di mag-aaccept ng shiftees/transferees ang CS this year e. Pero some say (na most likely) it is because of the fact that subjects in CS are lab rigorous and they need time to focus more on their students’ bridging program (i.e. revising the syllabus of each subject) for the next sem or AY.

Here are their guidelines for shifting/transferring this AY

(yes I’m somehow eligible to shift into Chem only if they did not require Chem 17 and Chem 17.1 , almost but not quite :bawling:

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Hear, hear :lol:

This was me before Grade 12 happened!! Even though I really like Math, I did not chose BS Math since I felt there is something more that I am searching for. Damn, medyo late nga lang sa UPCAT application bago ko narealize yun :sweat_smile:. Na-scam ako na basta raw okay sa math dapat nasa eng’g hahaha

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Ngayon ko lang din nalaman kung ano iyang VSO, kahapon ko pa binabasa itong thread na ito. :hahaha:


Sobrang confused ko rin kahapon since iba ang alam kong VSO :rofl:


VSO. Sabi ni Susan Roces, wag mahihiyang magtanong. Tawang-tawa ako at salamat sa katapangan ni @Frightenedbaby na hindi nahiyang magtanong.

OnT: Binalak ko din mag-shift. In fact, nagpunta na ako sa college na gusto ko. Then things happened and fortunately, natapos ko naman ang undergrad ko ng maayos.


UPDATE: Hindi nag-accept ang UPM Biochem for shiftees/transferees :(. Though, nag-apply ako sa PharmSci, Pharm, Public Health and Bio. 3rd/4th week of August pa raw malalaman ang results. I applied din sa UPLB Bio pero I didn’t push through kasi pinapasubmit nila yung original copies ng requirements, nag-email ako na hindi ko masasubmit yun since nakalockdown ang UPD, pero di sakin nagreply lol. Now, however, I was accepted sa Chem Eng’g and I have these following dilemmas:

  1. I-accept ang offer sa Chem Eng’g at kumuha na lang ng additional Bio and Chem subjects (may 30 units akong makecredit if ever, kaya at some point I would be underloaded unless kumuha ako ng extra subjects). Catch: Baka di ako payagan ng magiging adviser ko sa planong to since hard course ang Chem Eng’g.

  2. Do number 1 pero as a fall back. Preenlistment na kasi sa August 15 -21, so more or less kailangan ko nang mag-enlist ng subjects before malaman ang results sa UPM. Catch: Hindi ko rin alam kung pwede to lol. Sayang yung slot sa Chem Eng’g na pwede pa sanang makuha ng tao na gustong pumasok sa program. Kung hindi ko naman kukunin ang slot, mananatili ako sa VSO status.

Please don’t get me wrong na I’m choosing Chem Eng’g without researching what it is and without knowing na (halos) wala naman talagang Chem ang Chem Eng’g. I come to terms with myself na okay na kung magagawa ko yung 1 (given na I have good scholastic standing at may consent ng adviser). I’ve somehow thought na mas okay magshift ngayon kasi I’m taking into consideration yung mga gastusin since online classes would push through (in sync ito sa DOST scholarship since matitigil ang stipend until 2nd year standing ka na ulit). As for taking the courses related sa CS, I plan to take it na lang sa Master’s/PhD since plano kong sumali sa academe kung di man ako makapagmed.

Any thoughts about these? (Lalo na sa possibility na mangyari ang 1 :))